Alicia Silverstone’s Going To Be ‘That’ Mom, Walks Around With Son Dangling From Her Boob

March 28th, 2012 // 111 Comments
'Birdie Style' Feeding
Alicia Silverstone
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It was at that moment Bear Blu realized soon his mother would begin regurgitating her breast milk. Calmly he adjusted the handgun in his diaper and waited. Patience, Bear. Patience…

While the Internet learned that Alicia Silverstone fully believes her son is a small eaglet that requires pre-digested food vomited into his mouth, she spent the day walking around with him dangling from her breast because clearly she’s going to be one of those weird bonding moms who does whatever earthy fad she reads about at Whole Foods like rubbing starfishes on you and your child’s faces to transfer emotions or some equally dumb shit. That said, the kid’s practically a gymnast at getting at that thing while being knocked against a woman who’s apparently too busy to sit on a bench for five minutes, so kudos to his future lovers.

GIRL (Or boy. Shit, it’s not the Dark Ages.): Make love to me, Bear.
BEAR: One second. Just need to adjust this pulley.. and here we go!
GIRL/BOY: Ohmygod, this is amazi- Wait, is that your mom?
BEAR: Don’t worry, she’s just chewing a burrito for me. Now fly with Bear!

Photos: Fame/Flynet


  1. In before some asshole starts a breastfeeding debate.

    • V

      I personally find it annoying when hippy mothers have their entire tit out in public and then complain because people stare. I also find it super gross when people breastfeed their kids when they’re still old enough for steak!

    • EricLr

      the next time some hippie starts giving you the “It’s a natural act” routine, just pull your dick out and start pissing in front of them. “Oh, creeped out by *this* natural act?”

      There are plenty of loving natural acts that we humans generally don’t do in public since developing civilization and all that. Don’t breastfeed in front on *me* unless you want me squatting and taking a shit in front of *you*.

      • mrsmass

        Eric, breastfeeding in public is legal. whipping our your small dick and pissing & shitting in public isn’t.

      • mrsmass


      • EricLr

        Oh, well getting some politician to pass a law saying it’s *legal* means that no one should ever be creeped out about it then.

      • mrsmass

        what’s there to get creeped out about?

      • Brooke

        Where I live, peeing in public is actually legal. Unfortunately.

        I hate seeing a woman breast feeding because I have boobs and it makes them hurt just looking at it. And I hate women who breast feed in public when the child is over six months old. Give the kid a fucking bottle!

        I sometimes see little kids grabbing their mom’s boobs in public asking for “binky” and that shit makes me lose my lunch.

        I was never breast fed because I was adopted, so I have trouble getting behind feeding in public. Do it in the bathroom or, at the very least, keep it only to small babies and use a blanket. If you can’t cover it up, keep you and your baby home or se a goddamn bottle.

      • sam

        what does feeding a baby have to do with shitting in public? there are bathrooms for that bc it is UNSANITARY, maybe the answer is then that every public place that has a bathroom needs a breastfeeding room?

      • Yeah, same here. I’m totally appalled when a woman whips her tit out in public. I mean seriously, what happened to common courtesy. I might be thirsty too but they never even offer me a sip. Bitches be rude.

      • Michelle

        I’m sure women care more about feeding their hungry baby than your delicate eyes. :)

      • …What American females need is a swift kick in the ass.

        You bitches have been allowed to run wild far too long, and then have the audacity to get greasy when someone calls you out on your collective shit.

        However, it’s not the fault of America females–it is the fault of American males who are too pussy-whooped and all around soft to put you hos back into your prescribed lanes.

        Likened to children— females must be shown discipline–thus they be spoiled.

      • ^ Clearly never been anywhere outside the US. And was also a bottle baby. ^

      • Well No

        Baby wouldn’t be hungry if you gave the fucking thing food instead of liquid you dumb cunt.

      • Mama Pinkus

        the problem with cavemen like you is you have no problem with titties on display in general – you get spooked when they are used for their actual intended purpose – that’s what makes you and men like you CREEPS

      • Mike Walker

        Why do half of these thumb buttons not work?!

