Alyson Hannigan Threatens Smokers

alyson_hannigan_thumb1.jpgAlyson Hannigan is astoundingly cute. She makes me want to draw rainbows and dot my i’s with hearts and write ‘Mr. Alyson Hannigan’ in big looping letters in my notebook. And now it appears my chances of winning her hand (or simply luring her into the back of my darkened van) have improved, because she doesn’t like smokers. Her co-star Jason Segel was forced to give up smoking when Alyson refused to kiss him. He says,

She told me she would not do any romantic scenes with me as long as I was smoking. And that left me with no other option. So I quit the day we started working, and I haven’t had a cigarette since.”

Now I’m not sure if it’s entirely ‘legal’ to murder this Jason Segel and wear his skin as a disguise so that Alysson kisses me. But I’d just point at his corpse and explain to the cops why I had to kill him and they’d be like “Yes, we completely understand. But this is Fred Savage.” Then I’d run.