Alyssa Milano and others attend Heidi Klum’s Annual Halloween party

November 1st, 2006 // 208 Comments

Here are some more people at Heidi Klum’s Annual Halloween Party, including Alyssa Milano, Minnie Driver, Rhona Mitra, and some chick dressed as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. I’m not even sure she’s a celebrity. She might actually just be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. The three I’ve got naked in my bed don’t recognize her, but they’re new. And to be honest a little dumb.


  1. I will say that I apologize for being crass, even though it was necessary…

    …and true…

    But yeah, sorry, or something.

    So, Jennifer Love Hewitt dressed up as Charlie Chaplin.

    That’s another celebrity playing by the Hallow’s Eve rules.

  2. Call me fruity, but I like the fairy costumes. Maybe it is because I also like fruit punch and lucky charms. I am thinking there might be a connection.

  3. Alyssa, NO!!!!!!

  4. Paris went as Paris. Slag.

    Or an existential comment on the nature of humanity, and the person created by the media, who is not her…

    No, wait, she’s still a slag.

  5. Paris went as Paris. Slag.

    Or an existential comment on the nature of humanity, and the person created by the media, who is not her…

    No, wait, she’s still a slag.

  6. The Yak

    Paris went as Paris. Slag.

    Or an existential comment on the nature of humanity, and the person created by the media, who is not her…

    No, wait, she’s still a slag.

  7. Paris went as Paris. Slag.

    Or an existential comment on the nature of humanity, and the person created by the media, who is not her…

    No, wait, she’s still a slag.

  8. tweetyeyes

    Fuck! Minnie Drivers head looks like a fucking Cabbage Patch kid!

  9. James

    #2, Most of these chicks are has-been actresses. Others are never will be’s.

  10. RichPort

    #99 – It’s not a waste of time, it’s a needed diversion. I appreciate the kind words and agree that “nigger” is a word that should only be used by Blacks, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, and the KKK. Seriously people, it’s easy enough to anally rape damnYELL without stooping; please be more original. Such as:

    damnYELL’s so ugly, she has ears on the back of head because they’re scared of her face! She looks like a fucking nappy teacup.

  11. RichPort

    Oh yeah, I’d hop on Alyssa Milano like a fucking trampoline. Then when I’m ready to dismount, I’ll do a double flip, stick the landing (strip), and thrust my arms about in the air. A PERFECT 10 (inches)!!!

    Another gold medal fucking performance…

  12. jrzmommy


    You know I was just thinking the other day how nicely we’ve all been playing with each other the last few weeks here at the Superfish…….and then BAM! DanYELL, the Queen of all that is Government Subsidized, shows up and kills our buzz. THAT, my friends, is why I wish dinosaurs were still alive. I would feed DanYELL the Cunt to a pack of them bizarre and vicious dog-sized dinosaurs they just discovered the remains of in Madagascar and we could all sit with our opera glasses eating Jujyfruits and drinking Stoli’s on the rooftops of DTC’s housing project and watch with joyful hearts as the fucking Yetti from Chocolate City gets picked alive by nasty little prehistoric beasts. Then we could all rejoice with one big group French kiss (and then dose up on Tamiflu and Zicam) and dance wildly in the streets of our Nation’s Capital.

  13. Pickup lines Alyssa heard the whole night:

    “Hey there, Tinkerbell, you wanna make my wish come true?”

    “Fairy princess, have I got a wand for you!”

    “Normally I don’t like fairies, but with you, I’ll smell your pixie dust…”

  14. RichPort

    Jrz, we’ll have wear sunglasses… the flood lights from the police choppers can be just blinding…

  15. danielle

    #97. {Danielle’s a nigger?}- This statement only proves that you’re as bland as the whore who popped you out of her well worned out meat hole.
    I mean, come on. That’s like me calling you a CRACKER and then jumping for joy because I thought I had really accomplished something. Ah well, I guess people with shit for brains can’t dig up any original material.

    But….just for the hell of it: CRACKER :]ahh. I think I did just accomplish something. Either that or I just puked a little in my mouth from the thought of your fugly ass. Eh.

