Amanda Bynes Apparently Wants You To See What Dieting Did To Her Boob

Amanda Bynes posted two photos to Instagram last night to show off she’s on both the no candy and watermelon diet even though I’m pretty sure that last one is a horribly racist attempt to bang more black guys. Anyway, in case you were wondering just how far gone Amanda Bynes is, notice how she wanted to show off her new body, but only by way of her right tit because there’s no fucking way she’s letting the left one talk. That one’s a liar. Like Pepe Silvia and Abu Nazir tied together with a nipple on top which is literally what my mind came up with to transition into this mash-up, so I have no room to judge:

I like to imagine Charlie is Amanda’s left brain, Carrie is her right and Mac and Saul are the talking seals that tell her cars need to be turned into bongs or a dragon will swallow the earth.

h/t Todd

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