Alicia Silverstone snubs Elisabeth Hasselbeck

May 24th, 2007 // 415 Comments

Watch the top video. Watch the bottom video. Laugh. Or if you don’t think you can handle the screeching just skip straight to the bottom video.


  1. troller

    That’s what I’d have done.

  2. Manistoned

    Alicia you cud-chewing bitch.

  3. Guy

    This was funnier on Celebslam yesterday morning:

  4. Elizabeth is a self-righteous, pompous little bitch who’s getting all proud of herself because she has been chosen as the ‘Girl Sean Hannity Would Most Like to Break Marriage Vows With If He Were a Sinning Liberal’.

  5. iPoop


  6. Joyce

    Sorry, could someone fill me in? Who the hell is this Elizabeth and how come Alicia snubbed her? (seemed like a good choice, I’ve only known her for the 10mins of watching the top clip and that was enough for me to hate her)

  7. Melster

    it doesn’t matter if you agree with Elizbeth or not. Rosie is a cow that puts her Opinion out there but no one else is allowed an opinion of their own. She is no better than Hannity or O’reily she does the exact same thing. Good for liz to not take it. Alicia just prooved a very large bitchiness there. I didn’t like her anyway

  8. Oh my…..that is a snub.

  9. mitch

    I’d fuck Liz. Did ya see those tits? YUM!

  10. lisa

    i love rosie! fierce bitch! my god… how i love her.

  11. Nics

    I agree with #7

  12. lucy

    Alicia is a stupid bitch, no wonder why her fame is gone!

  13. Rutty

    I don’t agree with Elizabeths politics, but I admire her standing for her beliefs against that pig Rosie who attacks her on a regular basis…

    and to put things in perspective… Rosie believes the conspiracy theory’s that the Government blew up the WTC.

    fucking moron.

  14. Rosie is such a donut bumping, safe opinon jumping COW! I hate these liberal freaks! There such broken records…

  15. SlyGemini

    Yes Rosie is annoying at times but Elisabeth is even more annoying! She acts like this self righteous, goody good that speaks nothing but the truth. Please…I hope Rosie eats her.

  16. DahliaRose

    Alicia has the biggest ass that I have ever seen in my entire life. What a porker !!!

  17. susu

    Elisabeth is retarded, slightly cross eyed and has the most annoying voice ever. Oh yeah, she’s also a stupid crazy bitch!!!

  18. sinningliberal

    lolololol this actually made me like rosie more, though i can’t believe i sat here and watched the whole video. elisabeth hasselbeck needs to be drawn and quartered. dumb broad. what an idiot!

  19. Brad

    I didn’t know she was still alive, I thought she died years ago.

  20. Freck

    I’m just stoked to find out that Alicia Silverstone is still famous!

    I didn’t think she had done anything with her life since being in that BRILLIANT movie where she pretended to kidnap herself or something. I have no idea what that movie was about since I didn’t see it, but it took home an Oscar. That much I can guarentee.

  21. Mr Pink

    That was a bitch move. She’s Alicia Silverstone, nobody gives a fuck if she disagrees with Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s politics. What a bitch!! Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a dumbass tho, but oh so hot.

  22. sinningliberal

    ps, who’s that black girl…?

  23. Robz

    Rosie is a pile of sewage! The only way she can discuss is to scream so nobody else can be heard. She cannot argue or discuss that is why she loudly trying to dominate and bully, since its on TV everyone can see the fat sick bitch make a fool of the TV network and herself. How can CBS let Rosie get away with calling the us troops terrorists? Mindbogglin. I felt sick after this collision of cultures.

  24. These videos made me nuts. Rosie is just plain awful, she’s just a really mean person in general. Elisabeth gave her a chance to clarify a comment she made earlier that upset many people, and Rosie turns it around on “Poor Little Elisabeth” and starts bringing up all these personal issues in a strictly political argument. I don’t see how anyone can actually take Rosie’s side on this, whether they are liberal or conservative – Rosie is an ignorant swine who interrupted Elisabeth every single second of that debate and wouldn’t even give her a chance to talk.

  25. Tiff

    this isn’t about your political views it’s about self respect and respect for others. rosie is a closed minded woman who changes everyones words around in order to make them look like crazy homophobes. a mature person can disagree with others opinions but still respect the fact that they have an opinion. rosie is this multi-milionaire that thinks everyones out to get her. she then draws attention to her self and then people do criticize her.

  26. veggiehead

    Can I kill both of them (Elisabeth and Rosie)? The only thing I like about Rosie is that she doesn’t sound like a whiney little child. It’s one thing to disagree with someone’s point of view, but to whine like you’re a six year old who isn’t allowed to have a cookie before dinner? Put a cork in it!

  27. iamsosmart

    Fucking AWESOME. This is due to the fight Rosie and Elisabeth had over the war which happened right before Alicia came out and Alicia is a very well know liberally minded person.
    Elisabeth Hasselbeck is the stupidest, closed minded bitches on television and that’s saying a lot. Knowing that she represents a portion of our future is frightening to me. People actually think along the lines of this moron. Even Donald Trump sided with Rosie saying that “On this one I think Rosie should win,” he told Extra. “I think anybody that’s against the war in Iraq is the winner of the fight, because to justify the war in Iraq – only an imbecile could do that.”

