Alison Pill Gets So Drunk She Can’t Stop Farting And That’s Why You Saw Her Boobs

September 13th, 2012 // 46 Comments
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So remember yesterday when you saw Alison Pill‘s naked breasts because she doesn’t know how Twitter works? Turns out there’s a hilarious story behind that involving drunk-farting all over Fashion Week with the chick from My Girl, so gather up the kids, there’s something here for everybody. “Even grandpa?” Ha, no, not for grandpa. Also, he died last year, so stop pretending he’s alive. Shit’s creepy. Page Six reports:

Spies saw the HBO actress “stumbling all over the place” at a West Village party for designer Chris Benz on Monday. “She was yelling and telling everyone she was ‘farting’ every time she moved,” a spy added. As Pill publicly gushed about gas, her pal Anna Chlumsky of HBO’s “Veep” calmly lit, then extinguished, a cigarette she had stashed in her handbag for intermittent use. “Anna was like, ‘Oh, she’s fine,’” the source said.

Keep in mind, Anna Chlumsky also said, “Oh, he’s fine,” when Macaulay Culkin got stung by all those bees, but I guess high fashion New York can’t put dead kids in their saffron capri chinos, so who gives a shit, amirite? I have no fucking clue what I just said.

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  1. USDA Prime McBeef

    holy fucking alien head

  2. stratacat

    “Anna Chlumsky of HBO’s “Veep” calmly lit, then extinguished, a cigarette she had stashed in her handbag for intermittent use.”

    That’s not a cigarette, that’s a one-hitter made to look like a cigarette. Ask Amanda Bynes. She’ll explain it better.

  3. I still have no idea who this is. Really.

  4. Mr. Poop

    isnt this blog about celebrities? not ugly, gaseous girls with disappointing breasts?

  5. Annie

    Can we have ONE young woman with shame and dignity and class
    in Hollywood? One. Just one.

    You sit here and realize why Winona Ryder never got her career back, never got a real deserving second chance when all these other imbeciles are drunk and high all over the place, making sex tapes, leaking naked pictures on the internet, cheating with married men, stealing shit, getting DUIs, and everyone gives them more roles and praise for being ~themselves. Like, kristen stewart is being praised for attending a fucking red carpet after her idiocy became public knowledge.

    Mehhh this is depressing.

    • Trek Girl

      There are several young women with shame, dignity, and class in Hollywood; you don’t hear about them because, well, they have shame, dignity, and class. They don’t make fools of themselves – not in public, at least – and, therefore, don’t make the blogs much, and whatever is written about them when they do make the blogs is easily ignored.

    • Cher X

      But then there would be no Superficial.

  6. Romi

    bitches in hollywood these days are creepy as fuck. no wonder everyone pirates everything now. who would pay to see any of the gross freaks on this site in anything?

    this excludes rough porn/snuff, obviously.

    • Trek Girl

      B’s in Hollywood have always been creepy. Not all of them obviously, but some of the most famous actresses of Old Hollywood, and some not so famous actresses, had major issues.

      • Romi

        i’m sure celebrities have always been a little degenerate, but it seems like its getting ridiculous. and the women are getting uglier. and now their tits, crotch shots and, worst of all, OPINIONS, aren’t confined to a handful of softcore porn mags….that shit’s plastered all over the place.

      • Trek Girl

        It’s getting ridiculous because we’re able to see so much more of it. There was also a control that studios had over actors and actresses that they don’t have now because they gave up/ were forced to give up those practices or it was made difficult by the media.
        As far as the actresses getting uglier; you have to remember that photographers and studios have always had ways of making their stars look very attractive – especially the women. If we used the techniques and cameras that were used on the women of old Hollywood on todays women, they would look basically the same, but with different styles. Better cameras equals harsher looking people – remember that.

      • Supposedly, back in the ’40s, before she married Reagan, Nancy Davis had a reputation for giving the best blow jobs in Hollywood. Of course, no one reported it at the time, and it’s pretty much been buried in Hollywood lore.

      • Trek Girl

        I haven’t heard that story, but based on what I know of old Hollywood, and not so old Hollywood, those actors and actresses were just as freaky, wild, and Sordid as the ones we gawk at now. I guess these stories are like cockroaches or rats; you may only see two or three, but there are always more in the shadows and nooks and crannies.

