Amanda Bynes Deemed ‘Gravely Disabled,’ Parents Granted Temporary Conservatorship

August 9th, 2013 // 76 Comments
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So remember the other day when I posted that Amanda Bynes is getting better? Haha! No. Not at all. None of that is happening. TMZ reports:

As we first reported … Amanda was not in court, because doctors at the psychiatric hospital got a 1-month extension on her psych hold … because she’s “gravely disabled” with mental illness.
Amanda’s lawyer told the judge … she’s spoken with the actress several times and Amanda opposes the conservatorship, believing it’s not necessary.
The conservatorship not only covers Amanda’s personal well-being, it gives her mom the ability to manage her finances. Amanda’s $4 million savings have been rapidly depleted, though it’s unclear what she’s been spending money on. The judge cautioned the parents not to make any significant deals without consulting with Amanda’s lawyer.

While on the surface it seems pretty shitty that Amanda’s parents who or may not be responsible for her downfall by allegedly letting the Nickelodeon producer who allegedly knocked up Jamie Lynn Spears allegedly have sex with their mentally disabled daughter just to make her famous, the good news is that you eventually do get to keep all of your kid’s money after feeding them into the Hollywood machine and watching their body, mind and soul completely shatter upon the gears. So on that note – *throws condoms out the window* – who wants to go halves on an IRA? I know a guy at Sprout.

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  1. Firecrotch McBatshit

    Just put her in the same room with a flamethrower and let the chips fall where they may.

  2. thecrazybetty

    it’s sad. i feel really bad for the little dog too.

  3. Smapdi

    Whoah! I hadn’t heard about those allegations about a Nickelodeon producer! Is that being investigated by cops anywhere? If true, that’s where you can start looking for the beginning of her mental illness . . . that’s sick!

    • *sigh* OK, mental health issues are not the easy cause>effect map that you see on TV. Childhood sexual abuse doesn’t create bipolarity, schizophrenia or any other chemical-based disorders that tend to manifest themselves in late adolescence/early adulthood. Depression and other problems that can lead to self-medication through alcohol and drug use? Quite possibly.

      There have been blind items about that Nick producer for years, and they may, or may not, be true – that’s the beauty of blind items, they’re an unspecified slur that never dies. But unless there’s an actual criminal complaint made by a victim within the statute window, the cops aren’t going to “investigate” anything.

      • Sorry, that should read “alcohol and drug use that can trigger them”.

      • Horrible things happening to you don’t CAUSE mental illness but they can TRIGGER it.

        There are so many stories about music and film/tv producer douchebags preying on young, vulnerable wannabe stars. Why the fuck would any parent EVER put their child at that kind of risk?

        There’s just not enough protection of underaged people in the entertainment business and maybe there ever can’t be. I’d rather give blowjobs to crackheads for nickels than sell my kid to Hollywood. When I have a kid. Which I don’t. But when I will I won’t. Just to be clear!

      • That’s a good point, but there are so many things that can trigger mental illness, and I don’t know whether we can definitively say children whose parents allow them to act will live a worse life than they would have otherwise. I can’t say they’ll have a better life, either. I think there are too many factors that can enrich someone’s life, and too many factors that can destroy it, to single out a particular choice like this and say “This is never a good idea”.

      • Exactly, which is why the wholesale condemnation of anyone whose kid is in the industry is “they sold their child to Hollywood” is just bloody silly, just as the notion that all “mental illness” can be traced back to a childhood trauma. At age 22 Bynes was showing up on time on sets, prepared for her roles, and unlike Lohan, was apparently great to work with because of that. Three years later, she’s showing up unprepared, getting fired, and then renouncing her career before getting numerous DUIs, sparking up in public, and acting very erratically.

        But to claim it’s because her parents were stage-parent leeches, and that she’s now mentally ill because she was sexually abused by producers as a child, means that someone should return that psych degree purchased from the gift shop.

      • Trigger which mental illness, exactly? You have a very nebulous idea of what trauma can induce what, and what role chemical imbalance contributes to the overall picture.

      • The above is in response to Veronika Larsson.

      • Ripley's Believe It Or Not

        “The foundation of all mental illness is the unwillingness to experience legitimate suffering.” – Carl Jung

      • “Fuck you and your mother, Carl.” – Sigmund Freud

      • “Triggers

        Triggers are things that can cause schizophrenia to develop in people who are at risk. These include:


        The main psychological triggers of schizophrenia are stressful life events, such as a bereavement, losing your job or home, a divorce or the end of a relationship, or physical, sexual, emotional or racial abuse. These kinds of experiences, though stressful, do not cause schizophrenia, but can trigger its development in someone already vulnerable to it.

