Alison Pill Accidentally Tweeted A Topless Pic Because She’s So Totally Like Maggie, You Guys

September 12th, 2012 // 76 Comments
'I Can't Stop Farting!'
Alison Pill Nude Photo Drunk The Newsroom Premiere
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The Newsroom has been one of my guilty pleasures this year even though it manages to be so overly schmaltzy and liberal that even I want to vomit into my NPR tote. So imagine my surprise to see Alison Pill tweet a topless photo of herself to everyone on Twitter which seemed like a really nice thing to do for fans of the show and to make up for all those times she got back with Don. Fuck Don. Except it turns out Alison didn’t mean to do that, but still managed to be pretty awesome about the whole thing and hasn’t even sued anyone yet:

Even better, Alison clearly mistook the Internet for her boyfriend Jay Baruchel and it doesn’t even look like him. Whereas I, on the other hand, am a skinny, nerdish looking fellow with spiky black hair just like Jay, so I’m confident I can just show up at her house and start having sex with her for at least a good year. And if you’re wondering, “But faceless, anonymous man who’s probably sexier than he lets on, won’t she get pregnant?” don’t worry. Once she realizes I’m not Jay, magical baby-stopping secretions will be released and it’ll be like the whole thing never even happened. I’ve got science on my side.

Link To NSFW Version

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  1. EricLr

    Oopsie, I didn’t mean to tweet that pic and thus promote myself and my TV show–which is up for renewal, BTW. I’m such a klutz!

    • Sandoucheky

      The show’s already been renewed. Publicity conspiracy theorists are hilarious

    • As Sandoucheky noted, Alison Pill doesn’t have to pimp The Newsroom. I’ve been watching her since I saw her in Pieces of April, and unlike a lot of brainless starlets and coke whores who shall remain nameless *cough* Blohan *cough*, she has a really solid body of work – and apparently a good sense of humor as well.

      In addition to, as I always suspected, very nice tits.

      • In Eric’s defense, show or no show, I didn’t know who she was until this titty pic arrived into my world. And since now I am her biggest fan ever, it is an “oops” moment that suspiciously works in her favor (and mine).

      • TheListener

        Exactly. I don’t buy that this was an accident for a second.

      • “In Eric’s defense.” Bull fucking shit. EricLr routinely shoots his mouth off without knowing shit about shit—”Daniel Radcliffe doesn’t have a career now even though it’s only barely been a year since the last Harry Potter movie! And his headlining a Broadway musical in that year doesn’t count because only TV and movies matter!”—so it serves him right when he gets caught pulling pure crap out of his ass.

      • Emma Watson's Vagina

        oh Daniel Radclife has a career it is a shit one but it there. He did The Woman in black (2012). and he has got at least two movies in producion or 2013 and at least one voce over for 2014.and in some cases he will be better off doing threater. at least financially

      • Step of the ledge dude this is all meaningless shit. Take a deep breath and look at the titty picture.

      • Joaquin ingles

        She looks like Amanda Bynes after a double mastectomy.

      • And a brain and talent implant.

  2. Frank Rizzo

    Your move, Jeff Daniels.

  3. Anthony

    Looks like Miss Piggy as a librarian

  4. Dan Quayle

    Chipmonk candy effervescent nasal cavity

  5. ThisWillHurt

    Those are some strange, star-shaped nipples

  6. kimmykimkim

    If a delete really turned into a tweet, then you are on way too many drugs. Or you’re just a liar.

  7. Oh Fish, I remember a time when you had a picture on you page, and you would then have a note that said, “NSFW version after jump”. Then you would go there, click on the picture again and there was the same picture with those cute little Tata’s smiling, saying hi or a little bush, some ass without a stripe down it. Something we could all enjoy and share, something that made us a comunity of teat loving, ass enjoying, bush gaping pervs.

    Oh Fish, how far you have fallen. You’re now positively PC.

  8. Aristotle M. Jones

    I wish it had been Kelen Coleman (who plays Lisa on The Newsroom) who accdentally tweeted her tits to the internet.

  9. cc

    Jay Baruchel?!!! That ferret? He gets to play with those perky boobs? Argh.

  10. anonymous


  11. The problem with leaked titty photos is that I am a devoted ass man. It’s like gay dudes that get to work with naked supermodels. That came out wrong. I shouldn’t have said “came out.” Bye.