  7. Anonymous

    Bitch just needs to own it like she meant it. You don’t see Jon Hamm tweeting excuses about how drunk he was when he was walking down NYC streets with his dick in the wind.

  8. VV

    It would have been much funnier if Allison Pill was drunk and kept saying ‘he can’t see without his glasses’ to Anna Chlumsky.

  9. JL

    She really isn’t pretty and I’m not that picky. Eyes are too close together.

  10. beatriz

    Color me yellow.

  11. Alison Pill Nude Photo Drunk The Newsroom Premiere
    Frank Burns
    Commented on this photo:

    “Allison Pill here for Keystone Light beer – ‘always smooth, even when you fart.’ Uhm, I meant ‘even when you’re not’. Damn, anyone got a match?”

  12. Alison Pill Nude Photo Drunk The Newsroom Premiere
    Commented on this photo:

    That is one big watermelon. If you’re into huge heads and eyes that nearly touch, she’s perfect.

  13. Chimpout2012

    Uncontrollable gas? Makes me reconsider the “sit on my face” offer I extend to most women. Not OMIT…just reconsider.

  14. DeucePickle

    This chick’s sex appeal has hit it’s high and low all in about 6 hours.
    The high isn’t that high, but the low is pretty low.

  15. Cock Dr

    I’m not about to dis this young women. She just showed the whole wide world her breasts, those breasts appeared to me to be very nice; I wish her all the luck in the world swimming in the dangerous waters of the entertainment industry.

  16. Alison Pill Nude Photo Drunk The Newsroom Premiere
    Commented on this photo:

    I don’t give a fuck. She’s pretty and talented. So she gets gassy when she’s drunk? Some people shit their pants, some people become sluts (which is a good thing) and some people run others over with their cars.

    Give the girl a break. And be thankful for the tits. I know I am.

    • KC

      I can tell that you haven’t seen The Newsroom by the fact that you called her talented.

      • Because “Newsroom” is the only thing she’s ever done.

      • KC

        No but she’s completely unwatchable in it. If she were truly talented she’d be able to do SOMETHING with the part. (Just look at the other actors and what they manage to do with the ridiculous dialogue. Well, some of them anyway.)

  17. w/e

    With a face like that, who wouldn’t show off tits?

  18. Alison Pill Nude Photo Drunk The Newsroom Premiere
    Commented on this photo:

    She must love coffee.

  19. Alison Pill Nude Photo Drunk The Newsroom Premiere
    Commented on this photo:

    Who is this unattractive girl/women?

  20. Alison Pill Nude Photo Drunk The Newsroom Premiere
    Commented on this photo:

    that’s one of the ugliest women I’ve seen in quite a while

  21. A woman who gets drunk and talks about farting to the crowd, I’m up for that any day/night of the week. So long as she’s not farting when her legs are wrapped around my waist, no problem here.

  22. Happy_Evil_Dude

    This chick co-starred with Lohan in 2004. Explains it all.

  23. Alison Pill Nude Photo Drunk The Newsroom Premiere
    Commented on this photo:

    Bitch makes a gazillion dollars a year, and her teeth still look like candy know you can get that shit whitened……mmm candy corn…

  24. Alison Pill Nude Photo Drunk The Newsroom Premiere
    Commented on this photo:

    WHAT THE??? This chick is 26 years old(according to Google)?? She looks 40!!

  25. Alison Pill Nude Photo Drunk The Newsroom Premiere
    Commented on this photo:

    God she’s like, monochromatic! She needs brown or reddish hair, stat.

  26. Alison Pill Nude Photo Drunk The Newsroom Premiere
    Commented on this photo:

    I am all for nude tweeting becoming this century’s drunk dialing.

  27. terry

    I wouldn’t let them yellow ass teeth anywhere near my dick.

  28. w/e

    I totally understand now why she had that ‘publicity malfunction’.

  29. Dirty Mike

    Anybody else think of The Queers’ song “I Can’t Stop Farting” when they saw this?

  30. Ben

    Her teeth look gross.

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