1. HackSaw

    Yes please, may I have another.

  2. bonnieux

    she’s holding a hairbrush… i guess she was brushing her hair, which of course led to this…

  3. NL

    Those photoshopped-on shoes really bug me. Allison’s toes are totally poking out at the bottom of one shoe in the right corner… I know I shouldn’t have been paying attention to it but I just couldn’t help it, I’m a girl.

  4. Beefarino

    Four tons of funbags

  5. Porkpie

    Oh yeah, Alison is begging for some penis, and then a ball gag to be stuffed in that mouth.

  6. guy rossi

    Allison Looks like my blow up doll. uh..I mean my blow up doll

  7. guy rossi

    Allison Looks like my girlfriend. Oh I’m sorry,I mean my blow up doll.

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