Alina Baikova Proves Models Are in Fact Waterproof

I hear it’s snowing all over the place today. Not just in places where snow is normal, like Saskatoon, but in Florida and shit. You can call it global warming, or you can just say that God is mad at Floridians for doing too much jenkem and keeping Floribama Shore on the air. I’m not going to get political today though, especially on a post where the main purpose is to show off Ukranian model Alina Baikova’s freakishly tiny bikini folded napkin place setting from the Luby’s cafeteria where she had lunch.

As hell literally freezes over, there’s this huge convention of butts congregating in Miami right now for Art Basel. I guess it’s like Burning Man for people who would rather do cocaine, walk around art galleries, and pretend they’re rich. I always thought Miami was like that year round, so I don’t really get why it’s a big deal.

What was I talking about? Oh, yea, models. There are lots of models in Miami for this Basel party thing. Way more than usual. And they need coke. Way more than usual.

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