Alright, who let Courtney Love out of the haunted mansion?

March 1st, 2010 // 49 Comments

Remember those old Grateful Dead album covers where the skeletons are dressed like hippie chicks?

You do now.

Photos: Splash News

  1. street meat

    time has treated her so well

  2. Carolyn

    What a sad mess.

  3. havoc

    I wonder why they won’t let her see her daughter?



  4. Naked Chicks Rule

    My eyes!!!!

  5. GeneralEmergency

    I think its very nice that she takes the time to crawl out of her tomb to visit the living once in a while, but…

    Does she -have- to sleep in her gowns for three days first before she walks the earth in them?


  6. L

    I think she should hook up with Lohan.
    That Kei$ha chick looks alot like this…already.

  7. unk nown


  8. Miche

    OMG! That is one hard lookin woman. Ick. Clean your self up.

  9. abby

    She looks like the gross wookies on Dead tour:
    1. someone who goes on tour with a band, without tickets
    2. lives in the (parking) lots of the concert venues a.k.a. Homeless
    3. needs from YOU: a beer, a bong hit and a ride home (their parent’s house) or ride to next venue’s parking lot.

  10. abby

    I say ” FUCK YOU HIPPY “

  11. Randal

    You’re a graveyard smash!


  12. Sport

    Madonna after a few beers.

  13. Jordana Lorraine

    oops nice link display, Fish. It goes all the way across the screen and doesn’t actually link. Maybe this will work:

  14. Jimmy

    Wow, what a total waste of matter! What world does this creature live in? I think she should bond with Lindsay Lohan, as they have so much in common…. like drugs, classiness challenged, ugly clothes, horrid makeup, . These creatures are living proof that gargoyles are real and a lot scarier than originally thought. Actually, that is insulting to gargoyles.

  15. charlie

    she’s actually on a Grateful Dead album cover:Aoxomoxoa. her dad was a hanger on… check the pic on the back, she was a wee one.
    true story.

  16. kingofbeer

    what a fucking train wreck.

  17. M


  18. Humpinfrog

    On a positve note, she looks slightly better than Riff Raff. Right? *crickets* Is this mic on!?

  19. friendlystoner

    think i`ve got aids after just looking at her

  20. She looks as lifeless as she is talentless.

  21. fatguyinalittleshirt

    remember that 80′s movie “Carrie”?

    anyone else seein’ that?

  22. Posterior Anterior

    The trainwreck that was interesting years ago now seems to have lost its attraction.
    If Courtney Love weren’t a celebrity, she’d have been gone long ago.
    The years of addiction and mental health issues have taken a huge toll on her.
    No wonder she can’t have custody of her kid.
    If her and Madonna ever made it to the same room, it would be a B grade horror movie and a sign of the apocalypse all rolled into one event.

  23. maggieq

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  24. I call 'em as I see 'em

    Every time I see her I feel like I need to bathe in disinfectant.
    Is it possible to wash your eyes?

  25. Rasputins Liver




    I say…god…DAMN!!!


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  28. she looks like she’s wearing kurt’s skin

  29. Mama Pinkus

    she is the inevitable result of addiction and lots of money

  30. Lindsey and Courtney needed to switch shoes for their outfits. However, Lindsey looks great in that dress. Makes me want to go buy that dress it looks so awesome and shiny!

  31. Halloween seems to be over, so need for her in the haunted mansion anymore.

  32. captain america

    compare her person to that of kim kardashian.

  33. koushoku

    MURDEROUS WHORE! you should be rotting in jail where you belong..

  34. sir shemp of nyukingdale


    I attack with my +4 battle axe, and make a saving roll against, um…chlamydia…?

    failing that….SCROLL OF TOWN PORTAL!!!!

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  36. MoreFormaldahydePlease

    The scary part is she thinks she looks ok? She’s really fried beyond the point of no return. Heroin will do that to ya. Can we group commit her?

  37. With all due respect to the bride, groom, and all their respective friends and family, it actually would have been just good friends and fun if it (like most parties of its kind) was booked as a private event without access from the general public.

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  39. cellphone

    Who wanna play the hide ‘n seek sausage game!?

  40. compare her person to that of kim kardashian.

  41. This girl is very beautiful! cute!

  42. LOCallahan

    Fuck me!!!!! Someone call Intervention……call somebody….anybody… EYES!!!!!! She has no right showing up in public looking like an old used up junkie…..remember ppl….this woman is a MOTHER!!!! God help us all!!!!

  43. LOCallahan

    Fuck me!!!!! Someone call Intervention……call somebody….anybody… EYES!!!!!! She has no right showing up in public looking like an old used up junkie…..remember ppl….this woman is a MOTHER!!!! God help us all!!!!

  44. LOCallahan

    Fuck me!!!!! Someone call Intervention……call somebody….anybody… EYES!!!!!! She has no right showing up in public looking like an old used up junkie…..remember ppl….this woman is a MOTHER!!!! God help us all!!!!

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