Alyssa Milano and others attend Heidi Klum’s Annual Halloween party

November 1st, 2006 // 208 Comments

Here are some more people at Heidi Klum’s Annual Halloween Party, including Alyssa Milano, Minnie Driver, Rhona Mitra, and some chick dressed as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. I’m not even sure she’s a celebrity. She might actually just be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. The three I’ve got naked in my bed don’t recognize her, but they’re new. And to be honest a little dumb.


  1. LilRach

    #48 I totally agree with you. It was funny at first – well actually not really – now it is just pathetic. Give it up people – you suck.

    It is funny how much Danielle is getting you all worked up! You say she is a child – but listen to yourselves – fucking idiots.

  2. Lady Serpentine

    Well, they’re all loads more creative than the amazing Gonhorrea Girl :P

  3. Pagan Queen

    LilRach – just something to do while the migraine meds kick in and some celeb does something that we can really rag on.

    Later Fishies – gonna go back into a dark room and pray for death.

  4. biatcho

    #50, It’s about as well played as Sean Young showing up drunk on a talk show dressed as Catwoman back in the day when she was auditioning and then lost to Michelle Pfeiffer.

  5. biatcho

    51, you say fucking idiots, I say righteous mother fuckers. If you don’t like it, suckit.

  6. RichPort

    biatcho, no offense, but you’re no jrzmommy!

  7. BigJim


    Sweetheart, I fear all of your angst that is causing you to lash out may be the result of not having a profound sense of self. You need to get rid of the reactive mind and achieve clarity.

    I strongly suggest you look into the Church of Scientology to gain the balance that your soul so desperately yearns for.

    Oh, and when Tom Cruise offers you koolaid, make sure to drink deep.

  8. biatcho

    Thankfully, cause that would mean I was from Jersey. Don’t you have some politicizing to do?

  9. Hey, do you want free sex? DO YOU?

    Well, I don’t have any to offer you. But I do have a new site that will make you moist. Come rub against it and tell me what you think.

  10. BarbadoSlim

    Alyssa’s choice of costume is, shall we say, unfortunate, and she has hairy forearms.

    she must have a tropical rainforest down there…

  11. danielle

    Seek Help BigJim. When I say “help” I mean “Weight Watchers”

  12. When Bill Maher puts more effort into his costume, you know you suck at life (see: Paris Hilton, Linday Lohan, Scarlett Johansson).

    It’s a costume party.

    Not a pretty party.


  13. cherryblonde

    The girl in the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader outfit is Jennifer Gareis. She was on The Young and the Restless on and off from 1996-2004.

  14. Danielle–

    Is probably loving the attention you’re all giving her.

    But she does need to stop being such a stupid bitch.

    Someone needs to beat her like the woman she is.

  15. Nyx

    #50 – I was about to say that

    Man, some people are getting desperate… and it might feel good for Whedon to be the most disputed blowjob in Hollywood (for brunettes, at least).

  16. Nyx

    Oh, and Danielle, I’m not white, so, would you suck my dick?

  17. danielle

    Dear Ambassador of Sexless-

    Pull that stick out of your ass. And yes, I do love the attention. My fans adore me. That’s more than I can say for you.

  18. danielle

    #67. What’s your address?

  19. beifiori

    Team jrzmommy! Goooo jrzmommy WOOOOOOOOO!!!!! LOL!

    Now, let me say this, I’m straighter than the most conservative straights, but alyssa milano could easily make me turn if, ya know, I wanted to do a girl…did I just say that???? yup! she is very pretty….and minnie, she did the best thing possible for her career, she covered up her face! now, if she would only keep it that way, oh and never talk again, she would be doing hollywood, and thus the world, a great big favor!

  20. ThisSiteSucksBalls

    You’re all sick and twisted shut-ins. How does jrzmommy have time to watch her kids when she’s responding to every single post at 3-5 minute intervals throughout the day? And richport, you seem smart, so what’s your deal? Why are you so addicted to commenting on celebrity gossip? James, why are you so angry with and jealous of black men? And Danielle, if you’re 20, shouldn’t you be in college and studying? What is the deal with you people?! Now. Back to enjoying the recreational gossip, and trying to ignore the uneducated/racist/sexist/crazy comments posted below them.

