Amanda Bynes 5150’d Because of Sam Lutfi. Again.

When Amanda Bynes was first put on a 5150 hold, it was because Sam Lutfi – Yup, the dude who was drugging Britney Spears. – bought her a plane ticket from New York to LA where she proceeded to light a woman’s driveway on fire using her dog for the wick. Turns out she’s been talking to him again, only this time he coordinated with her parents to trick her into thinking a car service at LAX would take her to a lawyer when instead it went right to the hospital. TMZ reports:

We now have more clarification as to how Lutfi pulled it off. He told Amanda her car would be making 2 stops. First, to the lawyer’s office in Pasadena and then to the London Hotel in West Hollywood where she would confront her parents and tell them about the lawsuit.
She never got to the London, because the driver went to a Pasadena hospital which looked like an office building. Amanda thought she was going to see the lawyer but when she walked inside she was surrounded by hospital staff.

So good news, Amanda Bynes is finally getting the help she needs. Bad news, Sam Lutfi is still floating around in the background going, “Bring me the diamond in the rough…” and hypnotizing her parents with a snake staff. Nothing’s ever simple.

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Photos: Fame/Flynet, INFphoto, Splash News, TROV/AKM-GSI