Amanda Bynes Found The Retweet Button

If you’ve visited Amanda Bynes’ Twitter lately, you’ve probably noticed that she’s stopped writing crazy rants about the media not using the paparazzi photos she likes causes her eating disorder to flare up and has moved onto retweeting Photoshops from her fans that she likes. Photoshops which I’ve included below the jump and will later mail to Drake’s security team along with rosary beads and a gun not that either will help:

NOTE: Pics link to original tweets.

Amanda Bynes Drake Pool Party

I’m not going to lie, I honestly thought this one was real. Why wouldn’t these two be at a funky fresh pool party looking their best?


Amanda Bynes Drake Wedding

Here’s Amanda Bynes and Drake getting married while Forest Whitaker looks on. Remarkably this is the sanest one of the bunch.


Amanda Bynes Jesus

Jesus telling Amanda Bynes, “Oh, snap, girl, this is way better than my dad’s work.”


Drake With A Boner

Drake with a boner because he thought about vagina murder.


Amanda Bynes Drake Lions

And Amanda Bynes and Drake as lions which was another one I thought was real. It just looked so natural.

Photos: Pacific Coast News