      • CranAppleSnapple


    • Rachelle

      It’s not “hippy shit”. It’s called “SCIENCE” you dickweeds. Breast milk is superior to formula. Period. Some women don’t want to or cannot breastfeed, and that’s fine. But to pretend that breastmilk is some silly new age fad is completely moronic. Also, who can see her breasts? I sure can’t. Most women who nurse in public you would never be able to tell what they were doing unless you asked them. For a website who shows a plethora of women with their tits hanging out of their tops for a living, it is pretty hilarious how many are so offended by a woman feeding her kid.

      Now the baby-birding shit she was doing before that? Fucking gross. I can agree with you there.

      • Girl

        YES. Agree 100% with you. I have to add, as a breastfeeding woman, that there are these apron-type things that are very, very common, which most mothers wear over ourselves when we feed in public. You can’t even see a baby when we wear one of these things, let alone a boob. Would some of you nay-sayers rather hear a loud, very annoying crying baby out in public because he is hungry, or see someone like me quietly sitting, feeding my baby?

  2. Bear Blu…cuz he needed the money! OH!

    …before someone starts a Andrew Dice Clay debate.

  3. Grape Ape

    At that point wearing clothes is irrelevant.

  4. Confusus

    Alicia looks old and boring, but at least she is over that fat stage she was in when she did some movie with Brendan Fraser.

  5. V

    My God… Look, as a woman I have to say PLEASE be discrete, mothers. You’re not a troglodite or an animal, please cover up. I mean just because you’re gross with your son doesn’t mean that you’re a better mom, or more in touch with Mother Earth or care about the environment more than us. She’s like those women that post their breastfeeding pictures of Facebook. Please.

    Wasn’t I sharing a gross story yesterday about a neighbor who breastfed her daughter at SEVEN fucking years old? She can eat STEAK at seven years old, why the fuck is she doing still glued to your tit?

    But whatever, I guess there’s worse parents out there. I just can’t stand hippy parents that breastfeed after 1 years old, walk around their home naked in front of their kids or feed them mouth to mouth. I might live in the present too much… maybe neanderthal parenting style is a lot more fun…

    • At least she’s feeding her kid something nourishing instead of an unhealthy stream of coke and booze.

    • MILF

      As a breastfeeding educator, I support women in ALL their child feeding choices. Not only does the World Health Organization recommend nursing until age 2 and as far after as both mother and child are comfortable, breast milk always contains antibodies and nutrients. It doesn’t turn to water after a year! If you did an hour of research you’d learn a million benefits of nursing. Mothers who can’t nurse are clamoring to buy pumped milk because they want the best for their babies. Most well-educated mothers formula feed because they didn’t get the right help with breastfeeding, or they have to return to work. While choosing formula will still nourish your baby, and doesn’t mean you love it any less, breastfeeding is considered the gold standard for feeding. I support women with any feeding choice they make. Fish, can we stick to non-lactating boobs, please? :)

      • …What does all that well organized bullshit you just posted have to do with females walking around with baby chimps dangling from their cow-likened tits in public???

    • I swaer to God it’s because they have some deep seated objection to utensiles, and possibly even teeth. The way she’s going, this kid won’t ever know what either one is for.

  6. Spitting chewed food into her kid’s mouth was weird and gross, publicly posting about it is even weirder.
    Public breastfeeding is not, and it should be considered normal and not made fun of. Just my opinion.

  7. Cb

    That kid looks like a full grown man child in that contraption. And seriously, debate all you want, but no one needs to see you breastfeeding in public. Thanks,

  8. tonka truck

    LOL americans get so freaked out by ladies publicly nursing their babies. Christ get a grip. There are so many worse things going on with your country.

    • Jonas Grumby

      If you are going to insult someone else’s country, at least have the balls to name your own. After all, if you are fit to judge, your own country must be an absolute nirvana. So do tell, where are you from, so that we can all learn from your perfect example?

      • ur a loser

        What? USA is not the Empire it once was? Look around buddy, the writing is on the wall. (here’s a hint: Rome, the Ottoman empire, etc)

      • Richard McBeef

        Tonka trucks were once made in Minnesota. I’m sure they come from China now.

  9. mean tina

    Alicia is the most normal celebrity out there. Think about that.

  10. Cher X

    She’s one of those that really needs make-up to look pretty.

