Alison Pill Accidentally Tweeted A Topless Pic Because She’s So Totally Like Maggie, You Guys

The Newsroom has been one of my guilty pleasures this year even though it manages to be so overly schmaltzy and liberal that even I want to vomit into my NPR tote. So imagine my surprise to see Alison Pill tweet a topless photo of herself to everyone on Twitter which seemed like a really nice thing to do for fans of the show and to make up for all those times she got back with Don. Fuck Don. Except it turns out Alison didn’t mean to do that, but still managed to be pretty awesome about the whole thing and hasn’t even sued anyone yet:

Even better, Alison clearly mistook the Internet for her boyfriend Jay Baruchel and it doesn’t even look like him. Whereas I, on the other hand, am a skinny, nerdish looking fellow with spiky black hair just like Jay, so I’m confident I can just show up at her house and start having sex with her for at least a good year. And if you’re wondering, “But faceless, anonymous man who’s probably sexier than he lets on, won’t she get pregnant?” don’t worry. Once she realizes I’m not Jay, magical baby-stopping secretions will be released and it’ll be like the whole thing never even happened. I’ve got science on my side.

Link To NSFW Version

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