  12. Alison Pill
    Commented on this photo:


  13. tlmck

    Sorry Alison. Still don’t know who you are and don’t care. Nice try though.

  14. poopy

    Is she freckles from Scott Pilgrim?

  15. You know what would be cool? If they did something like this on The Newsroom, where someone means to send a potentially compromising pic or an email to just one person, but she screws up and sends it to everyone…oh.

  16. Annie

    That is one bad photo. And how do you accidentally tweet a picture? Because on iPhone the Twitter option is between Set as Wallpaper and Print. Not between, say, Send e-mail or Text. Say you hit Twitter by accident then… It takes you to Twitter where you preview the picture and have to confirm by hitting Send. How do you manage to tweet it by accident?

    Somebody just needs to create some buzz for herself. At least take good pictures like Renee Olstead. You’re welcome boys.

  17. Emma Watson's Vagina

    not that hot. i jerked off to another tv actress Alicia Silverstone on ABC’s Suburgatory while she hadon a fake(?) pregnant belly. that is o hot i think ths actress is

  18. Yoda Mann

    Well, I’m pretty sure I don’t know what an Allison Pill is, but I’m pretty sure her last name is a clue.

  19. Skeeter

    She’s cute. I’d certainly do her. I would probably eat her vag and lick her butthole too.

  20. (Visible)

    I bet she’s a moaner and not a squealer

  21. Alison Pill
    Commented on this photo:

    Hello Alison. It’s been a long time. I’ve been watching you since “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen”. So very good to see you again.

  22. judgingyou

    I can’t get over her face and now she’s associated with his voice…… it’s not something I’ll ever be able to overcome.

  23. Anonymous

    She has some cute titties. I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t let her shit on me and use my tongue as toilet paper. She’s pretty hot.. even with those dumb glasses on.
    I’d put a baby in her, that’s for sure.

  24. That is one Pill that wouldn’t be hard to swallow!

  25. Alison Pill
    Commented on this photo:

    Blah looking moon face.

    • Shelly

      I sure your face is so much prettier. Get a life bitch.

      • lily

        lol, mad much? you get a life and get over youself for being so angry at someone’s opinion. i find this woman hideous too…round face, eyes too close together…its just all wrong.

  26. Dan

    She’s already gone topless on film anyways:

  27. Anonymous

    Never knew her until right now but introducing yourself by showing your tits is the best way to do it.

    She’s cute.

  28. B&WMinstrel

    I don’t often get banned for what I write but when I do I like to be banned by a liberal.
    Skinny, nerdish looking ones with spiky black hair, especially.

  29. w/e

    Replace “Accidentally” with “Deliberately” and it would be believable.

  30. Liv

    dude she looks like she’s about 13 years old, the pic is skeeving me out!

  31. lily

    Hahahaha what a dumb bitch. who does she think shes kidding with that explanation. ive watched that show once (Its TERRIBLE) and she is one fugly woman…with no tits. but away your mosquito bites you trashy skank

  32. Rod Johnson

    Why would she need glasses while topless

  33. Alison Pill
    Commented on this photo:

    You have turned into such a pussy fish dude. Where is the nude pic without the stars? You are a corporate sell out!!!

    • It’s less to do with being a sellout and more to do with not wanting to get sued. He still provides links, so you have to go to an external site…how difficult that must be for you.

      • And, in point of fact (now that I’ve worked me way to the original article), he did host the uncensored pic this time (probably because Pill appears to be pretty zen about the whole issue). So not only are you lazy, but you’re a goddamned idiot.

  34. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    Some women should never take their make up off.

  35. it had to be said

    I like bewbs, but that face is tuff.

  36. Josh

    She looks like a mongoloid.

  37. Darling

    If I cover her face with my hand, this pic could totally pass for an 8 year old boy…

  38. Crissy

    I totally believe it was an accident, cause I dont know many women that would be proud of showing a pic of their pancake tits!

  39. seriouslynow

    No need to apologize, Alison. I enjoyed looking at your boobs.

  40. Colin

    This is what Julia Stiles looked like as a fetus.

  41. Burt

    Accidentally? I would like to see her try to explain how that happened.

  42. Brian

    Thkinnig like that shows an expert at work

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