  11. MelS

    Ok there is nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public. Breastfeeding is a natural, normal, non sexual function and is nothing to be ashamed of, but as a mother when i nurse my 3 month old and other people are around i simply cover myself with a light blanket. This is for my privacy. In my opinion, if you are a sick person who is offended by someone feeding their child and sexualize something between a mother and child maybe you are the creep and should not be gawking to begin with. Just my opinion, to each their own

    • “Breastfeeding is a natural, normal, non sexual function…”

      So are bowel movements, but they’re not something I prefer to see out on the street.

      Breastfeeding in public is fine, but it should be accomplished discretely.

      • MelS

        I agree it is polite to be discrete yes, but comparing bowel functions to fedding a child? Kind of of odd

      • MelS


      • EricLr

        You called breastfeeding “a natural, normal, non sexual function and is nothing to be ashamed of.” That’s true. So is a bowel movement.

        So why would you object to someone urinating or defecating in public?

      • MelS

        PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: because not only would i have to witness it, even if i chose NOT to look, i’d still have to smell it and possibly someone could step in it. Times and places in human history where people were exposed to human waste MANY people died from the disease that resulted. AS FAR AS I KNOW NO ONE HAS DIED FROM SEEING SOMEONE NURSE THEIR CHILD. Not to mention there is a place for bodily functions, but not usually a private place to breastfeed when away from home.

      • I’m not comparing the two. I’m merely pointing out that “…natural, normal, non sexual function…” isn’t a valid argument.

        If you’ll notice, I sort of jumped back and forth from one side of the issue to the other, playing Devil’s advocate.

        In reality, I’m in favor of women baring their breasts whenever and wherever they want to. However, I gotta say, I have seen some very unpleasant-looking women publicly nursing their spawn and embarrassing everyone around them…women who should be covered as much as possible. Either by a blanket or by a bulldozer.

    • Bri

      I am completely fine with breast feeding in public, as long as its being discreet, but to be quite honest when I see mothers walking around with their kid hanging off their boob in public I find it disgusting and unnecessary. I also find it funny that you think those who are offended by others who breast feed in public are “sick” and “are sexualizing something between a mother and child”… actually its more like I don’t want to see your tit, nor do I want my child to see it. Sure, breast feed your kid in public, but cover it up and have some respect for others. Trust me, no one wants to see your breast when they go to the local mall or grocery store… put it away and have some decency.

      • MelS

        AS I said “I Cover myself with a blanket when in public. So i dont know who u are referring to, Im assuming others who dont. Just be thankful you and your child live in a country where people dont walk around half naked or feed their children ~GASP~ without covering up. I simply think a lot of people seriously overreact over something that is not “dirty or a public act of sex”. Its going to sometmes happen and I can promise you that you and your child will remain unharmed if either happen to witness the unspeakable act of a woman nursing a baby without being completely covered.. As would my children and self if I witnessed one of these people equating nursing to crapping in public doing something of the sort in front of me. Wouldn’t like it, but id get over it. lol

      • Brett

        Oh MelS, stop getting your panties in a bunch…. This is celebrity gossip website, get out of here with that bull.

      • JayJay

        She’s just mad nobody wants to see her tits

      • CranAppleSnapple

        My sister showed me her boob when she was having trouble with breastfeeding. She suffered through it anyway and persevered, but the nipple was split in two! That scared me half to death. I think my ovaries shut up shop in that moment.

  12. I’m surprised I didn’t see her in Game of Thrones. They had a perfect role for her on there.

  13. mrsmass

    anyone else find it funny how guys are all about seeing tits until they see a tit being used for it’s sole purpose and suddenly it’s disgusting?

    • MelS

      wow that is the truth!

    • It’s not disgusting and I don’t believe anyone said, or implied, that it is. But being men, and being “all about seeing tits”, as you say, a part of me keeps hoping to catch a glimpse. It’s distracting and intrudes on my otherwise natural thoughts about how fun it must have been knocking her up in the first damn place!

    • I like tits no matter what they’re being used for. If it were up to me they would be out all the time :)

  14. EricLr

    If I were the father, I would spend every day and night praying that my poor kid had inherited my brain and her looks, and not the other way around.

