Everything With Amanda Bynes Is Still Awful

For those of you who need a constant update on how Amanda Bynes’ life is specifically falling through the cracks of our failed mental health system, according to TMZ, she’s currently living off of $50 to $100 AmEx gift cards doled out by her parents who secured a conservatorship over her finances. Apparently their plan is to make her hit rock-bottom and come back to them for help which is actually working because she’s already complaining on Twitter that she looks terrible because she can’t afford new clothes. She’s also claiming to be bipolar and manic depressive but taking her meds, but keep in mind this is the same forum where she said her dad put a microchip in her brain that made her accuse him of sexual assault. The first time, not the second which she’s deleted already. So there you go; shit sandwich. It’s all a shit sandwich. Your life is better than the chick from All That. You should go tell everyone on Facebook. They’ll hardly believe it.

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Photo: Getty, INFdaily, Splash News