Ali Larter makes funny faces

April 25th, 2007 // 69 Comments

Ali Larter (the blonde chick from Heroes) was spotted in LA yesterday ordering a drink form some place called Great Earth Vitamins. And judging by her expression it was mmm mmm good. What the hell did she order? Period blood? At least I know what she didn’t order: a sexy dreamboat. Otherwise she’d be carrying around a giant cup of me.

ali-larter-drink-candids-01-thumb.jpg ali-larter-drink-candids-02-thumb.jpg ali-larter-drink-candids-03-thumb.jpg ali-larter-drink-candids-04-thumb.jpg ali-larter-drink-candids-05-thumb.jpg ali-larter-drink-candids-06-thumb.jpg ali-larter-drink-candids-07-thumb.jpg ali-larter-drink-candids-08-thumb.jpg


  1. no1justminda

    period blood? i can’t believe you even went there. ew.

  2. durtyj

    looks like she is sneezing

  3. crazycowlady


    Aw, dang.

    Anyway, who is she?

  4. Gerald Tarrant

    She can make any face she wants… my bed!

  5. PunjabPete

    I always liked that chick that Pete Sampress married when we are talking about forgetable blondes in supporting Actress roles…

    THat’s right…. Sonya Blade… FINISH HIM! FATALITY!!!

    Ali Larter’s pre-Heros claim to fame? Imprisoned blonde who Reese Witherspoon helps in Legally Blonde…. Seriously, Reese Witherspoon has an OSCAR?

  6. Mazda_3s

    “Period Blood” — Totally awesome and disgusting at the same time :-)

    That being said, I was hoping that she would be shopping for some bigger boobs and some eye cream for those bags under her eyes.

  7. lambman

    She’s smoking hot, I wonder if it was her or her dead twin that wanted the vitamins?

  8. pookiedoo

    She’s ready for the KISS reunion tour….

  9. Being a Heroes geek, I really like her character.

  10. pookiedoo

    And, “period blood?” What are you, twelve?

  11. Dory

    Great Earth Vitamins???? She’s probably drinking dirt, mixed with tree sap… on the rocks. Volcanic rocks.

  12. Period blood? you are so gross!!!! LOL I

  13. Mazda_3s

    #9, her storyline along with her husband’s is the lamest part of the whole show. They are the only low-point in an otherwise AWESOME show.

    Well, that and the shape-shifting chick. She is getting to be pretty annoying.

  14. KatieKates

    Yeah, I pretty much hate her character on Heroes. Maybe the period blood drink will give her an acting boost.

  15. teetee

    Period blood is not so bad with a dash of hot sauce.

  16. wedge1

    Reminds me of my first love, when he gave me my first blowjob. Well, only blowjob…cmon, it doesn’t taste that bad!

  17. NCDave

    Period Blood? Man that sounds more like what snaggletooth Dunst and her dracula’esque teeth would drink.

  18. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    Gotta love those faces! She must be drinking a meatloaf smoothie.

  19. Piglet

    i think “period blood” is an excellent choice to describe what that shite looks like.

    i had no idea we could even order a giant cup of you! if they ever let me out of this nice room with padded walls, i’m going to totally order a cup of you.

    b/c you make me laugh. and man, do i love laughing.

  20. PooPants

    Heh heh….Larter’s a funny name.

  21. JollyJumjuck

    While she is a hottie, the top that she is wearing (in fact, that particular *style* of top) is unflattering to any woman I’ve seen wearing one. Oh, and #18, thanks for mentioning Snaggletooth in the same thread as Ali Larter. Don’t know if you were going for a “cleansing the palate” thing, but that’s the effect it had on me.

  22. Goonly

    “Period blood”? Tasteful humor- nothing like it.

  23. ImaCracka

    The best thing she ever did was that that huge fart rip in jay and Silent Bob Strike Back…..


  24. ImaCracka

    Oh… and as an after thought… I love the style of the baggy shirt… long.. flowing…

    but tuck in the front so everyone can see your camel toe, piss flaps, meat curtains….

    Yea nice……

  25. NCDave

    #22 Glad I could help a brother out

  26. NicotineEyePatch

    She was cool in Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, and she’s cool on Heroes. She wore a leather catsuit in J&SBSB too. Also, she farted in that movie, so you know she’s not uptight.
    Seven out of twelve, with extra points for looking like a regular, comfortable person.
    ps. period blood makes great lip stain.

  27. NicotineEyePatch

    *by comfortable I mean her clothes… she doesn’t look like she’s enjoying that drink… beet juice? Meat smoothie? Gah.