    • You mean the “brains” that led you to choose her for your mate and then impregnate her? Yeah, that’s a good choice. This kid is fucked no matter what.

  15. Da Cheese

    Where’s the boob?

  16. Bianca

    She is so “that” mom. The one that knocks on your door and demands to know why your kids are leaving her precious Skylar Rayne The Third out (because he’s 12 and still shits himself). The one that made it impossible for people to bring peanut putter to schools. The one who takes notes at the PTA meeting and suggests replacing Cupcake and Pizza Day for Tofu and Quinoa Day. The one who dissects everything in your shopping cart and “politely” lectures you on it; “You do know that humans are the only animals who drink another animals milk, right?”

  17. Any Guy

    HAHA – BANNED from commenting on this thread on FB because some ultra-pussy got their panties in a bunch because I made fun of someone’s ‘baby picture’. PUSSIES. don’t put your kid’s pic on FB then. holy shit that made my day. I’m still cryin’ tears of laughter.

  18. spidey

    ^^^^^^ pushes kid out of the way and goes for a taste

  19. Alicia Silverstone Breastfeeding
    Commented on this photo:

    Bitches will do anything to get out of making a sandwich, I mean really, this is how is starts.

  20. dontkillthemessenger

    His name is Bear Blu? I didn’t even notice that yesterday during regurgit-gate. The only person less trustworthy with a child at this point is Jerry Sandusky.

  21. YoMamma

    Yes, Fish, women from all parts of the world since the beginning of time are tots trendy! Moron.

  22. Morons

    I would like to point out to all the people complaining about her being “indiscreet” or “not covering up” that I can’t see any of her boob. I can see more boobs in 90% of the other posts on this site. Think about that.

    Also to “V” who went off about it being neanderthal and gross to nurse “after 1″ (presumably year of age, and not a weird Gremlins-like time constraint on breastfeeding), the world health organization recommends nursing until two or beyond. So, I guess as an anonymous commenter on a blog with no knowledge of what is healthy or normal beyond your own life, you should probably get to steppin’ if you’re going to change their minds.

  23. Maya

    I can’t see any breast in the picture, what’s the big deal? Even if I did, who cares? Breasts shouldn’t even be considered a “private part” It’s for FEEDING babies. Would you rather babies cry from hunger?

    I think this picture is beautiful actually, a mother feeding her baby naturally, as nature intended.

    Breastfeeding is hard, good for her.

  24. M

    If my baby is hungry, I would feed him. I don’t give a shit if you get offended or stare, it’s better than the alternative, a crying, screaming baby. It’s not about being a “hippie” or trying to be trendy. It’s about my baby’s health.

    I’m not gonna let my baby cry in hunger till I a find a place where sensitive eyes can’t see. Sorry! Get over it

  25. smoke

    She’ll be one of those moms who is still breast feeding when that kid is six or seven.

  26. Alicia Silverstone Breastfeeding
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m sorry to all you old hags but no, this is not breast feeding, this is publicly displaying status as a mother. It is not at all healthy to eat while dangling precariously off of something that is moving.
    It does not serve the child well to display his need to constantly gain affections from his mother. If the child is hungry then prepare his meal prior to leaving your house. If the child needs to constantly eat then there are other problems that should be addressed.

    Strapping your child to your naked breast and then walking out among people trying to work and function normally is insane. It’s just a meal it’s not a way of life. If this woman has issues feeding her child she will only cause severe trauma to the child and herself.

  27. vgirly

    Stop dissing Bear Blu’s mom. The fact that she named her kid Bear Blu is more disturbing than breast feeding, which every single person on this damn comment section has already done once in their lives.

  28. lawn

    She has no career any more, she needs to do something to get attention.

  29. Deacon Jones

    Well, in my experience, it’s usually uptight, middle-aged women that are the ones that cause a scene. You know the kind, miserable to the core.

    It’s not like a table of 4 dudes eating hot wings at Denny’s are going to storm up to the manager and cause a scene because some hipster chick is letting her kid suck on her titty.

  30. G

    It’s like that scene from Game of Thrones, except this poor child actually has to live in the real world. With the name Bear Blu.

