Alright, Who Let Ke$ha in a Bikini?

November 10th, 2010 // 286 Comments

Seen here in Australia this morning, no matter how much make-up, lighting or distracting outfits you slap on Ke$ha, there’s no way her label can keep denying they gave a random 35-year-old housewife at Wal-Mart a record deal based on “Eh, we’ll Photoshop it.” How we’re not seeing C-section scars highlighting a Van Halen tattoo will baffle me till the day I die. “Son.. son.. lean closer.. Why was David Lee Roth’s face not there? *croaks*

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  1. wim


  2. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    Eesh…she looks much better covered in trash bags and wearing a big tee she stole from a homeless person. She’s way too young to look that frumpy…girl just needs to get her ass in a pair of Skineez Skincarewear body suit and never take it off

  3. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    I have never in my life seen an ass like that on a chick… that is terrible!!!

  4. Terrawr

    The stuff nightmares are made of, right there…I don’t know, though….I feel like my nightmares aren’t even THAT BAD.

  5. boo12

    Hmmmm… I don’t know what to say. Where did the buttocks go?

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  6. Mahina

    You people are ridiculous. Take a look in your own mirror. This is a normal woman. She’s not fit, but she’s not fat either. SO SORRY WE DON’T ALL HAVE AN HOURGLASS. Some women just aren’t built that way. I was an anorexic two years ago and never got a 22-inch waistline. I did loose my boobs and get really, really sick.

    I hate this lady’s music and persona, but right now I feel like I need to send her some balloons and a Hallmark card. No one should deal with this. You douchebags.

    • JesseJimmy

      You were anorexic and couldn’t get a 22-inch waistline? Wow, you must have had horrible willpower. That must suck to fail at being anorexic.

    • I believe the difference is that none of us try to pawn our talentless asses off as being hot shit. If I was expecting to make a living based on public performance, I would make damn sure I presented the best me I could. I’m not sure what you were trying to prove, though.

      As it stands, I’m a fat guy who makes a comfortable living in IT. Feel free to criticize me as you see fit.

  7. Ke$ha in a Bikini
    Conan off the Brien
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    Conan O’Brien sometimes jokes how his ass is completely flat…his back just continues straight down into his ass.

    ……these pics remind me of his joke

  8. Rotator

    You guys are idiots.
    Most of you should count yourselves lucky if a woman like her would even look your way, let alone spit on you if you were on fire…

    So, she’s not a supermodel… Who the hell wants a supermodel? At least with a “normal” woman, you don’t have to worry as much about her splitting for someone better looking than you.

    Please, for the sake of all woman, refrain from commenting on beauty until you have accepted the fact that you look like Shrek on a bad day. You’re just setting yourself up for a horrible fall, when you wake up married to a garden variety troll, instead of the picture perfect plastique you’ve always dreamed of.

  9. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    she is soo fuking diskasting but her friend is soo hott

  10. mike

    she looks good you fools think skinny is in wait until you get older and can’t keep your shape any longer then i’ll laugh ok she looks great

  11. Kedollarsignha

    Ugly talentless skank, record company creation, totally fake in every way, awful toy music for awful toy people.

  12. omg

    I am shocked by 95% of the commenters here. Ke$ha, if you read this: you look great. Fuck the haters. It’s easy to be rude from behind a computer screen, and if you met any of these people in real life they’d be kissing up to you so hardcore.

    • I can guarantee you that I would not be “kissing up to (her) so hardcore”. In fact, I’d probably mistake her for a homeless person and offer her a dollar.

  13. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    She looks human.
    I don’t see what the big deal is, It’s quite refreshing to see someone who isn’t made of plastic and chemicals becoming a celebrity.

  14. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    she’s in great shape she was just born with a V body shape. its not her fault…. she’s working with what she has.

  15. Meh

    She looks like the king of the jungle.

  16. blahblahblah

    Seriously people? She’s average. She actually looks like a normal person, I’m tired of looking at stars who are super skinny and have “perfect” shapes. I know most guys think she’s gross, but let’s be honest with ourselves, none of us are perfect, apparently neither is Ke$ha. Congrats on actually being normal looking

  17. Cardinal Fang

    Nothing a little weight training couldn’t tone up. Plus, the bikini is not really the right fit making her look even more chunky than she already is.

  18. Ke$ha in a Bikini
    Cardinal Fang
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    Two words: Booty Pop

  19. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    this reminds me of when helen mirren was in a bikini… except kesha looks worse. and has a pancake ass. and looks like she’s wearing her skin as an ill fitting loose suit. gross.

  20. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    Long island Longbacks LILB

  21. Myx Llamatosis

    I hate her music but I’ve seen far worse at the beach. Oh and if people would stop buying her crappy music she would go away.

  22. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    Honestly, if she was just some girl on the beach I’d be like “Oh, okay, whatever.” But she’s supposed to be some sort of sexy pop star. She can’t sing, can’t dance… at the very least she could, I dunno, work out a little. She has my body type — she must have been a little chunky in high school and lost some weight. That extra leftover flab is a pain to lose– but if part of your job is to look good….