  21. danielle

    My name’s danielle and I’m a stupid racist cunt. BigJim you big sexy white bitch give it to me in @$$! I have no friends and nobody likes me because I’m ugly and stupid! Forgive me oshkosh and pagan I bow down to your greatness!

  22. Dory

    I thought these celebrities could afford good costumes and such. Minnie that is NOT a good costume, you want an out there costume go and look at heidi’s for inspiration

  23. Dory

    People # 71 is feeling Righteous… can someone give him edna’s email so they can coverse on the evil’s of the internet. She’ll teach you how to report someone properly # 71!

  24. ThisSiteSucksBalls

    74: If it’s righteous to think that posting uneducated/racist/sexist/crazy comments literally all day long on a second-tier celebrity gossip blog is profoundly retarded…then I guess I must be righteous. Bye now!

  25. loophole

    The chick in Dallas Cowboy’s “costume” is Jennifer Gareis:

  26. RichPort, jrzmommy, biatcho.
    I found danYELLs “apology”!
    It’s on the “KFeds Ferrari” thread: (Note the date)

    “255. Posted by danielle on August 29, 2006 1:48 PM

    #252. I’m not a racist. In fact, I take everything back that I ever said. You’re right, I shouldn’t talk about other people that I don’t even know. It’s just that I’ve experienced one too many acts of racism in my day and I just simply came on here to vent out some of my frustration.

    Truth is, I do like caucasians and other races. I think that all races have an impact on the world and contribute as well.

    I didn’t mean to cause any of you all any harm. You all are probably really good people who make wise choices and are going far in life.

    The truth is: I go to a university..but it’s not Howard. I only said that because my sister goes there and I look up to her because she busts a 4.0 each semester.

    I do go to a university though, no it’s not a community college. It is a good upstanding small campus university with alumni that have been recognized for thier achievements throughout the years.

    I live in DC, NE to be exact. I am of a middle-class standing, and I like it that way. I live nowhere near Barry someone pointed out earlier. In fact, this past weekend, me and my cousins were actually dared to go to that part of town,..but we chickened out.

    I am a normal 19 year old, about to celebrate her 20th birthday in 3 months and I DO sincerely apologize for any hurtful things that I have said. Especially to you biatcho..I know that if I lost my father the way that you did, I wouldn’t want anyone to make a joke out of it.

    Please do except my apology, I am truly sorry.”

  27. checkyourshorts

    Why does Minnie Driver always look like she was the last to get picked for the team?

  28. danielle

    So the fuck what. You know what else you can find? My foot in your ass, real soon.

  29. Yeah, Minnie Driver’s costume sucks, but I love that color!

  30. sexybitch

    #77 – well, she still ain’t telling the truth, apology or not. No “normal” 19 year old, and especially a self-confessed “bugar”* eater, is that stupid, although begging for BigJim to assream her does show a slight spike in the IQ graph. Even ‘tards want a poke occasionally. (This theory also explains why K-Earl has a home.)

    *Always assuming she meant “booger” and not “burger”. You can’t tell, as she can’t spell. (Hey, that rhymes!)

  31. #79 danielle – If that is really you…

    If you want a shit smelling foot, be my guest.
    Put your foot as far up my ass as you want!

  32. therealdanielle

    Actually, Brainless…

    That is NOT me. Some dick sucker wants to use my screenname and post false stories on here. I guess that’s the price i have to pay for being so damn famous. ahhhh.

    I shouldn’t even be talking to you. Like I said in my earlier posting, if your name isn’t Richport, Jrzmommy, or Biatcho…….Shut the Fuck Up. It’s really that simple.

    Go take a shit and feel better, kay?

  33. therealdanielle

    #81. Almost forgot, UnsexyWitch:

    As you can see, there is an imposter in here. Any normal person would spell “booger” right. Obviously this person is a dumbass cunt.

    You can read my other post as well. Goes a little something like this “Shut the Fuck Up”.

    You can go turn tricks now.