    97, 98, 99, 100, 101 {Fans}- with lame posts. Seriously, all of your screenames are just screaming low self-esteem.

    Ambassador of Sexy? What are you, like 7? Oh no, I get it. You’re a middle-aged male nutsack who can’t get it up for his hairy morbidly obese wife? Right? You come on here to make yourself feel better, don’t you? You’re one sick fucktard..geesh.

    Krisdylee- ??? What the hell is THAT? Sounds like some shit from I’maWhiteNerdVille. Do me a favor, pull that dick out of your ass and get a real screename..then come back and tell some funnier jokes, kay?

    Bitchypoo Bitchypoo….damn, can’t think of anything other than that. Your time really IS up.

    Take your old ass back to Country Town and buy some more lubricant for that male hooker you met at the bar last night. You need a good lay, your jokes are corny. Yawn….even that was corny. Man, you guys are such a drag.

    JrZMammy~ I doubt that anyone would miss you if I just so happen to shoot you in the skull. Those 10 little termite kids of yours would probably be the only fucktards to attend your funeral. I feel sorry for you. No I don’t :]

  16. Morticia

    This girl in the Dallas Cowboy outfit is a soap actress on Bold & The Beautiful. Her name is: Jennifer Gareis (plays Donna Logan)

    Yes. Formerly known as Horseface Grace from Young And The Restless.

  17. Joshingya31

    #115 Maybe if you are nice someone will lend you a funny joke….until then the word is silence.

  18. PrettyBaby

    This shit is still goin on?! Well, you’ll all be happy to know that I had a wonderful night last night and didn’t think about you guys at all :)

    Richport- I think your missing it here. You need to use your sexy powers to seduce said danielle and THEN break her down. That’s my advice to ya.

  19. jrzmommy

    Leave it to the inner-city pickaninny to toss in some good, old-fashioned ghetto gun violence. You’re a credit to your race, DanYELL. I knew it was just a matter of a few posts until you resorted to a stereo type…only I was thinking you’d come out with something more Song of the Southish, like “I wuz bawn wif big gums, suh” or “I don know nuthin ’bout birthin’ no babies, Miss Scahlet”….gun violence…how positively gangsta! neat. I should ask Pat McGuire if things have gotten that rough at Kirby Hall.

  20. If you stop feeding the slut, it will leave!

  21. BigJim

    What a way to start the motherfucking day, having to catch up on Danielle’s delusional rants.

    Danny-boy: you don’t have fans, you have a lot of people who hate you. People who, if they knew where you lived, would drop by just so they could kick you in the box (although we’d have to double bag our steel-toed boots first, and then burn the boots afterwards).

    Folks like Papa, Ferret, jrz, Rich, krisdylee, even biatcho and Osh, have real fans (apologies to other cool people I missed, I’m still on my first cup of coffee) — fans who think they’re funny and like what they post.

    No one likes you. Your own mother probably hates you, and I doubt you even know who your father is. With your relentlessly sour attitude I can’t imagine that you have a single friend. Christ, I bet even Jesus hates your guts.

    So, I’m done. You’re dead to me now. Flame away, because I won’t even be reading your posts.

    One day, there might be a conversation like this on the fish:

    Some Cool SF Poster: “Remember that Danielle bitch? What a whore!”

    Me: “Who’s Danielle?”

    SCSFP: “You know, that sperm-snarfling sack of cunt fungus who everyone hates even more than Hitler.”

    Me: “Never heard of her.”

    Goodbye, and please die.

  22. jrzmommy

    120–indeed. Let’s all agree to let DTC fall into much needed obscurity, like the other fucknuts who have harshed our mellow and get back to the pleasntries of the last few weeks.

  23. jrzmommy

    My World, Without DanYELL…by Jrzmommy

    fun candy eaters welcome!!

  24. 121 – BigJim,


    Posters ??

  25. BigJim


    Close enough.

    I must say, I really like the term “cunt fungus.”

    I just can’t wait to use that in a conversation: “You ate the last donut, you stupid cunt fungus!”

