Alicia Silverstone gets naked for PETA

September 20th, 2007 // 92 Comments

Alicia Silverstone got completely naked (and completely Photoshopped) for the latest ad from PETA. And I’m not sure how being naked and being a vegetarian are related, but it somehow just makes sense. In fact, all future ad campaigns should follow this example. Advertising a used car dealership? Naked woman. Canned soup? Naked woman. The brilliance of this idea is that it works for everything. I mean, really, what better way to advertise a new toaster oven than with a naked woman? By showing the actual toaster? Ha! I laugh at your ideas. Laugh I say!

Click the above image for the full sized version.


  1. Liked yr words on this one you superficial writer weirdo, you. what the freakin heck. what a life. you must be really ugly.
    most of yr humor is pretty fargin rapier like, like ya know …funny. i laugh. out loud sometimes. other times its like life ya know..somedays are really spicey and whatnot. others are not. oh well. i look every day anyways.
    in this instance, the image is horrifying cuz it rings true of a Bill Hick’s prediction for the future in advertising. he did this whole “snickers” routine in the 90′s…anyone remember? is’s here.

  2. lambman

    The ad campiagn is idiotic enough when they use the slogan “I’d rather go naked than wear fur”

    but when they leave it out it just makes no sense at all.

  3. shanipie

    Yeah, Alicial Silverstoned is who I would pick to be the sex symbol for PETA, oh yeah… NOT

    She’s never been sexy, just goofy and doped up

  4. joe

    #40 & #36

    It was just a joke relax. You guys don’t think the picture is funny? Lighten up.

  5. HankTheDwarf




  6. Gadeval

    Im beleive in animal rights alot, but unlike Peta, I do not believe in harassing individuals on their personal choices. Why don’t they do something more productive like attack the industry -_-? Then they might have slighter chance of getting somewhere then trying to convice people who are product of that industry.(Sorry run-on sentence >.<)

    I also like my meat, I do not think its cruel in anyway. Why can some PETA people not accept that! Onto the ad, I guess they finally figured that sex sells and to use it to sell there ideas. This makes me wonder if they are any different then the people they preach against.

  7. The actresses who pose nude for PETA need to make a full commitment – obviously they should be photographed in a doggiestyle pose.

  8. StillBourne Identity

    I don’t know about any of you guys but this ad makes me want to kill stupid people and either eat them or wear them around my neck.

  9. miggs

    What’s missing is a little pile of dogshit next to her, with a red arrow pointing to it and the words “My Acting Career”.

  10. True Believer

    Alicia, you have converted me! Vegan forever! As soon as I finish burying these kittens up to their necks in my backyard and then firing up the lawnmower…

  11. z

    That has got to be the most fake/photoshopped naked girl I have ever seen. I mean, it’s so fake/photoshopped it’s a tad ridiculous

  12. havoc

    Christ, she’s fat.

    Like Britney…..


  13. @ #55

    haha.. you know bleeding time is sexy… in fact its my bleeding time right now.. come on baby… come get some ;)

  14. Gadeval

    My goodness, just let people be fat, skinny, vegetarian, meat lover, slut, virgin, etc in peace…. I mean why is it so black and white? Why cant we just accept it all >.

  15. Gadeval

    @35 I love that website. I sometimes makes fun of people like me and I still laugh. Maybe some people need to grow a funny bone if they cannot laugh at themselves as well.

  16. whatever

    #64 – I agree. I think Silverstone should let me fuck her doggy style while I eat a club sandwich. I can lay the sandwich on her back between bites, all the while riding her hard.

    If she’s offended by the thought of me fucking her pussy while eating dead animals and setting my dead animal sandwich on her back right before I cum inside her, it’s her problem. We can’t we all just get along?

  17. Koko

    Good grief, badly PSed too. I can see the artifacts clearly…

  18. whatever

    #43 – what about the animals? Don’t you think they annoy us? I wouldn’t need to spray Raid on the ants if they would leave my fucking club sandwich alone, now would I? Ugly little crawling bitches deserve to die if they’re going to try and steal my food! Why don’t they get a job and earn their own food?!

    And why should I give a shit if driving a car kills some polar bear by melting his home? Am I supposed to walk? Fuck that shit. That’s just surrendering to the polar bear and letting him win and annoy me with all his little “wants” and “needs”. Fuck him. My species didn’t crawl to the top of the food and technology chain so that I could walk. What’s the point of being the dominant species if you can’t kill and eat the other species for your convenience??? Huh? WHAT?

    Survival of the fittest baby. If the polar bear were better than me, he would threaten to nuke me for driving my car. But he doesn’t have nukes, does he? He sat on his ass being lazy while my species split the atom. Now it’s boo-hoo I’m a weak species and humans annoy me. Well FUCK HIM. I say nuke the north pole and kills his dumb ass right now.

    Tell you what. Because I’m a really nice guy, I’ll split the difference. I won’t drown the ants in Raid. In fact, I’ll give them my sandwich. But I’m going to get a double patty burger. And I’m driving there.

    And there ain’t a thing any animal lover can do about it.

