Ali Larter may have been dipped in ink


Ali Larter was at the launch of the DKNY Delicious Night fragrance in New York last night. I’m not quite sure what’s up with her dress. I’ll just assume a giant tried to use her as a pen. Anyway, I really dig Ali Larter’s character on Heroes. It’s the most accurate depiction of a woman I’ve ever seen on television. One minute she’s all sweet and loving, then holy crap, she goes batshit crazy and karate chops you in the solar plexus before shooting you in the leg. Reminds me of growing up. Of course my mother was a martial arts instructor and my dad loved hookers. Like a lot. He even got me one for Christmas when I was six. Still love you for that one, pop. Although in retrospect, perhaps that wasn’t the best year to buy mom a gun. I’m pretty sure she wanted a microwave. Well that, and for my virginity to last at least another ten more years. Ha, mom sure was a nut, wasn’t she?

Photos: Pacific Coast News
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