    That’s even better than “brainless bag of cock phlegm” I came up with a few days ago.

  26. Edna Bambrick

    #22, #24, #31, #97, #98, #99, #100, #101, #119, #120, #121 You are ALL REPORTED! I am reporting all disgusting posts. I have over 100 names and counting.

    You will all brun for this type of blasphemy and hatred.

  27. biatcho

    I agree to let this crotchrot of a pig talk to herself, as she has probably been doing in her closet for the past 19 years. But because I am dropping eggs the size of Texas today and my ovaries feel like someone is wrenching on them I want to leave her my last thoughts:

    Die a rotten, slow death. One in which you are strung up by your fallopian tubes and left to bleed dry for all to see. Then your momma will start us all in a round of “stab the pitchfork into the cunt” followed by even more beatings with the ugly stick than you’ve ever had your whole life. Lastly we will mock you & shit in your mouth while we hear you garble your last words, which will inevitably be “is that all you can come up with”.

    I feel better. Carry on.

  28. Damn Biatcho, that is some *S*E*X*Y anger you have there! Nice!

    Edna – get back in your box.

  29. Does anyone know that the girl in the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader outfit is a soap actress on Bold & The Beautiful? Her name is: Jennifer Gareis (plays Donna Logan). F/K/A Horseface Grace from Young And The Restless.
    Does anyone else realize that when the number of your post is above 75 that someone probably already answered the mystery question? It doesn’t need repeated 7 more times.
    RTFP, people.

  30. jrzmommy

    Edna–Jesus just spoke to me and he said you are going to burn in hell for being a fornicator!

  31. carrie bradshaw

    I’m wondering if Alyssa purposely put her wings on upside down to be cute or if she really thought that was the way it’s supposed to go?

  32. PrettyBaby

    Good morning jrzmommy, you appear to be in fine form today! Did you have an extra cup of java today?

  33. RichPort

    #126 – Edna? Really? Was I #69, please tell me I was 69.

    Biatcho – You can take comfort in knowing it will be back… riiiiiiight after the holidays, when damnYELL draws up the courage to take that gun out of her mouth and go on for just one more day… loneliness during the holidays won’t be fun for her this year either. Conversely, we will all be pissed at our credit card statements in January, unimpressed with the Lohan sex tape, and ready to dig into the first stupid mofucka. And there, like an answer to our sinister moods, she will post some imbecilic prattle:

    you morons, need to suck you’re mother’s tranny dick more again.stupidty is contagous

    And the feeding frenzy will begin anew, juuuuust in time…

  34. NotANiceGirl

    JRZ/Rich/Kris/Biatch/and anyone I forgot- Not you Danielle- the only person who forgot you is god.

    You are all killing me. I’m sitting here in a room full of people reading this and just burst out laughing after giggling for an hour! I’ve since excused myself for a minute to regain my composure. I don’t even need coffee this morning. Thanks!

  35. jrzmommy

    Here’s a funny…on, there’s a picture of Hohan wearing a NINETY DAYS tag–like the ones they give to you in AA or NA. Is it a new fashion accessory?

  36. NotANiceGirl

    @135 I don’t know what that’s about! Good find… Oh and speaking of interesting & our mutual distaste for Flapjacks Streisand- did you see that a drink was hurled at her when she was on stage? Too bad it missed or we could of had a great laugh!

  37. el_princess

    Gosh…I didn’t realise the ‘fish was so cliquey.

  38. NotANiceGirl

    #137 it isn’t really unless you act like a total twat.

  39. biatcho

    It’s so much cliquey as it is the smart people share a combined disdain for the naturally dumb & inane.

  40. jrzmommy

    138–DING DING DING DING YES–that is the correct answer!

    And I wish the “beverage” in question thrown at Babs was honey and it hit her dead on, followed swiftly by a barrage of Yellow Jackets.

  41. NotANiceGirl

    Thanks! I love being right!
    I don’t care what it was at all. Any object hitting her in the face (besides Brolin’s balls) would have been super!

