Damon Lindelof’s Sorry You Saw Alice Eve’s Underwear In ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’

May 21st, 2013 // 25 Comments
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The blink-and-you-miss-it scene where Alice Eve strips down to her underwear and changes into her space suit in the same shuttle as Captain Kirk was one of the rare incredible parts of Star Trek Into Darkness, so of course writer Damon Lindelof is apologizing for it now and wishes it never happened because your crushed nerd-dreams are his food:

- I copped to the fact that we should have done a better job of not being gratuitous in our representation of a barely clothed actress.
- We also had Kirk shirtless in underpants in both movies. Do not want to make light of something that some construe as mysogenistic.
- What I’m saying is I hear you, I take responsibility and will be more mindful in the future.
- Also, I need to learn how to spell “misogynistic.”

And while this doesn’t bode well for the probably J.J. Abrams-less Star Trek III, it was however in reference to Lindelof’s Grantland interview where he makes it clear he has nothing to do with Star Wars: Episode VII. So I guess that makes up for not seeing Alice Eve’s boobs in space again. *looks down at penis wearing Vulcan ears* Seriously? This is that big of a deal to you that you’re going to make me say it? Goddammit.


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  1. emma watson's Vagina

    oh that is just crazy.

  2. In the spirit of not being misogynistic, I will refrain from re-posting that Alice Eve GIF link that I put up on this site twice last week. In fact, now I feel a little ashamed that I posted that.

    But there’s nothing I can do about it now. It’s there. And if you’re misogynistic enough to reduce a talented* actress to her naked, perfect breasts, and have none of my shame, you can always try to find my comment where I posted the Alice Eve GIF link. But shame on you.

    *I have only actually seen Alice Eve in one movie, and it was an early, minor part (Stage Beauty). I’m assuming she’s talented because she’s English and she gets work.

    • Why the self hate and misogynistic tag?
      Thats whats wrong with America. Boobs are boobs. Go to a summer beach in Europe, Australia, Brazil and they are everywhere.
      Suppress/sexualise it then you get problems. Spank the monkey at a beach even in Europe , jail time but a quick look like into the sun and back WTH?

    • Deacon Jones

      I cant believe I missed that gif before…

  3. schmidtler

    I already saw ‘Wrath of Khan’, I’ve seen Alice Eve in her underpants, so I see no reason to see the reboot in theaters.

  4. Deacon Jones

    Can you imagine the “shock” and “outrage” that would occur over the pool bikini scene in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” if it came out today?

    • BigOkie

      I wonder, we (America) seem to be de-evolving in our attitudes to sex. Is it possible that we are turning more prudish? Seems virtually impossible but…

    • I’m pretty sure it couldn’t even be done – if the actress is portraying a character who is supposed to be under 18 years old, even if the actress is in fact over 18, she can’t appear nude, semi nude or in a scene depicting sexual contact, otherwise it’s considered child pornography. I remember when an “R” rated movie was a guarantee of gratuitous nudity. We have become more prudish.

  5. Kelly

    Good way to celebrate the purchase of Tumblr.

  6. Typical feminist shaming tactic bullshit. So Kirk being in his underwear is all good, but Alice Eve in the same situation is misogynistic? Fuck you.

    And fuck this guy for apologizing for it.

  7. I guess I have a different opinion of “gratuitous” and “misogynistic”. Possibly because I don’t have a goddamn vagina where my brain should be.

    I put up with this kind of shit from feminists, because complaining about women hotter than they are is why they exist…but I’m NOT going to listen to it from some guy who has been guilted into hating his penis, and thinks finding a woman attractive is worse than rape.

  8. Dammit, Damon—I’m a man, not a gelding!

  9. Smapdi

    You can’t turn on the television for five minutes without seeing some woman in a bikini or underwear, so why is this guy getting heat for the Alice Eve thing? And he’s the writer, not the director, not the producer, so . . . wtf?

  10. All I’m hearing here is “Don’t bother seeing this movie.”

  11. Alice Eve Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    She is beautiful !!

  12. Daze

    He has nothing to apologize for, who cares what rabid feminazis think?

    Stand up for yourself Damon, wtf.

  13. Jenn

    I’d have liked to have seen Cumberbitch shirtless with Ricardo’s old fake chest, but only if they’d spray tanned him first. If not that, I’d settle for Karl Urban. Jeez she’s wearing what amounts to a bathing suit. Big deal.

    • Ricardo’s chest was real – I saw him in an interview long ago, right about when Wrath of Khan came out in theaters, he said he did some insane amount of pushups daily to get in shape for the movie. He took off his shirt and flexed his chest for the interviewer lady.

  14. Hawk

    What bullshit.

    A couple of nerd girls whine in their movie review blogs about Alice Eve in her undies and this guy issues an apology?

    Stand up for your work you wimp!

  15. Boots

    Yes. All this outrage is because us ladies are jealous of Alice Eve’s fantastic body and how insecure it makes us.
    It has nothing to do with the fact that camera and JJ treat Alice Eve like a fucking prop through the whole damn movie.

    But no, have it your way knuckle draggers. Point the finger at feminism because it hurts your feelings to be shamed for liking the pretty lady in the bikini.

  16. YukYuk

    We need more green tits on Star Trek. You hear me J.J.Abrams? MORE GREEN TITS.

  17. Elijah

    What brand is her bra and panties?

  18. Alice Eve Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Am I crazy, or is her bikini bottom just low enough to see the top of her hood???

  19. Alice Eve Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    “Smell that? That’s the smell of “PRIDE” fuckin’ with ya…”

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