  28. mrlithium

    haha thank you #1. i was thinking exactly that. i didnt even have to scroll down to make sure i wasnt repeating someone.

  29. Wow Just Wow

    Never heard of her.

  30. Health food is disgusting.

    People die after eating that crap.

    More chili-cheese bacon burgers, please.

  31. I see the perves haven’t arrived yet(chicken& plowshit),,,they’re still in that rest stop bathroom trying to get plowshit outta chickens asss…..

  32. Liverpool FC

    I would still fuck this cheap slut.

  33. StoneRose

    I can’t get over how *normal* and *nice* this girl looks. Points for the sweet bag and cute shoes! If only Brit or X-tina or Jess could look this put-together without tranny make-up or stage costumes, then they’d be onto something.

  34. DrPhowstus

    @32 — Good day, my good sir! I would ask if you’re lonely, but that’s a given. It must suck to be a 49 year old virgin, especially when you’re a dude. And stop thinking about my exit hole. Now if you’ll ‘scuse me, I have to go to the toilet and take a massive kelLIE. Fucking food from Florida always gives me the runs. The look Ali Carter has in the first picture is similar to the one kelLIE gets when asked what he thinks about intelligence. Good answer, dude.

  35. What r u now a freakin BUTT-ler,,(my good sir),,I guess now your British,(gayass)! Y do u want to to have a dick…I would kill myself if I had that shit hanging off of my body..I’m a GIRL..U fuckin freak! Sorry,not one of your boytoys…

  36. DrPhowstus

    @36 — My apologies, sir. Confusion about one’s gender and sexual orientation shouldn’t be mocked. I’m sorry for calling you a dude, sir.

  37. DrPhowstus

    Oh yea, YOU’RE (a contraction easily identifiable by the requisite apostrophe)means YOU ARE as in the sentence “kelLIE, YOU’RE a man”. YOUR is a possesive term denoting ownership of some sort as in the sentence “kelLIE, YOUR cock is enormous!” No need to thank me, sir. I’m here to help.

  38. I hate your MooooFoooooo stupid dickweed asshole…there is one way to prove I’m a girl, but that evidence is not for U.

    Oh yea, quit trying to act like your sophisticated in your typing…coz your f’n ass is still shut the fuck up with that fucking British shit….

  39. p911gt10c

    She first appeared on the cover of Esquire as the fictional persona of up-and-coming starlet “Allegra Coleman,” part of the magazine’s satirical stab at Hollywood publicity, even though it was a hoax.

    Her real claim to fame, and the source of millions of teen wet dreams, was her apperance in Varsity Blues, wearing a whipped cream bikini.

    DQ ain’t got nothin that sweet.

  40. Debutantejaim

    She was in Final Destination as a brunette.
    Her one character on Heroes is lame(Niki) but her alter ego Jessica is a bad-ass bitch!

  41. jrzmommy♠

    Mmmm….The Menses Smoothie.

  42. Thanks 27, before I couldn’t remember where I saw her before heroes, which is stupid, because I own all the Jay & Silent Bob movies.

    Oh yeah, 41, thanks too…she’s one of those actresses that you see now and again, but never know her name.

    Oh, and period blood is best shaken, not stirred.

    Did Thilo write this article???

  43. DrPhowstus

    @39 — Bollocks! You bloody wanker… your colourful language truly proves you Yanks are pains in the arse. That and your posts tend to be replete with such rancid flavour. I hope Hurricane Phowstus blows Mickey Mouse land right off bloody map. I see I’ve made you cross and unable to organise your thoughts, you cheeky chap. When I speak the Queen’s tongue, I had little thought that queen to you means “It’s Raining Men”.

  44. Ruby

    Kelli with an i is everywhere! like a phonetically-challenged fungus! good GOD.

  45. DennisTheMenace

    That is her!! Ali Larter is the face in Superficial’s banner! Cute little nose, those lips… that smile… she just oozes sexuality! YUMMY! And if you google her, she has been in a ton of stuff. Wasn’t she in Final Destination too?? :o) I think she is smokin’ hot!

  46. the chicken

    #44 How droll that by merely being polite, kelli with an “i” thinks you’re British, and the only thing that conjures up is butlers! Apparently the institution it’s in only has two videos – “Batman” and “Clue”. Dr. P, don’t even start with “cheerio”, kelli’ll think you mean its cereal.

  47. DennisTheMenace

    Here is a list of appearances w/ images:

  48. Who in America says things like”MY GOOD SIR”? Sounds British to me or butlerish!

  49. Plowshit–u freakin wish a hurricane would get me…In 18 yrs., not one where I sorry, but I won’t be blowing away this hurricane season.(My Good Sir) piece of shit…

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