        Drug abuse

        Drugs do not directly cause schizophrenia, but studies have shown drug misuse increases the risk of developing schizophrenia or a similar illness.
        Certain drugs, particularly cannabis, cocaine, LSD or amphetamines, may trigger some symptoms of schizophrenia, especially in people who are susceptible. Using amphetamines or cocaine can lead to psychosis and can cause a relapse in people recovering from an earlier episode.
        Three major studies have shown teenagers under 15 who use cannabis regularly, especially ‘skunk’ and other more potent forms of the drug, are up to four times more likely to develop schizophrenia by the age of 26.”

        From here:

        Now why would Amanda Bynes start using drugs and/or feeling stress, both of which can trigger latent schizophrenia?

        1. Childhood sexual abuse and/or
        2. Loss of the attention she had as a child (Bynes stopped getting roles BEFORE she started showing symptoms of major mental illness)

        The list of former child stars not fucked up is very short.

        The list of former child stars fucked up is very long.

        p.s.–I’m not a psychiatrist but my mother is.

      • Your research is dead wrong regarding several factors: Bynes was getting roles right up until she was fired from Hall Pass in 2011, for a very uncharacteristic lack of preparedness. She wasn’t thrilled with the types of roles she was getting up until that time, but she prepared for them and was a working actor right up until that time. So not only is your timeline flawed, your “loss of attention” theory causing her to start using drugs is extremely flawed.

        It’s great that your mom is a psychiatrist, because she can be the second one to tell you that trying to diagnose someone on the internet, when 1) you aren’t a mental health professional and 2) you have already decided what Bynes’ history must have been because of what other child stars have experienced, so therefore her parents “sold her to Hollywood”, makes you an enormous ass toting a bucket full of foregone conclusions.

        Since there are several different types of schizophrenia, to claim the “main psychological triggers of schizophrenia are stressful life events, such as a bereavement, losing your job or home, a divorce or the end of a relationship, or physical, sexual, emotional or racial abuse” is a gross oversimplification on your part – as is presenting schizophrenia as what Bynes must have because it suits your interpretation of the facts as you’ve misrepresented them. FYI, its onset is usually triggered by a very complex mix of environment, genetics and organic brain abnormalities that can not only include chemistry, but actual brain structure – it’s not nearly as cut and dried as you’re trying to paint it. In addition, mood disorders, psychotic disorders and actual neurological medical conditions can also mimic its effects, and when the patients attempts to self medicate, that can exacerbate all those conditions. FYI, look at who’s running those major “studies” you refer to – it’s coalitions for a drug-free America, so don’t discount an agenda determined to prove that pot smoking will make your kids psychotic.

        Sorry, it’s not just a simple question of trauma + drugs =schizophrenia = Hollywood is evil = Bynes’ parents sold her childhood soul for their own gain.

      • @Veronica Larsson. I’ve never been a crackhead, but I am a recovering alcoholic/heavy-duty druggie. And I have a roll of nickels stashed away. Can we negotiate?

      • More Sir Please!

        Justifiable’s fancy dollar-a-word vocabulary is cause + effecting the area betwween my legs, making it moist.

      • It should be growing moss by now.

      • Heart justifiable; that’s all.

      • Justi has my heart on a string. :)

      • More Sir Please!

        The swamp thing could nest in here, baby.

    • I bet it happens a whole lot more than people realize. Arrogant, guys drunk with money and power, desperate teenagers and parents that want to be stars. If priests can rape little boys, then anything is possible from anyone.

      • The casting couch has been applied to kids as well as adults ever since there were studios and moguls – The Godfather even made very graphic reference to it.

        But you aren’t taking into account the fact that many kids do want to act without their parents having to shove them into it for their own personal gain. For every Lindsay Lohan or Gary Colman nightmare of parents living off their kid’s earnings, who aren’t there to help them get an education so they can transition into adulthood if there is no adult acting career available for them when they’re no longer “cute”, there’s a Mara Wilson or a Tina Majorino, whose parents had careers of their own and didn’t batten off their kids’ earnings. Wilson’s parents actually tried to discourage her from acting, and made sure she didn’t become an undisciplined spoiled brat when they did finally let her perform.

