Alison Pill Gets So Drunk She Can’t Stop Farting And That’s Why You Saw Her Boobs

So remember yesterday when you saw Alison Pill’s naked breasts because she doesn’t know how Twitter works? Turns out there’s a hilarious story behind that involving drunk-farting all over Fashion Week with the chick from My Girl, so gather up the kids, there’s something here for everybody. “Even grandpa?” Ha, no, not for grandpa. Also, he died last year, so stop pretending he’s alive. Shit’s creepy. Page Six reports:

Spies saw the HBO actress “stumbling all over the place” at a West Village party for designer Chris Benz on Monday. “She was yelling and telling everyone she was ‘farting’ every time she moved,” a spy added. As Pill publicly gushed about gas, her pal Anna Chlumsky of HBO’s “Veep” calmly lit, then extinguished, a cigarette she had stashed in her handbag for intermittent use. “Anna was like, ‘Oh, she’s fine,’” the source said.

Keep in mind, Anna Chlumsky also said, “Oh, he’s fine,” when Macaulay Culkin got stung by all those bees, but I guess high fashion New York can’t put dead kids in their saffron capri chinos, so who gives a shit, amirite? I have no fucking clue what I just said.

Photos: Getty