Ali Lohan accidentally auditioned for porn director

July 31st, 2008 // 46 Comments

Ali Lohan is trying to start an acting career just like her big sister Lindsay. In her haste to get on the silver screen and fund her mother’s gin addiction, Ali attended a casting call for porn director Peter Davy. Granted, he’s getting ready to shoot a mainstream horror film that doesn’t make the situation any less sad and hilarious. TMZ reports:

Ali Lohan’s rep tells us the girl had no idea that Peter Davy was behind such classics as “Breast Wishes 14″ and “Bun Busters 12.” Sources tell us the meeting was actually set up by Ali’s agent.

Dina Lohan is, of course, feigning outrage for the press, but behind closed doors, it’s a different story: “Ali, I know you’re your own person, but Lindsay – God, I miss that little coke mule – would’ve lied about her age and knocked out the rent for mommy. I’m just sayin’.”


  1. Alex

    dear lord… how old is she again?

  2. Lohan

    she still has nice tits.

  3. P911GT10C

    Porn is about the only medium in which I’d watch this chick work.

  4. Recently, quite a few celebrities and pro athletes were said to appear on the millionaire luxury club “W e a l t h y L o v e s. c o m” to hook up with hot girls, ladies, models… OMG!!! Are these famous guys fond of internet dating for now?? Maybe they are indeed so rich that they feel boring sometimes to need new things? It was reported on MSN Charlie Sheen has found his girl there last May

  5. p911gt10c

    #1, She’s a healthy 14.

  6. jezebel

    dayum, that chick is FUGLY – i guess it sucks to be the ugly little sister trying to do the same thing as the hot older sister =( that’s sad…

  7. Mal Gusto

    And Michael Lohan was hiding in the closet to watch the audition, just in case Ali got naked. Michael & Dina Lohan: Best parents ever!!

  8. Nathiest

    I’m sorry whats the problem again? Isn’t this for a horror flick not a porn flick so what the fuck is the problem?


    SOL we will show her freckly buny, it’s a matter of time.

  10. Ted Kennedy's tumor

    Just tell he she can’t get pregnant like Brit’s sister if she only does the anal scenes.

  11. 2for2true

    Hmmm….. yeah, I can see her doing some german extreme hardcore golden/brown shower stuff. I hear they are able to get blow monkeys like this on the cheap.

  12. Michael Lohan

    My girls will be bustier and more coked up than those Simpson and Spears girls put together.

  13. Freebie

    Only 14 and already pushing up her breasts to make them look bigger. Dina must be so proud (being the whacked mother she is ). What a way to set an example to our young girls.

  14. kk

    She is just an average girl. Yawn. Nothing wrong with that but….

  15. becky

    god, will someone burn those shoes already!?

  16. noneyobeezwax

    i suggest she go ahead and do the porn. she’ll need the practice for when it’s time to suck off a dealer and his posse for some crack.

  17. BO-ring BO-ring BO-ring. we need some new news besides what’s happening with the younger siblings of the Lohan and Spears family. double yawn.

  18. Clara

    wtf?! she’s only 14 and is looking like a total slut. a push up bra for a 14 year old kid?! plus these tons of make up how wrong ist this… damn mother lohan.

  19. Rondell T

    Are those tits fake? Tell me!

  20. Matthew

    I guess dina working her magic again and ask the director when is the next party so she can be in it

  21. Superevil

    Why is this even news? Does anyone really give a fuck?

  22. martino

    What would you get if you crossed Tea Leoni with Demi Moore? (See above for correct answer.)

  23. sandwarrior

    Accident, yea right.and the “horror” flick will be rated R or XXX? Really not worth staying up late for.

  24. thats just perfect. yeah porn.

  25. janie

    She didn’t have breasts, like two months ago (I’m exaggerating, but really, wtf?), and now she’s propping them around with a push up bra everywhere. Oh, well. She wants to grow up, right?

  26. Is that a 14-year old transvestite? Scrap all that makeup off of that little girls face for godsake, she looks like shit.