    Hasselbeck once said on the View that she is totally pro the war in Iraq but she understands why mothers who lost their children in the war are against it and then admitted if she lost a child in Iraq she would be against the war too.

    Just take a second to mull that concept over. She is one of the most selfish idiots on the planet. In that one statement she summed up exactly what is wrong with the world; people simply do not give a shit until it “happens to me”. She has no concept of empathy. In this life you can’t possibly experience every single type of situation needed to make you open-minded and empathetic which is why we have morals and compassion, so that we can’t put ourselves in other people’s shoes and form opinions and based on the greater good. When you hear that a mother has lost a child you take a fricking second to put yourself in their shoes, you have the decency and the humanity to truly think about what you believe and how it will affect others not just how it will affect you and your own precious inner circle.

    She is a BITCH and she just got served… what I hope is only the appetizer of Karma feast. Eat up bitch!

    The main course; UNEMPLOYMENT. Mmmmmm taste like crow.

  28. fucking_classy

    Would´ve done the same.

    Stupid whiny ho!!

  29. iamsosmart

    *closed minded bitches
    *form opinions based on the greater good
    *of her karma feast

    I hate typos almost as much as stupid celebrities.
    Okay that was unfair to typos.

  30. simply unique

    why would anyone side with rosie… no matter the opinions of the other person…

    i would side with someone who ate babies daily over anything rosie said.

  31. iamsosmart

    Oh sorry I didn’t clarify. I hate every single regular host bitch on the View.

    When Danny Devito appeared drunk on it my only reaction was;

    Fuck ya, anyone would want to be armed with super thick beer goggles if they had to face those fucking beastly hiseous hags.

    These bitches are an insult to women everywhere.

  32. Eww

    Rosie is outspoken, opinionated and conceited. That said, she speaks, in a very brash way, what a lot of people are thinking. Over 70% of this country knows that the war is wrong. The other >30% are spouting rhetoric and havent even given the slightest thought to what is really going on.
    If Rosie were tall, blond and cute her words wouldnt be twisted every time she opened her mouth. She held up against EH with dignity and grace, at least for Rosie. She did NOT say the US troops were terrorists. She said that to the Iraqi general population, the US must look like terrorist. Iraq did NOT attack the US. A group that lives in the country did. (The US has groups living here too, they are handled internally, not by other countries attacking the entire country) Their country is bombed, their homes are searched by men with large guns. Can you imagine what they must be thinking? She spoke the truth, she just wasnt cute while she did it.

  33. Rm

    My favorite is how the obnoxious lady i nthe yellow complains that Bush should, in part, be thrown out of office for his inability to pronounce “nuclear” — and herself, mispronounces “nuclear.”

    It’s “NEW-kle-are” not “New-kle-AHH.”

  34. sam

    oh, shut up #33. there’s a difference between being an idiot and having a new jersey accent.

  35. RM

    34. — Why is it ok for Yellow Lady to have a NJ accent, but it’s not ok for Bush to have a Texas accent? Seems like a double standard to me.

    If she can sound like Jersey Trash, Bush can sound like a Texas hick.

    My point is, a person has to be be borderline retarded if picking on his accent is the best they can come up with for a “top reason Bush should be kicked out of office” list. That person has to be more retarded when they themselves also have an outrageous accent.

  36. Buttinsky

    I don’t support the war, at all. I never voted for Bush. I hate that warmongering motherfucker.HOWEVER. No one was actually listening to what Elisabeth was saying. She was trying to say was that if we give a deadline for pulling troops out of Iraq, we are giving Al-Qaeda, etc, a free invitation to undo any good we’ve managed to do, not to mention endangering the lives of any soliders who must remain there (and there will be some, let’s not be naive) after the pullout date. THAT’S what she was trying to say and it’s a good, valid point. Too bad she’s not a very good speaker and most people at home are too busy staring at her boobs (and that bizarre dress she had on…what the hell was up with that?) to pay any attention to that. I thought that Rosie was getting awfully personal and that her feelings had been hurt the other day. I consider myself a liberal-leaning independent (with a streak of libertarian) but liberals like Rosie: too emotional, too strident, too paranoid (the gov’t was in on 9/11? Give me a fucking break) embarrass me. C’mon Rosie…quit getting personal and listen to what she has to say and stop talking over her! But that’s all the women on that show do anyway, which is why I don’t watch it. I hate that kind of argumentative, talk-over-the-other-guy shit. I find it unproductive and unpleasant to witness. And as for Alicia Silverstone, she’s just another washed-up Hollyweird twit. Who gives a rat’s ass what she thinks?

  37. RP

    Bowling For Soup’s song was right, “High School Never Ends”!

  38. pete

    None of them seem to actually have any understanding of the issues. They were all as bad as each other. The only one who came off well was Sherri Shepherd, who at least recognised she didn’t have a clue and kept her mouth shut for the most part.

