Ali Larter’s Vagina

January 29th, 2010 // 159 Comments

CALVIN KLEIN: Please, come to my party.
ALI LARTER: I dunno….
CALVIN KLEIN: C’mon. What’s the worst thing that could happen?

Photos: Splash News

  1. Mac

    If you think that’s what a vagina looks like then may God help you.

    Worthless pictures.

  2. FIRST! And, I don’t see anything.

  3. patrick bateman


  4. FIRST! And, I don’t see anything.

  5. Anexio

    Tweet that twat~!

  6. FishFan

    at least she’s wearing uderwear!!

  7. First

    First to say, “What the hell, theres a big red star there. These pics are worthless. What the hell do I do to see her beef flaps?”

  8. Shawn_solo

    Hah! Superficial writer has never seen a vagina before! False advertising, dude.

  9. Haywood Jablowme

    #1 – use zoom. There’s a vay-jay there
    #7 – learn how to use the Internet, then come back here. Click on the picture to remove the stars, DUH!

  10. MasterbATOR

    The vagina is in the shopping bag. Sit back and take a look. The frikn beef flaps are nestled in there!

  11. IKE

    Wow. I feel like a tard for looking at this one. It would have been a good April 1st post. “Ali Larter’s Vagina! HA!! APRIL FOOL’S!!! SHE’S WEARING UNDER! hahaha.”

  12. Haywood Jablowme

    #7 what part of “(Full Size version is NSFW)” do you not understand?

  13. Joooosh

    I’m pretty sure that isn’t a vagina. But go on and continue to “star” out random things claiming it’s something else as you’re well known for.

  14. Coolige

    #9 & #12 don’t understand things.

  15. air that thing out!

  16. Rough uncut--well actually...

    This website has more false alarm than an inner city high school…

  17. Dweezel

    Yay! “Vagina”! Did you guys not notice Allesandra Ambrosio’s vag a few days back? Check this pic. I can’t believe it didn’t get the big pink star. Derp.

  18. McFeely Smackup

    we now have definitive proof that the geekologie guy has never seen a vagina and thinks the word is a synonym for “panty”.

  19. NG

    That’s underwear…

  20. Scott

    Fuck you, you lying asshole.

  21. Rogerdoger


  22. F*ckRandal

    dude a big fu….what a joke…bs pics

  23. Grace


    When you see stars covering VAGINAS or TITS, 9 times out of 10, you wont see anything.


  24. stupidass

    i can’t believe this! “Ali Larter’s Vagina” is the name of my band!

  25. alexggb

    what’s up with that? She looks like she has balls.

  26. FIRST

    FIRST! And, thats the size of my actual penis.

  27. AnonymousError

    It’s funny how upset people get at the false vag alarm… Kind scary too actually.
    It’s her undies, whatever. Im sick of paparazzi gunning for the crotch when girls are getting out of cars. Its so sleazy.

  28. Bea

    is that a ball sack?

  29. God

    Actually, the photographs do reveal a vagina, but I preemptively used GodMagic to shield it from your tender brains since what you would see there is something I’m not proud of. If you got all excited about the possibility of seeing vagina and then saw what appears in reality to be a hungry lamprey mouth, you’d never get a boner again. And trust me, if there’s one thing God is all about it’s making sure you boys get regular boners. It’s good for you. So is masturbation. Don’t believe your mother or your principal or your priest. Keep doing it. Just not to lamprey vaginas. You’ll thank me later.

  30. Not Blind

    Some of you need some damn glasses. I can clearly see some lips through her panties in the second picture. Damn near looks like she has a mini-landing strip.

    Fucking blind-ass whiners.

  31. nono

    What happen… nothing to show lately?

  32. Really Not Blind

    @Not Blind: Apparently you’re another who’s never seen an actual vagina. You must be scandalized by girls in bikinis at the beach, thinking every one is showing you her bits. If there’s a fucking star, there better be fucking skin under it.

  33. Courageous

    I have to agree… even though you can kinda-sorta, if you shift your focus and use the force, see some vaginal properties, this is hardly a “money shot” and certainly not deserving of a pink star or the exaggerated claims.

    That said, Ali is a beautiful and sexy goddess and pics of her are always appreciated!

  34. kingofbeer

    Well I’m upper upper class high society
    God’s gift to ballroom notoriety
    And I always fill my ballroom
    The event is never small
    The social pages say I’ve got
    The biggest balls of all

    I’ve got big balls
    I’ve got big balls
    They’re such big balls
    And they’re dirty big balls
    And he’s got big balls
    And she’s got big balls
    (But we’ve got the biggest balls of them all)

  35. BOFF

    Vagina is a part of the internal anatomy. What you “see” in this photograph is the VULVA, which is the correct term for external female genitalia.

  36. pimp

    if i wanted to see panties i’d look in my moms dresser…

  37. Sophia



  38. vaginaman

    dat be a inverted vagina, small lips, and it is pressed against her panties, not sure how much bush, maybe a lil, looks real clean and tasteful, even if she be sweatin a lil to add salt to a nice dish

  39. Rough uncut--well actually...

    I wanna ice skate on Alli’s chest…

  40. What does the photographer that took this picture do in his spare time, wear little mirrors on the top of his shoes and try to look up women’s dresses in the library. I swear, this once happened to me in the Downtown LA library, where else, I squealed and the weirdo ran away snickering, what a coward. I bet the same guy took this picture because all you’re going to see up most women’s dresses in a bunch of jacked up undies. That is not a picture of a vag!

  41. Jenna

    Unless there’s clitoral action going on, it’s nothing more than a part of her ass crack. Lame.

  42. Rambo

    Wowww !!! Her Vagina is super hot.
    Is married or Single???

  43. HackSaw


  44. DrewwJames

    What is with you douche bags competing for, and proudly declaring that you are the “FIRST!” to post a comment. Are you fucking serious? Get a life…

  45. Where the fuck is the VAGINA?!?!

  46. Chicken Fillet

    I’d lick to sniff those panties right there. Looking at other shots of Ali, I picking she’s just got a clean slit down there…. nothing visible unless you spread it.

  47. Turd da Third

    such a disappointment at least there could have been some discharge stains showing..

  48. Rachel

    Sorry babe, that’s just the inside of her thigh. You’re at least half an inch from any lips and even farther from a vagina, a term you use WAY too loosely. You do realize the vagina is the actual hole, right? Love ya!

  49. sharkbite01

    Ali Larter isn’t a dude? Wow!! Who knew?

  50. jose

    Vag shots are great man. We need more fineass hot celebs doing this intentionally. Ali’s got her lil box all nice n neatly tucked in tight with some panties but chicks need to be displaying their vag’s panty free for the only sake of making smiles and popping boners.

    At least thats the way I see it.

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