    How DID this girl get into music? Not pretty, not sexy, not talented… Hollywood seems to have just given up and is playing Ad-Libs with the incoming talent.

    • stazzy

      interesting that you put pretty and sexy before talented. perhaps you are young but i remember when ppl got into music because they loved music, could sing or play and/or write songs. this emphasis on the package fronting some product written and formed by a team of music manufacturers is what’s wrong with the industry–and the whole culture at large.

  23. anonym

    she looks like a rectangle.

    and most importantly, she has no ass !!! jesus fucking christ. Even I have an ass bigger than that

  24. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    Pancake booty, but the chick in #6 great ass,

  25. ricky

    eww men in this country have effed up views of beauty. she’s NASTY. she looks like she would smell, she has NO a** and she is not talented.

  26. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    plus she’s pasty frigging white grosss. i agree with brook though if i saw her as just some chick on the beach i’d be like eh whatev. but she’s supposed to be famous she can afford to go to the gym and take care of her scraggly a** hair. i mean fine she’s skinny but skinny ain’t everything. fyi even if ur skinny u need to TONE ppl even skinny girls can be flabby and gross and some heavier body types who work out can be fit and firm

  27. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    How is it possible that she has no butt? Really, like medically, how the hell is that possible?

  28. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    I’m in total shock here. How can a person have no butt?

    If I was a popstar, knowing the paparazzi would follow me everywhere, and lacked an entire bodypart like that I would be calling Kim Kardashian in two seconds asking for implant advice.

  29. Jenna

    I don’t understand how the hell it’s medically or physically possible for a person to be born without a butt.

    That has to be classified as some kind of disability.

  30. Jenna

    Btw I’m a woman and I can tell you right now that is not how ”normal” women look.

    Normal women have buttox. Saying it’s normal to not have a butt is like saying its normal to lack any other bodypart, like an arm or a leg.

  31. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    Her body is fine, she just needs to tone up. That kind of body only looks good when it’s in tip top shape. She actually has the same body type of many VS models, she just obviously doesn’t put in as much time at the gym.

  32. cc

    She should ask Kim Kardashian for her ass back.

  33. G Funk

    And people wonder why pre-teen girl’s are self-conscious about their looks. She is a good looking, successful young woman, more than that can be said about the people who spend their days commenting on her looks, How are your part time jobs treating you people?

  34. GiRl

    Sometimes I curse myself for having curves and a nice ass…..but then I see girls like this and it pull me right back into my center. I would rather be a healthy weight, with a nice ass to grab when youre doin me doggie style than look like this…hag. woohoo!

  35. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    she still has a pretty face…

  36. Sc00baEve

    When did John Travolta grow his hair out and begin cross dressing? Meh… he looks okay for a man of his advanced age… I guess.

  37. Loui

    Come on dudesss she’s not thin, SHE IS FREAKING FLATT HAHAH YEAHOEEE, this picture totally doesn’t reflect her songs

  38. Ke$ha in a Bikini
    Dr. Hufurrrrr
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    It’s like someone put a bikini on a frog and made it stand up.

  39. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    Her swimsuit is a BAD choice. They make em now (like spanx) that suck you in and up and maybe make you look like there is more in the rear. Course, I’m sure she didn’t realize she was going to have a dozen photographs analyzed when she put on that bikini. But if you are famous, you need to always keep it in mind!

  40. Bacon

    Hmmm. She’s ugly, and she makes shitty ‘music’.

  41. Jenna

    Wait, I get it now. This is like one of those 3-d images. Youre supposed to stare at it for 30 seconds without blinking and then the ass will magically appear.

  42. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    Everyone is so judgemental. Her body is fine, she’s not fat at all! Yeah she’s got some cellulite, who cares? Every womans got it, Ke$ha just chooses to show hers off. If you don’t like it, stop looking at the pictures for goodness sake

  43. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    it’s john travolta on slim fast

  44. mrtesla


  45. Klek

    Omg .. shes NASTY! You ppl saying theres nothing wrong with her are lying. Sure, shes like every other girl.. they get fat but are too lazy to workout so they just stop eating, they eat themselves.. fat, muscle, everything..end up looking like CRAP.. saggy as shiit! look at her face, her tits, her ASS LMAO! Now put on A LOT of make up and nice clothe and you look like a 10 :D Girls are sooo fake!

  46. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    Okay, let’s be real here…I don’t even like Ke$ha’s music at ALL, but this girl isn’t fat. Maybe she’s not in good shape but she’s not fat. The sad part is that it’s artists like Ke$ha that create unattainable standards (overly thin, tanned, overdone,fake) that not even she herself can live up to. But hell, girl’s makin’ money so good for her.

  47. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    I would still love to have fun with her sexy bare feet!

  48. mrkite

    Blech. Oh gawd.

  49. Ke$ha in a Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    ok fish that is just sad…

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