Amanda Bynes Was In Another Car Accident

August 21st, 2012 // 64 Comments
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So Amanda Bynes was Amanda Bynes again. That’s really the only way to put this. Via TMZ:

Bynes was driving in the San Fernando Valley at around 8 PM when a car rear-ended her rental. The driver of the other car claims Amanda made a reckless maneuver that triggered the collision. Cops showed up but no one was ticketed.
BTW, Amanda is in a rental because her Beemer is in the body shop.

I’m just going to go ahead and assume reckless maneuver means Amanda Bynes threw her car in reverse and started trying on outfits. “Well, I’m definitely going with the ripped cheetah print shorts again-” *CRUNCH* “Goddammit, car! Now everyone’s going to think this was my fault. GAWD.”

Photos: INFdaily


  1. jd

    Goddammit Obama, handle this!

  2. EricLr

    In her defense, Rupert Sanders was distracting her at the time.

  3. cc

    This isn’t something a daily over the knee spanking couldn’t address.

  4. Amanda Bynes Hit And Run
    Commented on this photo:

    Amanda Bynes Walks Into a Bar

  5. Amanda Bynes Hit And Run
    Commented on this photo:

    want… to.. steal.. her… wallet…

  6. Ben

    I’m sure she is very coordinated in other areas.

  7. Amanda Bynes Hit And Run
    Commented on this photo:

    Kind of looks like Lindsay here. Not something to aspire to. WTF happened to her???

  8. YoMamma

    In other news, it’s Tuesday.

  9. I keep telling people Cyndi Lauper doesn’t look a day over 40.

  10. Jack London's sober moment

    Her September appointment calendar must all be DMV and court dates.

  11. USDA Prime McBeef

    The shirt says Nashville country music 1985. and the shorts just say hooker. 1985 hooker.

  12. Tony

    “Hi Amanda Bynes here for Dent Wizard….” (The key to a successful endorsement being able to believe that the person actually uses the product.)

  13. mismy

    Anyone ever heard of MKULTRA? I mean, the CIA got away with performing sick, evil mind-control experiments 50 years ago on unwitting Americans for 20 years, don’t believe me? Look for yourself. There is also something called monarch programming.

  14. Sheppy

    I’m not interested in this story. I don’t see any tits.

  15. Asdf

    Jesus Christ, take her fucking license away! No more jokes here. It’s just fucking asinine.

  16. kimmykimkim

    I can appreciate the cute short shorts, especially when you’ve got the legs to wear them but, what in the name of holy FUCKERY is that monstrosity of a shirt?!

  17. Archie Leach

    No wonder she kept landing the stupid cunt roles.

  18. Amanda Bynes Hit And Run
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    lol gas tank lid

  19. Amanda Bynes Hit And Run
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    It’s getting to the point that I literally cannot tell her and Miley Cyrus apart.

  20. El Jefe

    How does this trainwreck still have a license? Also, she might need to be 5150′d.

  21. Schmidtler

    She’s not fat, she looks great in short shorts, apparently has no taste for expensive clothes, and she’ll lose her license for life, so she can’t leave the house – idk why everybody her doesn’t consider her their ideal woman! I do!
    Amanda, come live with me – I’ll smack your ass with a car antennae every night when i get home from work. Just stay out of my liquor cabinet.

  22. I honestly never thought I’d see a day where I’d say “AmeriHooker Amanda Bynes looks hotter than Lindsay Lohan.” DO YOU SEE NOW HOW BAD IT IS, LOHAN?

    It helps seeing Amanda in sunglasses. I never realized how much her close-set eyes really wonk up her face.

  23. Tom Cruise's Magical Penis

    Deputy Clementine going back undercover in Reno?

    (This has been another chapter in “Jokes Seven People At Most Will Get.”)

  24. Deina

    For the love of crap, when someone gets rear-ended, it’s not their fault. Unfathomable, but true.

    • Tom Cruise's Magical Penis

      Not to be a contrary douche, but I was once in a car with a friend who was high (I didn’t know until after), he missed a turn he wanted to make on a state highway, decided to stop, and reverse, in a car where the brake lights and reverse lights were not working. We got rearended by someone who never even saw us until it was almost too late. He was braking, but not fast enough and we were accelerating backwards on top of it. So file under “S” for Shit Happens, but sometimes stupid people can make the unfathomable happen.

  25. Amanda Bynes Hit And Run
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    “Welp, I’m scheduled for another fender bender in 10 minutes. Mustn’t dilly-dally!”

  26. Amanda Bynes Hit And Run
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    What the hell is she suppose to be? A WWF superstars wife circa 1989??

  27. Amanda Bynes Hit And Run
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    I’ve seen enough mechaphile porn to see where this is heading

  28. Burt

    She looks like she’s on something in those pictures.

  29. Amanda Bynes Hit And Run
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    She always looks high these days. I can see it through the sunglasses.

  30. Amanda Bynes Hit And Run
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    I salute that flag. I’m at full mast.

  31. Marceelf

    Can we just put Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan and any Kennedy on a deserted road and let things resolve on their own?

  32. Fish, forget your Hunger Games hypothesis. Tony Scott killed himself literally days after Amanda transformed into Alabama Worley. That’s the most solid fucking explanation I can think of. His suicide note was simply “You’re so not cool” scribbled on a napkin soaked in his tears.

  33. Amanda Bynes Hit And Run
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    Honey Boo Boo, this is you in 10 years.

  34. Amanda Bynes Hit And Run
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    She’s a mess these days but I would still like to penetrate the hole(s) of her choosing.

  35. Amanda Bynes Hit And Run
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    she really IS the dumbest bitch out there.

  36. Amanda Bynes Hit And Run
    See Alice
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    Amanda fst forward this story to its end !

  37. Amanda Bynes Hit And Run
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    clumsiest bitch behind Lindsay

  38. Amanda Bynes Hit And Run
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    At what point do you ask yourself if you should get an eye exam? Is it after hitting car 15 or 30? Just curious for my own knowledge.

  39. Amanda Bynes Hit And Run
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    Ah, the outfit that alcohol built.

  40. Amanda Bynes Hit And Run
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    She’s still Casting Couch quality

  41. Amanda Bynes Hit And Run
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    what happened to her? she is know acting like ever other young person in Hollewierd, maybe she needs to do some acting again. is that the problem, she can’t get any new roles because she got type cast? she needs a new agent and some new P.R people to help clean her up a little. All her business al over the street and in the paper. i hope she has someone helping her.

  42. Amanda Bynes Hit And Run
    Dirk Diggler
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    So fucking hot

  43. Amanda Bynes Hit And Run
    sally mcgee
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    It’s like she was putting tanning lotion on one leg, then somehow lost consciousness and forgot to put it on the other…

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