Ali Larter has to be feeling a breeze

July 25th, 2009 // 99 Comments

Here’s Ali Larter bending over to dig some change out of her purse in Beverly Hills yesterday while inadvertently making the paparazzi’s day. You know, just looking at these pics tells me I’d never make in their line of work. Mostly because I’d score a shot like this only to end up spiking my camera then dousing it with Gatorade. “I’m number one! I’m number one! I’m number – is it supposed to catch fire like that?”

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions. Unless you practice proctology.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Milo


  2. Cletus Jones

    Pretty nice…..for a white girl.

  3. sdflkj


  4. sdflkj


  5. Chantalle

    I wish I was half as attractive as her :(

  6. uh

    I’m a girl, but am I the only one who finds her face ugly? Well, maybe that’s to strong. It’s not on the same level as her body, right?

  7. Ted from LA

    I’ve been on vacation. Who is this young woman? Why does anyone look up her skirt, aside from the obvious reason? Was 9/11 an inside job? I can’t even recall to whom this tread is referring, Lala Ali, Muhammad Ali? Dixie Carter? Deep, deep, deep, down, who gives a shit about this woman with the camera up her red dress?

  8. Ted from LA

    Cancel that. I just did a Wikipedia on her, and boy was it good. I have no problem with her.

  9. Sheena


  10. jesus

    nothing special at all about this bitch. better looking broads than this at the mall.

  11. jesus

    notice that in pic 4 when she is almost standing her ass and thighs are all lumpy and shit.

  12. I don’t think girls even care anymore. There’s so many upskirts these days I think they either get off on it or just want the attention.
    On the other hand… why is it such a big deal if you see up a girl’s skirt, but if she wears a thong bikini on a beach, nobody cares.

  13. rerr edede

    nothing special …live her…now a days girls feel better in short skirt.

  14. Walter

    Nice ass.

  15. Walter

    She needs some tits, though.

  16. jesusisastupidname

    fyi, jesus… im sure you can find hotter girls at a mall but obviously you aren’t cute enough to even approach them or you wouldn’t feel the need to hate on a star. and as for your second comment, i don’t see one lump on her thighs… but i can’t say the same for your body.. get a life….

  17. jesusisastupidname

    fyi, jesus… im sure you can find hotter girls at a mall but obviously you aren’t cute enough to even approach them or you wouldn’t feel the need to hate on a star. and as for your second comment, i don’t see one lump on her thighs… but i can’t say the same for your body.. get a life….

  18. dude

    no idea who she is but id def bang her.. p.s. GREAT ASS!!!!

  19. Oscar Goldman

    Hey clown Cletus Jones. Whats your point in bringing up a persons race?

    Your a low life, waste of skin, piece of shit.

    BTW, I’d Motor boat her ass.

  20. Taz

    wow id pump her full of my man goo

  21. Aunt Erma

    Cletus likes those big asses like the other brothers. Note to Cletus, banging big ass makes you retarded and lazy. Hmmm…..kind of explains a lot…….

  22. chas

    Ali is very pretty. Any male would be fortunate to be in her company.

  23. Upinya

    I would drink her bath water.I would hit and never quit.

    Shes in Heroes.

  24. Upinya

    And Varsity Blues with the whip cream.

  25. Richard McBeef

    sternum. Why do her titties stare in opposite directions?

  26. um...?

    Why are her ass cheeks pointy in pic #1? Looks like it would hurt if approaching from the rear…which usually the best way to approach, IMHO.

    But I like a little more meat, don’t want bruises on my hips from bangin against a bony ass.

  27. jesus

    17 and 18 are from a fat bitch. HAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  28. vito

    Sweet Jesus…there are sure some fucked up people on this site.

    Ali Larter is fucking gorgeous, her ass is stupendous, and her legs are incredible. You hear? In-fucking-credible!

    Personally I like Ali Landry better, but Ms. Larter is definitely a tasty treat.

    You deluded shitheads who think she’s ugly are cordially invited to eat large quantities of shit and experience slow, painful deaths.

  29. Hi! I’m a new reader, and I really like your article.

  30. KKK

    white people are dumb. I hate white people. They stink. I would move to India if I could be assured that I would never lay eyes on a white person again.
    - Billy Bob

  31. ??????????????????

    I just wanted to take a second and write something meaningless like the rest of you morons. Pro or anti you’re all stupid. Eat that….

  32. David Duke

    Pretty nice brain on her……. for a black girl.

  33. Wilber

    31. whats the difference between a black and dog shit? Dog shit eventually turns white and stops stinking.

  34. m.

    am i the only one that thinks she is way to skinny?!
    Tits of the 10 year old and rib cage visible, give this woman an hamburger!

  35. Brink

    People, people, people. Knock off the lie tellin. We all know damn well if given the chance we would hit that until her gina sent up a whit flag and called mercy!

  36. Cash

    Gotta love the girl in the background doing the face-palm in photo 5.

    It’s ok Ali… she’s embarrassed for the both of you.

  37. Robot

    she’s pretty hot even though she needs boobs. but what’s with those pink stars always blocking the best views?

  38. mikeock

    This chick reminds me of a young Christie Brinkley, only hotter. Love that ass!

  39. She is pretty hot and having nice ass!!!

  40. Why helooo there! I think a cavity search is in order here!!! I always thought this chick was hot even in the absence of her breast tissue…

  41. Venom

    Pretty great photos of a pretty great woman.
    Thank you to the photographer who took these.

  42. Joe Fonebone

    Thong. Next.

  43. gil

    anal bleaching anyone?

  44. whitney

    Goddamn that pap doesn’t know how to focus a fucking camera.

  45. freddo

    does pic #1 look like she didn’t wipe her ass properly?…or is it just me?

  46. Hugh Gentry

    what a great ass. I’d have my face buried in that thing every day if she was mine. I like big tits though. They are way too tiny.

  47. Parker

    I want to be her proctologist. First thing I want to do is give her a thorough rectal probing followed by a high colonic. Actually I’d probably just tell her I was going to do that then wait till she bends over and just buttfuck her. From her end it’ll feel like she’s getting a medical procedure yet from my end it’ll look like my weiner is happily banging away in her tight little butthole. We’ll both get what we came for in the end so where’s the harm?

    @49 its just you. someday when you’re older and you get see woman’s butts up close you’ll notice that on most, the skin isn’t lily white all over. That’s assuming you take an interest in women.

  48. Hoseph DongBauter

    I’m a personal insider friend of ms. larter. she had a bad case of “anal hiccups” and it set her starbuck’s a-shakin’.

    The smell was unbelievable, kinda like roses falling out of a bull’s ass before it kills someone on the pamplona run.

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