  31. first up. do i support breast feeding in public ?yes.
    do i approve of chewing food for her baby? yes.
    would i aid in the creation of giving Bear Blu a brother or sister? maybe.

  32. Alicia Silverstone Breastfeeding
    Commented on this photo:

    Dude, so what. She’s a mom. Get a better story.

  33. Laura

    Hooray for a breastfeeding momma!

  34. This is a natural act of a Mother feeding her child…I think you all should shut your mouths and find somewhere else to start drama.

  35. This is sweet, Alicia will be a great mother!

  36. Alicia Silverstone Breastfeeding
    Commented on this photo:

    Aww, what a happy baby! Great pic … though, it’s a shame that it made news :/

  37. cc

    Seeing women breastfeed is annoying because it makes me angry about weaned and then I start wanting to suckle on random teats and the next thing you know I am going two years in county.

  38. Alicia Silverstone Breastfeeding
    Commented on this photo:

    I was that mom, I think it’s awesome!

  39. Alicia Silverstone Breastfeeding
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s just doing what the World Health Organization recommends! I don’t see anything wrong with feeding her child.

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  41. Alicia Silverstone Breastfeeding
    Commented on this photo:

    Your comments are so ignorant. This has got to be the most stupid post I’ve read in a while. She is feeding a fricken kid the way that nature intended. Who are you to judge her. Americans…

    • Mike

      She’s not feeding her kid, she is promoting herself while forces her kid to suckle. People do not need to eat every minute of the day and forcing your 3 year old to constantly feed from your breast is not at all healthy for either of you. She’s a bad mother, in 2012 there is no reason for a woman to walk in a parking lot while breast feeding. if you don’t have the time to feed your child then make the time.

  42. CK

    Reading comments on websites like this make me despair for humankind. Most people are so ignorant. Sigh. Guess that serves me right for visiting this idiotic site in the first place.

  43. Alicia Silverstone Breastfeeding
    Strawberry Spring
    Commented on this photo:

    This is not weird or fucked up. I’m a young mom and my dd and I did the same things, Ergo and all. My dh and I have no other family, and I have always just done what feels right to me – I never read or saw anything at WF (or anywhere) or talked to anyone else about any of it, really. I know you’re just making stuff up to be amusing but I’m just sayin’.

  44. Alicia Silverstone Breastfeeding
    Commented on this photo:

    First of all, breastfeeding is natural and healthy! Second of all, she is doing it discreetly. No one can see anything. And if you can, you are too close!!! Maybe if the idiots on this post were breastfed they would be able to comment more intelligently.

  45. Alicia Silverstone Breastfeeding
    Commented on this photo:

    This is retarded. She is feeding her 11 month old baby the way we women have for hundreds of years. We are mammals, we lactate, we are supposed to feed our children from our breasts. I have an 11 month old son and I am a very proud breast feeding mom and it makes me happy to see a ‘famous’ mothers feeding her child.
    Also I am happy I live in Canada where this is praised and not made out to be ‘a fad’ or ‘gross.’
    Grow up.

  46. Tracy

    What she’s doing isn’t some “earthy fad” – it’s what human mothers do around the world and have done since the dawn of man. Many cultures pre-chew food for their children – it provides an enzyme to help them digest it as infants don’t have that enzyme until their molars start coming in, usually between 18 months and 2 years (though some kids have them come in earlier).

    As to public breastfeeding – it’s only our f’ed up culture that’s decided breasts are somehow sexualized and thus inappropriate to have out in public. Though most of the people who bitch about a mom FEEDING her child will happily look at scantily clad women where far more boob is visible. We are, indeed, one screwed up society.

  47. sam s

    Jeez people! They’re tits.They aren’t going to blow up a building if released from the bra.

  48. Alicia Silverstone Breastfeeding
    Commented on this photo:

    Yeah.. it is a great picture. Although i’m a little annoyed that they had to say it like that. He was having a snack. From her boobs. As if its a bad thing.
    I wish hollywood would promote breastfeeding a bit more.. its one of the most natural and amazing things you can do for your child.
    Plus then there would be less of a fuss about us women doing it in public. If you’re keeping it classy like Alicia is in the picture, no flashing etc, then why is it such a bad thing. honestly..

  49. pricks

    bunchhhh of ignorants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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