  27. Crappola

    “Breast Wishes 14″ and “Bun Busters 12″…. Classics, in my opinion. Ali and Dina should be honored to be directed by such a director.

    And who knows? Maybe Dina can do a MILF vid for Peter Davy. That way she can show what it took to craft such fine individuals like Ali & Lindsey.

  28. pat

    I don’t see the big deal. Britney Spears video “From the Bottom of My Broken Heart ” vdeo was done by porn director Gregory Dark. There was nothing risque or sexual about that video.

  29. lori

    Same exact nasty expression on her face Lindsay always wears, except Lindsay’s about 1,000 times prettier.

  30. meee

    yeah she has a pretty butch face.

  31. dina's liver spot

    Gawd…why are you always sooo angry looking? Wipe off that fucking perma-scoul once and for all! It’s either that, or Linds will have to get you a botox gift certificate for your sweet 16.

  32. mimi

    Pretty FOURTEEN YEAR OLD with an APPALLING MOTHER! Ali should be in SCHOOL, studying & playing team sports, not dressing like a 20 yr old (boosted tits & all) living out Mom’s unmet dreams.

  33. mimi

    Pretty FOURTEEN YEAR OLD with an APPALLING MOTHER! Ali should be in SCHOOL, studying & playing team sports, not dressing like a 20 yr old (boosted tits & all) living out Mom’s unmet dreams.

  34. Shannon

    A few weeks ago, for some insane reason , Ali was on Letterman. Lord only knows what she could possibly say that would be the slightest bit interesting. Anyway, when I saw the commercial for it that night and they showed her, I seriously thought it was Kristin Davis from Sex and the City. Who is more than 25 years older than Ali. I was quite surprised when they said, “Tonight, Ali Lohan!”

  35. fenghuang

    She looks beautiful. I love her. I saw her profile on m’illionaire d’ating s’ite “”"”"M e e t i n g W e a l t h y.c o m”"”"” last week. It is said she is dating young billionaire on that site.

  36. It’s only a matter of time right?

  37. Mike

    “Maybe they are indeed so rich that they feel boring sometimes to need new things?”

    WTF does that even mean? These posts are the most entertaining part of these comments. Ali’s got a cute body and probably tastes like pancakes, but given that she’s only 14, I’ll hold off on the whole “I’d hit that” schpiel. Though I totally would! If she were 18, I mean! :)

  38. Can I say something? I think she looks pretty….or at least prettiER than Lindsay

  39. Frankie

    You’ve heard of the “Good Guy” award, I nominate Peter Davy for the “Bad Guy” award.

    Little known but a fact -

    Peter “never paid a bill on time” Davy, aka Peter “never issued a check that was good” Davy, likes to give himself airs but actually has no vast library. The
    “critically acclaimed” flicks he claims to own, including “Breast
    Wishes 14″ and “Bun Busters 12″ actually are owned by the company he worked for.
    Peter was a glorified secretary for the
    production company he worked for in the late ’80′s and ’90′s which turned out to amount for most of his career in the adult biz. His job was collecting footage and
    chromes from several free-lance directors and then walking the director over to the
    accounting department where the company cut the check for the
    scenes. Then Peter pulled a couple of chromes and handed them over to
    Art Attack for box art and carried the footage to the editing bank where
    a master was created. That was his exactly his function in the big
    “Producer” or “Director” role. Most, if not all, of his attempts to achieve the
    “Producer” or “Director” title were financed by the owner of the company, including all
    those AVN Awards and even the OJ Simpson fiasco, also a wicked horrible
    money-pit project (not adult) that sucked so much money out of the company’s day to day operating capital it nearly cost the owner his business.
    Not surprisingly, the only ones who made money off of that movie (and most of
    the projects proposed by Peter Davy) was Peter himself — Peter always got his
    salary up front — and the many scum-suckers Peter aligned himself with
    (a director with initials CB, comes to mind) who always skimmed off the budget thereby cutting themselves into the pie as well.