  34. RichPort

    #57 – Uuuuhhh, who the fuck are you? Biatcho is one fucking funny beeotch, and of course she’s no Jrz; we already have one of those. Just like I’m no Biatcho, get it? Now stop fucking trolling me, idiot. And remember: punctuation (i.e. Caps where appropriate). You’ll be a more convincing RichPort then, but everytime you take a leak you’ll realize you’re not me. So sad…

    Oh yeah, damnYELL blows more than hurricane season.

    #48 – Eat me. Mature enough for you??

  35. sexybitch

    #84 – How deathless and original – “Shut the Fuck Up”! WOW! However did you come up with that? Any normal person would also be a fuck of a lot funnier than you are, but we’re not holding our breath waiting for you to improve, so it’s gotta be you punking yourself.
    BTW, isn’t that your pimp on the phone wanting to know why you’re not on all fours on your designated streetcorner already?

  36. therealdanielle

    It’s WAY past yor bedtime.

  37. therealdanielle

    #86. Okay whatever. You can take what I say to the bank and shove it a damn safe.

    I’m not wasting anymore of my time on your pathetic ass. I have enough groupies as it is.

    You can save your lame jokes for your herpes infected family for storytime at the hospital.

    Get lost, fucktard.

  38. sexybitch

    #88. WHATEVER? That’s the best you can do? “Take what I say to the bank”? Admit it, you HAVE to be SJTLQ, or even worse, her husband of the many-vowelled name. No one can seriously be as lame as this.

  39. therealdanielle

    As lame as responding by saying “no one can seriously be this lame”? hmmm……yes, you’re so right. You’re a fucking wizkid. You deserve a grammy.

    Praise for UnsexyWitch, the Smart Cunt.

  40. sexybitch

    And you deserve to go back to cockgobbling Idi Amin and the rest of your clients. Hurry along, they’re waiting. And it’s “Grammy” with a capital “G”, you numb cunt.

  41. danielle

    The adoring fans..ahhhh can’t get enough of it.

    SEXYbitch, do know that I am not as lame as your ass. I really don’t need to explain myself. There are 2 maybe even 3 fucktards running around on here posing as me.

    If I were to talk about you in any way, I woud simply call you a:

    cumsucking,blowjob giving, ass shaking, ghetto, fugly, dick in her drawers, hoedown, sloppy, fat ass, shit for brains hooker with herpes whore.

    ahhh. glad I got that off my chest.

  42. sexybitch

    #92 Fans? Groupies? How desperate are you? All these imposters out there and each just as unfunny, and delusional as the last. I’ve changed my mind – you’re not SJTLQ, you’re Star Jones. (It was the “drawers” that gave you away.) Now go sit on Al with that slimy cooze of yours. God knows why he loves it.

  43. danielle

    yaWn….it must be that time of the night when boring people start posting because they have no life due to them being overweight.

    ah well, time for some shut eye.

  44. sexybitch

    #95. Rapier sharp rejoinder. I can see why others would want to imitate such wit and razor-sharp persiflage. I can also see why Minnie Driver might think that blue color is flattering, too.
    Ah, enlightenment.

  45. meh

    Lamest fight ever.

    *waits for the barrage of lame replies*

  46. ThisSiteSucksBalls

    You’re all losers. Danielle should study more. JRZ’z children should be given to child protection services, because clearly she’s too busy typing racist responses to bored college students to take care of them. Ambassador of Sexy has the herp and masks her fear of losing her job to a black person by using words like “nigger” anonymously on the internet. Richport is wasting his energy at a site like this. Crazy stew. If you all spent half the energy that you put into this ass-tarded website into your careers, maybe you would be famous too.

  47. krisdylee

    Know what Danielle? You will never fit in here. Um, well, maybe in a year when we all move on to another, cooler, blog, and leave you behind in a retarded stupor, and ONLY then you’ll assume the BlogMaster position…. only then, you’ll be BlogMaster for a bunch of weenies. And we’ll all be driving flying cars. So, fuck you.

    jrzmommy, I’d like to express my gratitude to you by burying my face in your snatch for about 1/2 hour. I wouldn’t say no to 69, either baby. You hot cunty fucking slutty whore.

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