Ali Lohan Denies Getting Plastic Surgery, Is ‘Just Growing Up,’ You Guys

September 9th, 2011 // 70 Comments

After being photographed in Beverly Hills earlier in the week, Ali Lohan (above) has been accused of getting plastic surgery, or at minimum Botox, along with starving herself to death presumably via a diet of coke scraps left over by Lindsay which I’m clearly joking about because Lindsay would crack Ali’s face open and snort out the residue if she ever touched one granule. RadarOnline reports:

In an exclusive statement to, Ali’s powerhouse publicist, Steve Honig says: “Aliana has never had any type of plastic surgery in her life, nor has she ever considered it. Her success as a model lies with her natural looks and she has no interest in changing that.
“During the past two years, she has gone through a normal teenage growth spurt that has made her taller and slimmer. It has also slightly changed the composure of her face, all of which is typical of what happens to kids in their mid to late teens. It’s what most people refer to as the awkward stage. Ali is growing up, that’s all.”

Ali’s modeling agency has also chimed in and denied the reports because you can always trust an industry that’s barely one step removed from trafficking sex slaves:

“As a young girl who is growing up, it’s natural for her facial features to change slightly, and we see this with many of the younger models we represent. Aliana is a beautiful 17-year-old girl who is growing into her face and body, as is the norm for someone of her age.

Keep in mind the Lohan family has a proud history of selling exclusive statements denying clear, obvious facts, so you can safely assume that not only has Ali had plastic surgery, but Dina did it herself with an old pen-knife and a bottle of Beefeater. “Now, remember Aliana, I’ll pour a little bit onto the incisions, but if you don’t catch it all in this glass I swear to God I’ll shove you right back in my womb and abort you. Love you!”

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  1. Ali Lohan New Face Plastic Surgery Russell Brand
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow, Ali’s looking a little haggard. :(

  2. pinto beans


    • lkj

      Here’s what I think: Ali was never a beauty, even when growing up. Her mom was upset with this and tried to remodel her little daughter, by changing her hair and eyes colour, using excessive make up on her, and finally getting surgery. And NOT only to her boobs.

  3. Ali Lohan New Face Plastic Surgery Russell Brand
    Commented on this photo:

    If these are pictures of Ali Lohan … she should sue her doctor.

  4. Lee

    Wait, is this a mispost or did the plastic surgery Ali got turned her into Russell Brand?

    Damn, and we thought Heidi Montag’s work was awful.

  5. Louwww

    I demand compensation for my recognition of Ali Lohan looking like Russell Brand, as noted here:

  6. Carolyn

    Ummmmm…….she looks delicious.

  7. it had to be said

    Yeah. No plastic surgery. As if. Look at that beard.

  8. BigL

    OMG I about spit my drink everywhere!! They do sorta look alike now… Classic LOL

  9. Paul Sykes

    She’s got a nice beard.

  10. Chaz Bono’s doctor could learn a thing or three from Ali’s.

    • Fletch

      Actually, I think it was Chastity’s intention to look like the man Dean Wormer warned us about becoming.

  11. Ace Rockola

    Russell Brand? I thought it was Anne Hathaway.

  12. Lauren

    Thank you for this, Superficial Writer Guy. I laughed so hard that I snorted.

  13. McDouche

    HAHAH!! I love you guys!! (I hate this douche)

  14. NotSoNyyce

    Wow! Sue the bastard that did HER plastic surgery! WTF!

  15. Ali Lohan New Face Plastic Surgery Russell Brand
    Commented on this photo:

    The fuck?
    Hell, who am I kidding… I’d still hit it. :(

  16. Freebie

    Best she’s ever looked.

  17. jonny

    personally, I like a women with a larger clitoris.

  18. Rocky

    I’d go gay for that anyway Ali

  19. There seems to be a pretty clear message being sent here:

    Everyone: OMG, Ali Lohan looks skeletal…totally anorexic!

    Lohan press rep: Ali has absolutely NOT had plastic surgery!

  20. Evern more ridiculous when you consider girls don’t get “growth spurts” at 17 – not unless they’re actually teenage boys.

    • Anyrina

      Human growth hormon. Explains her “growth spurt”: gettting taller. extremes (nose, jaw, fingers etc.) gettting longer, face getting more skeletal structure.

      • The “growth spurt” is bullshit, it’s a lame attempt to explain what looks like an eating disorder by spinning it as “she’s grown so tall overnight that her weight hasn’t caught up yet!” As I said before, girls get their growth spurts well before boys do for a reason – and even if menarche hits as late as 15, they still don’t tend to grow much more than 2″ after that.

        As to HGH, if she’s not planning to play hoops professionally, why would she be taking that? Acromegaly would be a better explanation, but I don’t see any sign of that – I just someone who looks really underweight. Sad.

