Alessandra Ambrosio in a bikini

January 24th, 2010 // 86 Comments

I’m trying to decide which is the most hard-hitting and pertinent news story of the morning, Gary Coleman’s arrest or Alessandra Ambrosio pretending the ocean is giving her an orgasm.

Dammit. It’s times like these I really hate being so devoted to journalistic integrity. But we’ve all got our crosses…

Photos: Fame, Splash News

  1. Love her face!! but dont like her body, no curves at all and legs are too short for her torso..

  2. minx

    @33. Sam

    I hate morons like you. The site is called “The Superficial” so get a fucking clue.

    So what if everyone commenting here is a fat and ugly loser? This chick gets paid millions just for looking good, hence should be held to higher standards than most.

    She’s still hot and nobody would kick her out of bed, but her ass is getting flabby as fuck for a VS model. Look at pic #24. Her legs look anorexic and the ass looks like a mom ass.

  3. zuzuspetals

    That is one of the most heinous bathing suits I’ve ever seen and that chick looks really boring and as stupid as a box of shit.

  4. shooting a baby out the love socket! HA HA, what a nice way to put it!

  5. do these comments even work!?

  6. Eliza

    She looks amazing. Bless her good genes. Maybe she got some surgery or laser treatment as well, but some women do manage to get away with no stretch marks after birth.

  7. Jeff

    there is nothing wrong with this broad, its fucking ri-donk-ulous

  8. jill

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  9. xxxica

    I am thin (126 lbs, 5’9″) and had an 8lb baby exactly one month ago. I did not get any stretch marks and am back to my pre-pregnancy weight. It’s good genes, plain and simple.

  10. I wouldn’t consider 5’9″ and 126 lbs to be good genes #59. You’re extremely underweigh and probably have a hard time keeping any meat on your bones. Maybe the fact that you didn’t get stretch marks is GREAT genes…but that’s about it.

  11. SborraInBoca


  12. lilu

    @#59 – So women who get stretch marks have BAD genes, plain and simple? You’re so GOOD, aren’t you?

    Well, I’m 5’2″ and weigh 100lbs (106 in my 12th week of preggo). I got stretch marks just from growing boobs at 13 . Does that make my genes BAD? I have no doubt I will snap back to my pre-pregnancy weight quickly, but without stretch marks? Lucky you and your plain and simple good genes, you snotty bitch.

  13. fgkhkdfjlk

    @#62, yes, this is bad genes.Sorry.

  14. spicy


  15. Sam

    @ #52 Your right. I guess I’m not superficial enough. I’ll go fucking kill myself now…prick.

  16. spicy

    Oh, and you fucking retards arguing about “good” and “bad” genes, shut the fuck up. who are you to label a fucking GENE good or bad.

  17. very nice photos, she is sexy

  18. riz

    you guys are retarted. those lines on her hips are not veins, there are no veins on your hip bones. those are the stretch marks from her pregnancy. she got them laser treated but they’re still there.

  19. Alex

    Funny read, though I have to comment, it is all in the genes. I have three kids, am almost 40 and no stretch marks. Sorry, not gloating just thankful, I am not fat either, quite fit. But Alessandra is too thin, beautiful but too thin, and trying too hard I think. Still, she is beautiful.

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  21. rb

    Just perfect

  22. Kim

    It looks like she got a c-section from the looks of those pics.

  23. overcast

    Are you kidding me? Of course there are veins on your hips! Try disecting a hip for a class..that area has huge veins..the area around the neck sucks tho bc of all the tiny veins..

  24. neuromancer

    What is that bright light coming out the side of her panties? Di she accidently masturbate with the flashlight again?

  25. watchthem4free

    Watch Megan Fox naked!!

    OMG she’s so hot!!

  26. Turd da Third

    She has a bit of manface, don’t like the jaw at all, could you a couple of real ass cushions but other than that she is ok, I think she could make a couple of bucks doing porn..

  27. is she was a little bit bigger she would be perfect

  28. haha

    riz… there are veins on your hips… i can see mine… you can’t see yours because you have a bit more fat on your body.

    the whole good and bad genes argument up there is hilarious!

  29. annak

    those veneers are fucking ridiculous. they’re the first thing u notice on her. i’d like to beat the shit out of that hack who capped her teeth.

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  34. dont like her body, no curves at all and legs are too short for her torso..

  35. i like it because is beautifull.
    and also nice photos

  36. Kemmi
    Commented on this photo:

    I like so much

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