Ali Larter in a bikini

August 24th, 2008 // 65 Comments

After the Madonna concert post, seeing Ali Larter in a bikini is like a breath of fresh air – that’s wearing a bikini. Then again, you could show me a picture of celery right now and I’d probably weep tears of joy.

Photos: Splash News

  1. ph7

    Let’s all contribute $5.00 to paypay to get her a boob job.

    Just 2,000 of us need to respond for nice ones. Once caveat: she must post the results here.

  2. Nique


  3. yo ma ma


  4. yo ma ma

    or not…damn it!!

  5. Vince Lombardi

    @1 – are you nuts? you’d ruin a perfect body.

    And I like the sheer material in the suit – she’s someone who knows how to pick something that’s titillating but not trashy. Would love to see her in that coming from the surf.

  6. Spanky

    I want her to birth my babies.

  7. Danielle

    Oh how this site has become retardly boring. Anywhoo, Ali Larter (??whoever the hell she is) has great abs and as expected, flat tittays!! Hope she doesn’t go buy a pair, and be the 500 millionth see-through to do so. Tsk Tsk.

  8. Big Joe

    Loved her since “Varsity Blues”…hhhhmmmm, whippedcream bikini!!!! Who’s the douche w/ her?


    The best looking bitch in these pictures is the German Shepard! Mach schnell, baby!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Anonymous

    It’s not a boob job if she does this procedure which doesn’t involve silicon. The end result make the boobs all natural. No implants involved but the girl will still have bigger tits.

  11. Ted Kennedy's tumor

    Why is shewalking like John Wayne in the last photo?

    I bet she keeps her muff nice and trimmed.

    She looked her hottest in Final Destination.

  12. It would be great if she didn’t have child boobs.

  13. I Know My Rights

    That bitch OWES me big tits. How dare she take a swim without proper flotation devices. Listen up, ho’s: Don’t appear in public in a bathing suit unless you got nice big round ones for me. And no cellulite. It’s the law.

  14. blowup doll lover

    My blowup doll is more feminine and has bigger boobs

  15. High Standards

    Not good enough for me. I guess I’ll have to stay a virgin.

  16. juicy

    She’s got a great body. There’s no need for a boob job. She just needs a bathing suit that has more structure in the bra area.

  17. bootlips


  18. woodie

    Love her. She is so hot in Heroes. Sexy.

  19. Mike

    She’s fat. Look at that flab on her sides. Gross!

  20. Ted Mosby

    I’m friends with her and I have a hard time not jacking off to these pictures. Think of what it must be to see her face to face.

  21. sla

    Except for the Britney/Jessica hat, she looks great.

  22. mike is a faggot

    #21 go fuck yourself

  23. Silo

    She was pictured on the set of some crappy movie sitting next to co-star Ron Jeremy with his half-hard cock hanging out. Sweet.

  24. tenor

    How little do you have to eat to look this good?

  25. Tim

    She is truly lacking in the breast department. Very sad.

  26. Mik

    @ #24: Nice attitude. I can tell what her future holds for her… another 5-7 years and she will barely qualify as a MILF. She should get lipo now. Maybe they could suck it out of her side-flab bags and inject it back into where here boobs *should* be.

  27. Big Oil

    I would drill that like an offshore oil field…

  28. llllllllll

    That guy thinks he looks amazing with his “abs”.
    Someone please tell him those are not abs and that he looks like the michelin man

  29. rough daddy

    yeah her body’s rocking, wish she didnt have that bony chest though and no implants please…

  30. gina

    She looks really sexy here in that bikini. Not much of a chest, but she does make up for it in other areas.

  31. The Original Anonymous Coward

    Not bad at for 32 considering…

  32. dude

    cool dog.

  33. The Clap

    I feel weird saying this, but I expected hotter…in the show she looks amazing…here, kinda average. Oh well.

  34. JT

    Either she gained weight or they airbrushed the hell out of her on the cover of Shape magazine a few months ago because she looked way better than this!

  35. Yeah That

    She looks fantastic.

  36. ashley

    the strings on the bottom of her bikini are realllllllllllllly long

  37. Grizzle

    It looks like she used her Heroes powers to get Scott Peterson out of jail too.

  38. Kellie

    She does NOT need implants! Her body is cute and perfect…and NATURAL! My GSD looks the same as her dog, great breed!

  39. monkeyfightclub

    I would destroy her.

  40. Pinbacker

    What a bod, I’d tap that non-stop for a week and then get tired of her.

  41. drew

    She is stunning and I want her kiss,LOL. But I am so sad that she has not login for three weeks. What happend? You have found someone?

  42. Cropco

    Jerkin now. Oh shit. Wait. SPLAT!

  43. Boggled

    It would be cool if she didn’t look like a boy.

  44. tc

    All this talk of Heroes is making me breastless..

  45. tc

    Sorry. I meant to say restless. No idea what made me say breastless.

  46. Rome

    @ 25

    What the name of that film and where can I find stills of mentioned scene?

  47. Rome

    @ 25

    What is the name of that film and where can I find stills of mentioned scene?

  48. …………………….THERE IS A BABY IN her?

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