    Rosie O’Donnell and Joy Behar are everything that makes liberals look bad, like someone already said they are literally like Hannity’s liberal counterparts, just shouting over everyone, ramming their views down our throats. Occasionally O’Donnell made important points, but she came across so arrogant. And Elisabeth is just such a fucking christian republican up herself bitch, that I couldn’t care less what she says. What the fuck do these rich celebrity bitches know or understand about politics anyway?

    If I want to listen to these people I want to hear them talk about Hollywood gossip and parties and unimportant stuff. If I want political debate I want panelists who are politicians or academics or anyone who has some kind of intelligent, informed contribution to make. Fox news is probably more intelligent than this shit.

  39. sam

    um, i’m from texas. AND I CAN PRONOUNCE NUCLEAR. and he’s the president and went to yale. someone, somewhere along the way should have told him how to pronounce “big” words, don’t ya think?. and SHE WAS MAKING A JOKE, besides. did you not hear the other reasons she gave? the real ones? i sincerely doubt that was her “best reason” for why he shouldn’t be in office.
    plus bush ISN’T EVEN A REAL TEXAN, thanks. he’s from Connecticut or something. so, there ya go. he REALLY doesn’t have an excuse for sounding like a “texas hick,” now does he?
    plus stereotyping texans as hicks makes YOU seem like the ignorant, retarded one..

  40. Inky

    Repugs seriously need to get someone better than Elisabeth to represent them. Apparently she believes life begins at conception, a fertilized egg is equal to a human being. Next she’ll be saying sperm shouldn’t be anywhere but in a woman and women had better be pregnant constantly and never menstruate, because oh no, we don’t want to kill the poor sentient little gametes!

  41. sam

    ps that comment was for #35.

  42. RM

    38. You know what’s really sad? In a TIME magazine article, Rudy was declared the winner of the second rep. debate, and Romney winner of the first. Why? Was it due to thoughtful, thorough, and well articulated answers? Was it because one clearly understood the issues better than the rest?

    Of course not. “… Romney won the first debate because he was smooth… Giuliani won the second becausehe seemed forceful.”

    This isn’t even day-time trash like “The View.” It’s friggen Joe Klein of TIME magazine. No wonder we get the kind of candidates we get.

    These days, it’s all about presentation, and we’re living with the consequences.

  43. Pikachelsea

    I couldn’t even watch that first whole video. Gawd, they are all so annoying. They can all die in a fire as far as I’m concerned. And I don’t give a crap about Alicia Silverstone, what she thinks or who she “snubs”.

  44. h

    WHO THE HELL CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????

  45. shane wheeler

    wow………even if you totally disagree with an individuals view show some class. I won’t even get into the political aspect as everyone is so polarized there is no point in debate. Leave it to say in my opinion E.H. finally stood up to Rosie and Rosie actually looked like the schoolyard bully who one day found the kids wouldn’t hand over the lunch money so easily.

  46. jill

    she didn’t care. impeach bush! :)

  47. rm

    39. You seem so upset that you’re having a hard time understanding my point.

    1) Just as you, a Texan, can pronounce nuclear, I’m sure others from New Jersey can also pronounce nuclear, unlike Yellow lady. I was pointing out her hypocrisy. Also, jsut as someone should have pointed out to our Yale grad President how to pronounce the word, maybe someone should have also pointed out to Yellow lady before she goes on TV and makes a fool of herself by committed the same mistake she is mocking others for committing.

    2) I did hear her other reasons; since they weren’t jokes, they seemed to imply that her final reason, the accent, was also not a joke. Hence, she just sounded petty. In any case, if it was a joke, it wasn’t funny except that it was ironic that she was also unable to pronounce the word.

    3) As for Bush not being a REAL Texan, that argument misses the forest for the trees. I don’t care if he’s from Texas, Mars, or New Jersey. The point was, I’m sitting here watching a woman call out someone on their inability to pronounce a word that she cannot pronounce either.

    4) Saying Bush sounds like a Texas Hick is not stereotyping all Texans as Hicks. It is only a statement about Bush, it is not a statement about any other individual Texan, or Texans in general.

  48. lady-croft

    fuck u elisabeth hasselbeck!!! if i’ll ever see ur republican face in the street im gonna fuckn lynch u!

  49. DanO

    #48 is a post that succinctly sums up both the mentality and the civility of the looney left(led by delusional Rosie herself).
    no comment on their political positions could possibly be as damning as that comment.
    read it again.
    thats the left.

  50. grafxguru

    My ears just stopped bleeding.

    Buddha help us if these type of annoying women actually made it into politics. Nothing would get accomplished.

    Why are moderate women the only ones I know that don’t come off as crazy, whiny bitches.
    The far left and far right are both clueless and have NO self-respect or repsetc for otheres or the ability to critically think or debate in a civil, adult-like manner.

    Amy Alkon on the View would be
    awesome and kick everyone’s ass!!!

    Check her at advicegoddess-dot-com

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