    Well, Silverstone could do something about it. She could offer to let me fuck her brains out for a few hours. But that would only delay the inevitable hamburger. And drive.

  19. Squirrel grapenut cowgirl

    EAt organic!

  20. Big Mama

    She was a real piggy when she was recently on “The View.” I thought vegans were thin. Without all this airbrushing she is still a little piggy.

    And, what is it with the AstroTurf lawn. Did she eat the real lawn, and they had to replace it. This girl is just too weird. Come ‘ere little piggy……..

  21. Big Mama

    Why do all Vegans wear leather shoes, handbags, and jackets?

  22. Big Mama

    #68 – whatever -

    Didn’t anyone tell you that Polar Bears are going to save the world.

    Polar Bears are our Friends.

    Without them we are all doomed!!!!

  23. HankTheDwarf





    - PHILLIPINES 3:69

  24. s0fa

    I have nothing against vegetarians or vegans, but I do not like Peta.

  25. Big Dumb Oaf

    Who cares?

    PETA- No! I

    OK- what do PETA people do that all the “other” social directors of life do?

    They insult your inteligence for a sympathetic passion to be like them.

    Pretty much a very stringent asshole with no idea of how high you can stick your head uP- but hey- if it has to do with freeing puppies…


  26. Salmons'wife

    who?who cares
    yaWN~ I’m a vegetarian and i don’t need to go naked

  27. yeah..getting naked and vegetarian…????wat’s the relation.stupid!

  28. sandanista

    That shoop must have taken a team of thousands a hundred years. Last time I checked Silverstone was the type of chick you have to roll in flour and look for the wet spot

  29. I’d like to say I’d give her the bone, but she doesn’t like things from animals, so I guess I have to slip her the cucumber.

  30. kl

    Yeah,that advert put me right in the mood for a nice big juicy beef steak! Yum. Alicia can go eat goat food, I eat meat!

  31. skwirrel

    Oh wow…a total has-been actress that nobody cares about anymore is using peta as a vehicle for her starving ego. Super.

  32. Obi Strip Kenobi

    Please Engage The Airbrush

  33. P.T.Bull

    She was fun as evil jailbait in The Crush, but now, she’s just another airhead blonde with a little baby fat and tiny tits. Has she worked at all in the last 10 years?

    Her photoshop partial nudity bores me–I see this as a desperate attempt to get some media, but it looks like your typical hollywood conspicuous compassion and trend-following to me. What’s next for her? Shopping center openings?

    But, yeah, I’d hit it–desperation turns me on. ;)

  34. Supafly

    Don’t look into its eyes…..

  35. Blue Oyster Cult

    This phot could have used more cowbell!!!

  36. Kristina!

    Well, being a vegetarian and being naked has nothing in common, but id your a vegetarian you obviously don’t wear fur, and what their advertising is the campaign “I’d rather go naked then wear fur!”

  37. I’m guessing Alicia wants back in the spotlight huh?

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  38. MANDEE


  39. Rozossko Jones

    She’s looking better than ever. Word on the street is that she has occasionally wet her pants, too. The very idea of such cuteness peeing where she isn’t supposed to is … more than a little hot.

    Airbrushed or not, it’s a hott pic. As strange as this might sound to some, it would be no less than ten-times hotter if she were urinating in the picture and if, by her feet, was a pair of her pee-stained panties, or maybe a soaked adult diaper.

    Now, I don’t know if all the stories about her peeing issues are true, but if they are then that makes this a very cool pic. Also cool is that she is not likely to have decaying meat in her refrigerator, which could stink by the time she got home, because even a shoot for an ad like this takes pretty much all day.

  40. Jasper vonNastygas

    “I am Alicia Silverstone… and I couldn’t find my career with a guidance counselor!” Seriously you could rub yourself wih her resume, and it would make you invisibile too.

  41. py bourrier

    alicia is a wonderful girl i love her so much i got all hers movies and above all i love animals !!!!!! i tell her congratulation i t s not easy to stop eating meat l love lyou alicia go on you are a good natured girl in spite of war and money you prefer animals , you know i am french and in france we have also in st tropez brigitte bardot who fights for the rigths of the animals you are tremendous encore bravo alicia silverstone

  42. veggy cycle

    Of Course famous nude actresses are a top web search, but I think that the point is that we’re just animals who can choose, so what do we choose. Do we imagine doing our horny animal thing with mostly rich and famous or mostly young or mostly real people? Do we talk with people we respect? Do we respect people less intelligent or poor or just less lucky? other animals?

    Obviously most of us are going to kill some plants at least, and they may have feelings we can’t understand… Do we acknowledge their service and importance. Do we even thank the people who do our dishes and laundry or clean our toilets or the one at work?

    Are we mindful of all the children and animals killed by cars?
    It’s okay to stop and stare.
    It’s good to stop and think.
    If changing your diet is better for you than trying to stop paying for the insane war, just do the best you can and honor the good others do too. I had to stop driving first and try to think generally later.

    It seems like ceasing to cause harm is the beginning of any progress.
    lets stare and think!

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