Ali Larter nipple slip

November 16th, 2007 // 57 Comments


  1. catska

    OMG first

  2. Gerald_Tarrant

    I’ll take an Ali Larter over Kim Assland any day of the week.

  3. Erica

    She’s so fucking lovely. I dont know what it is about her. The buck-toothed smile only makes he hotter.

  4. scooby

    who is this anorexic skank?

  5. Classy*Heaux

    Now the actors with actual talent are resorting to these kind of tactics to get noticed. Sad that it’s the only way now…Screw good acting or musical ability. No one cares about that.

  6. Jeezy

    Horrible. You should be ashamed for even posting this.

  7. Mr. Pregnant

    My manboobs are bigger

  8. TS

    OMG you are so awesome! Thanks for stating the obvious.

  9. Dick Trickle

    This is the internet, TMZ. Shame on you.

  10. veggi

    Yeah. That happens to me ALL the time. Except I’m in my living room. Alone. Holding a dance off competition. Drunk..

  11. Texas Tranny

    I STILL want to see that Veggi.

  12. veggi

    TT? Where ya been?

  13. james smith

    its hard to tell whether it was intentional or purely for PR

  14. hottie

    Is she single now? Her profile and photos were found on the millionairecelebrity dating club last week! “She is very
    picky about guys,” according to officials of that site, “they have to be fertile douches or she won’t date them!”

  15. veggi

    hahaha! I was JUST going to write something about how “she is very interested in internet…you can find her at blah blah blah” but it looks as though this ad slut above me is still on top of things! haw haw *cough* haw.

  16. TS

    Veggi, #10 fucking hilarious. I can see it now…

  17. ph7

    Aww, I wanted to see that nipple. Bet its a nice size with a tight aerola.

  18. TS

    Hey TT, it’s about that time. Get the gang together.

  19. Texas Tranny

    Hey Veggi, I’ve been working and not fucking off here.

  20. Get the gang together for a bang?

  21. Al Larter

    I have bigger tits than this dude. Why do these flat women wear such loose outfits?

  22. Mal Reynolds

    1. love ali Larter
    2. WTF with theprice tag? Is that TMZ saying “if you want the goods, pay our price.”?
    3.I hate the fucker who keeps posting about the millionaire dating and the nudism site. It is almost as bad as the trolls.
    God I wish there was Black Ice software for real!!

  23. baaaaaaa

    she should have brushed her hair before she left the house

  24. Googolygoo

    The video may be disappointing, but since the red star y’all placed over the nip isn’t removed after the jump, don’t criticize the video.

  25. p911gt10c

    Ali’s always been hot, every since Varsity Blues

    Oh, and #1, you’re a loser.

  26. Georgie Porgie

    This is the most stupid video that I have ever seen in my entire life. Fish Dude, you should be ashamed of yourself for posting this.

    Is the last word that the narrator speaks, “SIN,” because it certainly sound like that; whatever, this video is boring and a waste of time.

  27. Did the freak ex-pop star get a coffe today?

    And she is who?

  28. Real Chad

    Eh…seems like more of a boob slip from the picture, but the video sucks. Just as well I suppose. I’ve never found her particularly attractive and that Hayden P. chick has bigger boobs than Ali…and she’s about a foot shorter.

  29. Harry

    Can’t believe Quentin Tarantino got a piece of that. Actually, since this is show biz, maybe I can.

  30. michelle.

    All celebrities (female) need to be sent a LARGE roll of “boob tape” or whatever it’s called. Or perhaps some common sense.
    Monthly, to be sure they NEVER run out. They can always go to Japan and swim about on a surfboard where people are trying to fish or something, to fulfil their attention seeking needs.
    Why were tops like that even invented? They should be treated like those PVC fetish clothes with the breast holes etc.
    They are just made for flashing so you should only wear them in the bedroom or in photoshoots where you DON’T MAKE ANY SUDDEN MOVES.

  31. who the hell is this person?

  32. Ript1&0

    Ok, I don’t know who the fuck this is…. and I didn’t even wait for the topless pic to load really because I can see from this angle that she doesn’t even actually have breasts.

    This post is not meeting my approval.

  33. nagger please

    small tits are sexy.

  34. Ted from LA

    I’ve watched this video 179 times and I still can’t see her tit. I’m going to say a rosary and hope that helps.

  35. Nutty McNutster

    How is it everyone has the video, everyone has that screen shot yet no one has a picture of her nipple? It’s annoying that she is showing her tit yet no one has the actual nipple picture.

  36. K

    ^ nutty, maybe it’s an attempt to make the pic/video actually interesting.
    You know? We don’t care about her otherwise, but now that her nipple is hiding it becomes a game of find the nipple that people are getting caught up in. This could be good for her career. I predict higher levels of fame due to this nipple game.
    It’s just an ordinary nipple, nay, a nipple without a breast. Practically a MAN NIPPLE and yet we are all clamouring to see it ! Do you see?

  37. the nipple is censored… -.-!

  38. WTF?

    How come we can see pics of Brit’s twat on here…but cannot see a photo of this nobody’s nipple?

  39. selina

    she always so sexy, so do her photos on a celebrities dating site, she is very popular there.

  40. justtheobvious

    I am severely disappointed! Where is the NIPPLE??? I want to see her NIPPLE!! get me the NIPPLE picture UNCENSORED!! I need to see a titty!

  41. What a non celeb, she’s a crappy actor anyway!

  42. Sugarcupid

    Exaggerating! Too hot!

  43. Johncc

    Ali, You are quite hot! I love your ablum posted on the millionaire singles dating site very much! Have you got a lover for hooking ups at that website?

  44. blizzy

    The person posting about the millionaire singles site is actually one of the chicks from the 2 girls and a cup video. Eh I won’t tell you which one…but i’ll never eat chocolate soft serve ice cream again in my life.

  45. nip slip

    it would have been better if a laser beam shot out of it and killed a papparazzi

  46. she is so good in Heroes !

  47. frustrated

    hasnt anyone found the uncensored version yet???? ive been searching and searching and i just cant find it!!!!

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