Alessandra Ambrosio in a bikini

January 24th, 2010 // 86 Comments

I’m trying to decide which is the most hard-hitting and pertinent news story of the morning, Gary Coleman’s arrest or Alessandra Ambrosio pretending the ocean is giving her an orgasm.

Dammit. It’s times like these I really hate being so devoted to journalistic integrity. But we’ve all got our crosses…

Photos: Fame, Splash News

  1. Mike

    I gots a boner

  2. y3n0

    Almost as hot as Donatella Versace!

  3. czar

    I would sell my soul to the Devil to eat her a$$

  4. Larry

    Ruined by shooting a baby out of her love socket.

    Such a pity.

  5. Kitty Furry

    meh…too top-heavy for me… damn all the fat chick pics on this site

  6. Paver

    The skinny prepubescent look works at age 20, but not age 25. She needs to add some pounds to look hot again.

  7. She’s got a little Rembrandt Pussyhorse goin’ on there but she’s back to her old form.

  8. sandra

    Too skinny. Needs to put a few pounds on those bones. Don’t understand the obsession with skin and bones…

  9. da troooooof

    she is like anywhere from 27-29, wel mos def older than 25

  10. lilu

    How the HELL does she not have stretch marks on her stomach? I am offended by this! How does a stick like that carry a baby to full term and not have a single stretch mark???? Ladies? Are there secrets I am missing? Do plastic surgeons get rid of stretch marks somehow?

  11. ashleigh

    #10 it’s called good genes. not every woman gets stretch marks, but most do.

  12. ashleigh

    oh & actually there IS a laser treatment that removes, or at least drastically fades stretch marks.

  13. Arnold

    this is a model? She is starting to get leathery like that other broad, I can tell, and that belly button just ruins it for me.

  14. Kolp

    “Don’t understand the obsession with skin and bones…”

    Guys love the idea of banging a 15 year virgin. Skinny models allow a 30 year old guys to bang a 15 year old without breaking the law.

  15. Taz


  16. sandra

    #13 and what is wrong with her belly button?

  17. Timmy

    #8 – All you fat girls say the same thing. Wishing it were so doesn’t make it not so.

  18. NANA

    in picture 14 look like she pushing out a fart .

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  20. NANA

    in picture 14 ,, she look like she is pushing out a fart .

  21. sandra

    #17 yea well I am far from fat, still not skin and bones. I actually eat, however…and don’t have any catwalks on schedule.

  22. Taz

    can we ban #19

  23. Landberto

    why so critical people, respect her fineness

  24. sdf

    #10 My sperm removes stretch marks. Worked wonderfuly on Alessandra.

  25. Ann

    in #22 and #24 she looks like a stick
    really bad when she’s not posing

  26. Schnib

    meh, she’s too tall and skinny

  27. Fat Chicks Suck

    Why do all of the fatties have to freak out every time pictures of thin women are posted? This chick popped out a kid and is still in amazing shape. I’d like to see some of these “healthy” fatties go against any Victoria’s Secret model in a fitness competition and/or a cholesterol test.

  28. belly button horror

    I thought the Fish didn’t like belly button penises…

  29. God of Thunder

    Her face looks like a dude and her ass is small.

    And #4. Larry, your so right. lol.

  30. Valerie

    I’ve always liked her as a model. For whatever reason, I don’t think she looks as good as she used to in these pics. She seems as skinny as ever in some pics, and in others it looks like she’s gotten slightly flabby (for HER, not the average female!). It’s weird.

  31. yuki

    hey ale, if you see her crawling around on the beach there in st barts say hi to donatella.

  32. Sam

    Okay seriously? To all of the critical posters…I can guarantee you will never look as amazing or ever get to touch someone who looks that great. Just continue eating your GD pork rinds while your sitting in your easy-chair and get over yourself…loser.

  33. yoyoyo

    #1 MILF in the world

  34. blah

    um yup…

  35. cdf

    She has the butt of a 9 year old boy, but I’d hit it.

  36. dontneedone

    she looks gorgeous. al you haters are big time losers. there are women who are naturally skinny, just because you are not one of them doesnt mean you have to be negative. her body is fantastic and she is in no way flabby. im a girl who can readily admit she looks great.

  37. Vinnie the Chin.

    I would eat the corn out of her cornhole.

  38. Look at pic #22. Please tell me how that body is considered attractive? She has a very pretty face IMO, but her body is not something I’d consider ideal. No, mine isn’t either…I understand that. But just because my body isn’t the BEST, doesn’t mean my outlook on what flawed. She looks fit, definitely NOT flabby, but quite skinny. This is not the body I think any woman should strive for. If it’s genetic, fine. But that doesn’t mean it is attractive.

  39. big teeth

    yet another horse face VS model..
    A horse is a horse, of course, of course,
    And this one’ll talk ’til his voice is hoarse.
    You never heard of a talking horse?

  40. ijfsi

    too skinny, you can see the veins in her hips

  41. dfgjhkdfhgdkj

    #10, I have three kids and no stretch marks or cellulite. I don’t know how, because my mom sure does. Good genes? Maybe on my dad’s side.

  42. Teri

    Best compilation of photos from her recent photo shoot that I’ve seen online! Thank you for the awesome post :)

  43. my comment

    She is trying WAY too hard. Pic 22 is just downright awful. No breasts to speak of and NO ASS. Nada.

  44. dancy

    Too skinny. Needs to put a few pounds on those bones.
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  45. havoc

    This chick makes me harder than Chinese arithmetic…..


  46. Koyu

    yea, her ass really very small>

  47. anorexic

    This girl is way too skinny. Ugly and bony. Not at all alluring or sexy. She looks like a skeleton.

  48. Boris

    The hip veins are totally grossing me out.

  49. She looks great. Anyone who thinks she’s too skinny… that’s how normal people look. Not everyone stuffs their heads with big macs and oatmeal creampies everyday.

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