Alicia Keys makes pianos sexy

December 5th, 2007 // 109 Comments

Alicia Keys attended the 54th ONDA Awards in Barcelona, Spain. I have no idea what any of that means, but I’m sure it’s a fancy way of saying “watch the hot chick play the piano.” Does anyone think there’s something odd about the crotch of her pants? It’s almost like her vagina is trying to eat her clothes. Can they do that? If so, has NASA perfected the chain-mail condom yet? All they had to do was follow the blueprints I drew in pencil on a wet bar napkin. How hard is that?


  1. DazZlinG

    Ok first of all..this chick is hot..second of all…having meat is just fine…i doubt most of the ppl talkingshit abt her on her look any better so thats done. NOW…as for what REAL means…it has nothing to do with her sexuality..what she does and who she does behind closed doors is her business…living proof are stupid ass wannabe celebs like paris who fuck worldwide and are still fakeass hos….so being real has nothing to do with wrether shes a lesbo or not. besides…since when is being a lesbian a problem??

  2. skytten

    Now her crotch just makes me so damn horny! my penis is trying to punch trough my jeans and into her hot hot pants!


  3. honest

    whatever to #5, she’s one of the most talented musicians/singer/songwriters of our time and it wouldn’t matter what she looked like but me personally I think she’s gorgeous, she is shaped like a real woman, curvy, but I think she went stevie and totally didn’t see when she put on this outfit

  4. She is so fukcing ugly!


  5. loveskeys

    i lovess her

  6. Keys is the true light of a Nu Hip Hop Nation!

  7. Keys is the true light of a Nu Hip Hop Nation!

  8. Keys is the true light of a Nu Hip Hop Nation!

  9. G

    You guys can have your anorexic clothes-hanger women… I’ll take AK every day!

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