      • This is neither the time nor the place for reasonable, informed, articulate opinions, sir!

      • Yeah, I get that a lot.

      • To clarify, the Godfather scene to which justifiable is referring is a scene that was deleted from the theatrical cut, restored for the Saga and Trilogy versions.

      • I was actually referring to the novel – I had no idea that scene was ever filmed, let alone restored to a later version!

      • *presses “Pop-Up Menu” on remote, navigates to Deleted Scenes*


      • “many kids do want to act without their parents having to shove them into it for their own personal gain. ”

        Uh, are parents adults?

        Adults are supposed to have more mature judgment and are supposed to make decisions for their children which the kids may not like?

        Or did they lower the voting age to 8 and I missed it?

      • You have an obvious lack of objectivity since you’ve already decided that all child actors will die early, soulless deaths, but would you be posing that question if what the kid in question wanted to do centered around sports, chess or any other talent that they exhibited at an early age and were determined to excel at? My guess is no – and that if it were anything else other than acting you’d be excoriating any parent who used their “mature judgment” and stood in the way of their kid becoming a Grand Master, or an Olympic skater, or gymnast, for crushing their child’s dreams and stifling their talents and abilities. It’s clear you don’t have any kids, but do you even fucking know

      • any? Theoretical parenting is way easy when it’s all in your head, and this is what I’m seeing from you.

        Yes, kids only see the short term “now” and not the long term issues of not having a conventional childhood, and if they’re lucky, they have parents who are more realistic, who protect them and don’t allow them to be exploited – while still allowing them to grow and use what abilities they’ve been given. There are plenty who don’t – but for every Terri Shields or Dina Lohan that you see all over the tabloids, there are just as many parents you don’t, who don’t behave badly, who don’t live off their kids, and who don’t shirk their responsibilities.

    • Frank

      ahhh… to be able to get all the young tail one could possibly handle…

  4. Britney’s shenanigans were funny until she went apeshit with an umbrella on a photographer. The same goes for this woman.

    I guess I just have empathy for the mentally ill. It must be a living nightmare to be sick like that.

    • Yeah, it is. I’m glad to see a lot of people *not* being dickheads about this when it became clear Amanda is really sick, but maybe those same people could have been kinder before, when she was acting out and it was clear that she had a problem? Amanda wasn’t diagnosed at that time but I didn’t have too much doubt she was ill.

      Poor baby, hope the docs are able to turn it around for her.

      • The sad thing is that I’m sure people, such as her parents, knew she was sick but there was nothing they could do until she “does something.” Families have little to no legal control over an adult child and all those saying that the family “should do something” must realize that legally it is next to impossible until they “do something.”

      • Yes, it’s incredibly hard to get someone committed or to get a conservatorship against them. It used to be very easy until the early 1970s and then reform advocates tipped the balance the other way–maybe tipping the scale too far?

      • Shuddering at Veronica. I don’t like the idea of making it easy to commit people again. I watched American Horror Story, I know the dealio.

  5. jake

    I want to make a really snarky comment, but I can’t; this just isn’t funny.

  6. anonymous

    Interesting considering doctors said she was fine when she was throwing bongs out the windows a month or so ago.

    Since there are too many witnesses to this fire starting crime, her lawyers are now letting the doctors diagnose her with mental illness.

    • I think it’s been obvious for some time that Amanda was struggling with a problem that was out of her control.

      • Dennis

        Not according to doctors when she first went in on a 5150 hold after the bong incident. They let her out with a clean bill of health.

        If she was bragging about being fine.

        Month later suddenly she’s “Gravely Disabled”. She’s back on extended 5150 hold.

        Doctors in NYC were stupid. They never should have cleared her.

  7. I have been saying this stuff for months. How can a rational person look at her parents and think they have this persons best interest at heart? “Sure your honor, we sold our child to the entertainment industry, but that was years ago. Now that we see how fucked up we’ve made her, we’ll try harder as parents.”

    She’d be better of with a random pet owner on the street. At least they’ve shown a basic ability to care for another living thing.

    • I wonder if a non-relative would make a better conservator.

      In most cases, I don’t think relatives, whether or not they were abusive of the person in the past, are the best caretakers. You need somebody who can be objective.

