Ali Larter may have been dipped in ink

November 8th, 2007 // 85 Comments

Ali Larter was at the launch of the DKNY Delicious Night fragrance in New York last night. I’m not quite sure what’s up with her dress. I’ll just assume a giant tried to use her as a pen. Anyway, I really dig Ali Larter’s character on Heroes. It’s the most accurate depiction of a woman I’ve ever seen on television. One minute she’s all sweet and loving, then holy crap, she goes batshit crazy and karate chops you in the solar plexus before shooting you in the leg. Reminds me of growing up. Of course my mother was a martial arts instructor and my dad loved hookers. Like a lot. He even got me one for Christmas when I was six. Still love you for that one, pop. Although in retrospect, perhaps that wasn’t the best year to buy mom a gun. I’m pretty sure she wanted a microwave. Well that, and for my virginity to last at least another ten more years. Ha, mom sure was a nut, wasn’t she?

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. BishOP

    She how her chest is all red? Must have had some fun in the sack before those pics were taken.

  2. I saw her a couple of months ago at a hair salon. She is absolutely stunning in person. No makeup.

  3. Britt

    Her front teeth are the problem. Completely square, and a space. Try scrolling her face down your screen and she’s cute till you hit her teeth.

  4. And in Other News

    Well. Ok . I think I read here that someone was driven to drink. (probably Frist)
    I agree. Where else is there?
    I can’t even decipher my own comments lately.
    And I tried to visit that ‘leftie’ Huff-po site for a while – but ANYTHING related to impeachment is censored there – even if Dennis brings it up in the House. No reporto. Nice leftie site Arriana.
    And this Courtney winning immunity ! ? I haven’t been so shocked since I found out 9/11 was an inside job !!
    Public at LARGE : You’re off topic Binky.
    Binky : Well this Ali’s sister was a good dancer – but you should see her box.
    Public at LARGE : Different family you moron.

  5. jacknasty

    With Ali and Kristen Bell around, why do you always focus on Hayden? There two hotter blonds on the same show

  6. Banned Again.

    Since no one reads the comments on this site. Thought I’d share a rant (for a change) (for those of you keeping score at home)
    So, like, tried to do the freedom of speech thing again at the Commie ‘Huffington Post.’
    ‘Senate to Vote on Mukasey Tonight. Confirmation Expected.’
    “Well Great !
    I’m sure the first thing Mukasey is going to do is investigate “Urban Moving Systems” and the “Dancing Israelis.”
    But then again…”
    BANNED AGAIN !! (Maybe I should change my deodorant ?)

  7. In an interview with Fox News – Mukasey said he would track down the so called “Dancing Israelis” -
    and waterboard anyone who says they saw them.
    Oh Blaw Dee. Oh Blaw Daw.

  8. I like her, she is pretty. Saw some of her pictures and videos on a site, my friend introduced it to me, you may check

  9. May I ask this girl why she decides to wear such a dress when the size of her TITS are as big or small as tomatoes. You must be the proud owner of kim kadashian-airbags, wearing this kind of dresses. If not: CLOTHES ENOUGH!!

  10. Thanks for that Tony.

    Good to see the comments still rule this site !!



  11. Good point Gerald….

  12. Fully Loaded

    I just jizzed all over a photo of Allison Stokke… was that wrong?

  13. (No one expects the ‘Binky Inquisition’)

  14. Binky

    # 74 – Yes

  15. FRT

    Geez…I’d like to “dip” something else into Ali…!!!

  16. jed

    Hotter if she new she was hot

  17. Allen

    She is very beautiful. I saw some of her nice photos you may have never seen before on It’s a dating site for celebrities and wealthy people.

  18. Prada dress !

  19. Andrea

    I think her outfit is amazing. Her boots are perfection.

  20. A

    she has nice little legs

  21. mimi

    i think she’s 32 years old, can you belive that? she is look amazing!!!

  22. She is sweety. Some of my best friends told me she has left some of her nude photos on a nudist date site named

  23. She’s the Askmen’s Actress of the Week,

    and now she got a nipple slip video….

    What the … she’s doing…


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