  42. ThisSiteSucksBalls

    jrzmommy: Do you EVER take care of your kids? Or do you literally stuff your fat ass with bon-bons/jujyfruits and read celebrity gossip all day while hypocritically complaining about inner city welfare moms? You sound just like one of the people you’re accusing danielle of being. Is it somehow different for you because you’re not a “pickaninny”? You people are so effing creepy and lame, it’s ridiculous.

  43. danielle

    32 posts all containing reference to moi… uh yeah, like I said (FANS).

    Don’t like it? Quit posting. But until then, I’ll state the obvious: You’re all a bunch a corny ass racist puke for brains mildly deformed dick suckers who love to hate on people who are above you. Plain and simple.

    The Fan Base grows with each and every beautiful day :]

    Now, I simply just can’t sit here and waste my time rambling on about the 32 posts, now can I? I have a sociology test to take.

    BTW- Jrz and Bitchport, please stop with the racial slurs. I thought I’d let you know that contrary to popular belief…WHITE women outnumber AFRICAN-AMERICAN women when it comes to WELFARE.

    Read a fucking book and then choke on it. Get a job and stop spewing out retarded rejects that litter this oh so beautiful world.
    Read up birth control you ignorant fucks….especially you JrZmammy, you know with your 10 kids and all.

    Sleep on THAT cuntbags :}

  44. danielle

    #142. I fucking love you :]

  45. jrzmommy

    ThisSiteSucksBalls: Do you EVER get the hint that you’re irrelevant and people are ignoring you? My kids go to school and I work…now that your questions have been answered can you just shut the fuck up? God, you’re like a fucking rash.

    –now, let’s hear the obligatory and predictable ThisSiteSucksBalls comeback about how I must have a very lame job if I can spend this much time here, yadda yadda yadda, jrzmommy must weigh 350 and and be a secretary, blah blah blah…insert a lame joke about my eduction level and a trailer park and then ThisSiteSucksBalls can go away.

  46. RichPort

    #143 – Uuuuhh, ok. I could have sworn I said to be original. I never use racial slurs against you. Intelligence slurs? Yes Obesity slurs? Absofuckinglutely. Putrid cunt slurs? Well right on. But racial? Not me. I hope you’ve enjoyed this exciting interlude in your otherwise mundane existence. Back to hating yourself instead of the comments section at the ‘fish. damnYELL, I’ll see ya in January!

  47. jrzmommy

    Here is ThisSiteSucksBalls driver’s license photo…

    and one of DanYELL

    I think they have the same Mommy.

  48. biatcho

    Thissitesucksballs – you are a fucking hypocrite. You wanna bash people for hating on some little fuckwad with a textbook in one hand & a food stamp in the other but then you start spewing your own hate towards us & defend the little cumdumpster. So if we’re “losers” you’re just as much of one. So go sit in a closet with a shotgun, a bottle of whiskey & start blasting Wish You Were Here while thinking of what it would be like to get some penis in vagina action.

  49. ThisSiteSucksBalls

    Wow, jrz, I seem to have gotten under your skin. So just how many kids DO you have? And just how much DO you weigh? Are you one of those fat, pasty Jersey moms with a bad bleach job, fake tans and acrylic nails? And are you actually a secretary? Did you attend one of those secretarial schools that advertise on the NJ transit line? Why is it so easy to piss you off? You’d think that someone who spends her day talking about niggers, pickaninnys, cunts and who is and isn’t on welfare all day could take a few weak hits. Oh wait, that’s right, you do it ANONYMOUSLY. That’s how you work up your courage. Are you one of those people who hates those who are successful and lashes out at minorities because you wasted your life and had 5 kids by the age of 22? But unfortunately, since minorities are now almost the majority, you can’t say these things in your daily life without losing your job, so you do it anonymously on the internet? Now I understand you. And you’re kind of sweet in a sad, fat, damp-smelling pathetic way. I feel like I know you…maybe we met when you checked my groceries the last time I shopped in dirty jersey. Have a great afternoon fat, negligent mommy!

  50. commissioner


    Everytime I click on the link, I jump like a bitch. My aching body can’t take it today.

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