    • On the basis of – what, exactly? It’s fun to draw comparisons to Britney Spears’ hideous family and all, but you can’t make any sort of determination on her parents’ evil intent, no matter how rational you think you are. That’s because parents can’t commit an adult child with mental health issues for psychiatric observation, no matter how much they clearly need help, and no matter how badly their parents want to help them, until they do something criminally dangerous, like try to set a neighbor’s property on fire. You do know that fire she tried to set was very close to her parents’ home, right?

      Neither of her parents is or was her manager – that was CAA’s role. FYI, “selling your child to the entertainment industry” is a very broad indictment if your kid is talented and really wants to act and perform. Bynes always credited her father in particular for her work ethic (he went from a shop teacher to becoming a dentist.) The problem for kid stars is successfully transitioning into adult roles, which is where most without resources or support will fall down and fuck up. At 22, she seemed to be a successful and functioning adult, which is not what you’d expect from someone who was abused and mismanaged in early life. When she wasn’t able to break out of the “good girl” roles she’d been typecast in and get the edgier, more adult, parts being offered to Lohan she split with CAA. She did get a major break at an edgier role 3 years later, but she arrived unprepared and was fired from Hall Pass – and that’s when she stated that she was quitting since “didn’t love acting anymore” (note the “anymore”) and all the very public craziness started happening.

      Mental health issues can happen to anyone. The chemical-based ones usually manifest themselves in early adulthood, which certainly fits this timeline. So all the blame her parents may deserve for that is the genes they passed on to her.

      • Thanks for stopping by the comment thread today, Mr. Bynes. I hope your daughter is doing well.

      • Unfortunately, I hear she suffers from a lot of biased assholes who are related to psychiatrists who think that qualifies them to do a diagnostic. Sad, really.

      • @justifiable, are you a teacher or something? You seem to have a load of knowledge wandering about in your head.

        Congratulations on that account. But, frankly, The Superficial seems to be getting a bit too serious as of late. I don’t know about anyone else, but when I see really long comments, I check out the first sentence or two, then move on.

      • Vito, Justifiable is the smartest person here. Just ask him.

      • C’mon, Phil, no need to get pissy just because I disagreed with you on this one topic. You’re still the best chef on the site – without having to use any figjam.

  8. Batu Khan

    Must have burned her brains out with drugs. Either trying to kill her demons or because she became an addict or one caused the other. Either way it’s really sad. What’s worse there is no full recovery from these kind of things.

  9. This is simultaneously depressing and encouraging.

    Depressing because serious mental illness is something you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy, and before she got sick, Amanda Bynes seemed like a pretty decent person.

    Encouraging because Amanda has a chance to get better. I just hope her parents don’t fuck it up.

  10. This has to be the most non-superficial comment thread I’ve ever seen on The Superficial. Most comments are decent and thoughtful.

    Where the fuck am I?

  11. I just hope she gets the help she needs. It’s funny how these people seem to have no real friends when things like this happen.

    • J.

      Most of you a*&holes don’t know how it feels. To be locked and chained inside your head. Honestly, I hope you never do. For those of us who are too smart for our own good, at least we took the bullet for you f&^*ers. You’re welcome. Get back in touch when you have no more money. Tell me then if you think this is funny. God Speed, Amanda Bynes. I feel you.

  12. cc

    Someone phone the SPCA and get them to take this hound somewhere safe. And find a new home for the dog.

    Fuck you all you crybabies!

  13. gill

    although i do feel for her, its also annoying how a person of her stature has resort to this. Another cliche, another actor/actress has no willpower when it comes to drugs

  14. Lady Moustache

    Frankly, you’re all boring me. This isn’t a site known for sanctimoniousness. (How’s that for a big word?)

  15. Jenn

    I hope there will be someone watching those shady ass parents of hers. As nuts as Amanda is, I don’t think they should be in charge of her money. I hope she gets better with meds and therapy. And good wigs. (Snarky as I’m gonna get)

  16. Amanda Bynes Wig Dog
    Commented on this photo:

    i have seen the black burning abyss. i no longer fear death.

  17. kery

    I feel worried about the dog because It needs to be in a secure place and with people who can take care of the pet.

  18. Amanda Bynes Wig Dog
    Commented on this photo:

    what kind of dog is that little pet? I´m curious.

  19. I get the feeling that her parents are pieces of shit though. I think Amanda would be better off staying with other relatives or even in a care facility.

  20. tlmck

    I smell a Lufti.

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