    While working for this same company, Peter intercepted a phone call from a guy looking to invest in the adult business and wanting to talk to the owner of the company. Peter nabbed the poor bloke and turned the investment into Nitro. Having run the new production company way deep into the ground in what might be record time by even adult business standards, in an ironic twist of fate this same guy who had been screwed by Peter in the past took pity on Peter and bailed him out.

    Masterful at one thing, in the self-promotion department Peter could
    market the crap out of himself and he never spend a dime of his own
    money doing it. Also, he was great at being the guy who never met
    someone he could not figure out a way to screw. I could talk to 50
    people and every single one of them would have stories about how Peter
    tried to bounce a gazillion checks on them or skip out on a paying bunch
    of bills. One time when I was at a low point he even managed to screw me
    out of $5,000.

    So for those of you who don’t know him… careful because Peter will be
    back. Porn is the thing he falls back on and although he made enough
    enemies in the past to justify laying low for a while, it sounds like
    that time is just about up.


  41. Porn Valley- TMZ and all these mainstream news sites are bandying Peter Davy’s name about as if they have some clue who he is. They don’t. But Lynn LeMay, will tell you. Davy, a man of many wigs and a former car salesman, used to manage her. And Davy, according to LeMay, stole money [allegedly] from her.

    “Remember Peter Davy? He showed up in 1988 as a manager of fan clubs,” LeMay, the CEO of Lemayzing, relates.

    “Then he moved into managing me and Victoria Paris. Then he got deals to make movies with Jean Pierre Ferrand [Phil Vozo] for Western Visuals. They were doing those Hustler movies like Dreams in the Forbidden Zone and Midnight Temptress.

    “I was in all of them,” LeMay continues. “I was the contract girl. They did five of them.”

    According to LeMay, Davy [allegedly] financed Dreams in the Forbidden Zone by rather unconventional means involving Columbians.

    “That sonfabitch Peter Davy soaked my fan club [allegedly] and floated [allegedly] checks back and forth between his account and my account,” LeMay alleges. “Because the people in Columbia who put up the money didn’t get it up here fast enough.”

    By Columbia I assume LeMay meant a cartel. She says that would be correct.

    “They didn’t get the money through the Panamanian connection they were working on,” she says.

    “So Peter Davy floated checks back and forth that got me fucked out of an account. I couldn’t have a bank account for years because of that. And that screwed me up cashing checks. I had to go to those check cashing places which is real demeaning. I was really pissed. And that’s on my record even now. I had bank accounts that closed me out for bad payment.

    “I got kicked out of my own fan club because of this check kiting. If this Lohan girl gets hooked up with the Davy guy, God help her.”

    According to LeMay she lost about $30,000.

    “And he’s still fucking around,” she says.

    The last time I saw Davy he was living in the Captain & Tennille shoot house with Dennis Morgan.

    I mention this to LeMay who had a couple of more things to add.

    “Davy discovered Houston? My ass,” says LeMay. “He came to Fantasy Island to see me and Houston was the girlfriend of Dennis Morgan who ran Fantasy Island.”

    Me, I met Houston before she even got into the business when Davy brought her to a Night Of the Stars event.

    “She was a stripper at Fantasy Island,” LeMay continues. “I introduced Peter to Dennis Morgan who was dating Houston.”

    I mention to LeMay that Houston’s employing a money raising gimmick on her website,

    “If you knew her as well as I knew her, I would not doubt that it was a scam,” says LeMay.

    LeMay says her girlfriend Kassie Nova used to fuck Davis in the ass with a strap-on.

    “How do you think he lost all his hair?” LeMay laughs. “It used to be the joke that Kassie pulled it all out.”

  42. Toejammn'

    I can’t wait to see her in Teenage Tit Freaks 26.

  43. arroyo

    was Thora’s dad there at her screening?

  44. Porn Director? How do you direct porn? If an actor needs direction then they should not be in porn. What direction would a director give. This is a ratings ploy.

  45. adm

    Yeah nice Tits

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