      • Anyrina

        She might need HGH if she is not naturally tall enough for a serious model. Lindsay is not tall either, as far as I recall.

  21. Guilty of rough crimes

    Hey! Thats not ali. Why does she have facial hairs?

  22. POWW

    Fish–you are bordering on cruel vs just plain old bad taste.
    She is 17 and probably anorexic–something that is very serious.
    Just because her last name is Lohan–does not condone you
    and your “fans” to go off on her. Rethink this please.

    • she puts herself out there so she’s fair game

    • LJ

      She is a fashion model. She makes money by being skinny and posing for pictures that appear in magazines. If she is anorexic it is to meet the demands of the industry and encouraged by her family. Not pointing it out only leads to the enablers reinforcing her denial.

    • ChinaSuperficial

      POWW PoS: Get a grip, dude. She is a model. She didn’t develop an eating disorder because of Fish, and she isn’t going to stop because we mock her. If you are looking for sensitivity and support, you may wish to avoid a website called “the superficial”. Figure it out.

      PS you are fat.

      • POWW

        You get a grip China Man. No where on my post did I accuse the superficial writer of helping her “develope an eating disorder” I simply suggested because of her AGE and the SERIOUSNESS of anorexia, that maybe this is one post that might have crossed the line. Obviously I am alone in this view.
        As far as her being a model—I doubt she’ll actually HAVE A MODELING CAREER—TRY AS HER MOTHER (AND I USE THAT WORD LOOSELY) tries to make it happen.
        PS You must have a little pecker

      • ChinaSuperficial

        POWW: If she is old enough to be modelling, she old enough for me to make fun of. Anorexia isn’t a serious problem: most chicks go through some kind of eating disorder at some point, then they grow out of it. For Western women “grow” is the operative word. America does have a body size related health problem, and it ain’t being too thin.

        PS: my pecker is little – but it satisfies me just fine. I will make make three smart children with it, and they will all go to college and earn more money than you.

      • Tia's Boss

        China Superfifical: “Anorexia isn’t a serious problem: most chicks go through some kind of eating disorder at some point, then they grow out of it.”

        That is the single most ignorant thing I’ve ever read. If you actually believed that, which you probably don’t, I would want to inquire who was doing the typing for you, since you are obviously a non differentiated amoeba in a petri dish.
        How do you intend to have smart babies? Imprison a smart lady and knock her up?

    • If she offed someone she would get tried as an adult.

      • ChinaSuperficial

        Tia’s Boss: Incidence in Americans: 0.3-1%. Average duration 1.7 years.

        ” Even in severe cases of AN, despite a noted 30% relapse rate after hospitalization, and a lengthy time to recovery ranging from 57–79 months, the full recovery rate was still 76%. There were minimal cases of relapse even at the long term follow-up conducted between 10–15 years.”
        Feel free to to check CDC or Wikipedia for actual facts, rather than emotional status affiliation.
        Again, because you ignored it: America has a health problem. It isn’t being too thin.

  23. Jinxy

    Hahahaha! Awkward stage, did her own publicist just call her ugly? I think he did. Hahahahaha! Loads of successful ugly models out there! Notice she’s not actually modelling or anything either. She needs to be in school or she’ll end up ignorant like her washed up sister.

  24. donveynor

    This is some truly inspired photo selection. Well done, Fish, well done.

  25. zomgbie

    lol @ ali has a publicist.

  26. your mom

    Wait, I thought plastic surgery was supposed to make someone better looking… super fail.

    • Jack Ketch

      EPIC fail … she was ugly to start with … such unfortunate looks, poor kid. Even worse than the Willis kids.

  27. LJ

    Come on guys, this is just not fair. These pictures were taken before she went in for the waxing.

  28. Ali Lohan New Face Plastic Surgery Russell Brand
    Commented on this photo:

    What about some photos of Monica Bellucci in the Venice Film Festival? She looks ABSOLUTELY F***ing HOT there

  29. Ali Lohan New Face Plastic Surgery Russell Brand
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow. I bet Lindsay is pissed that Ali is the hotter sister now.

  30. Jack Ketch

    Where the hell is everyone getting “pretty” and “beautiful” ?? The kid is ugly as sin !! Gah !! Before AND after the surgery.

  31. Gerald Tarrant

    So Ali Lohan is a gay ex-junky with a hot beard? Sweet, Dina must be proud.

  32. Inga Parks

    this is so funny.

  33. Lynx

    Wait, what? I’m so confused right now.

  34. What a retard

    Gebus, Ali Lohan looks like she’s been kept hidden in a concentration camp. Emaciated & nasty.

    As for the self serving bullshit announcement the modeling agency put out, who cares. They’re one step above child pornograpghers anyway…

  35. Dan

    “Dina did it herself with an old pen-knife and a bottle of Beefeater”

    Oh man I loled on this one. I can picture it :)

  36. Ali Lohan New Face Plastic Surgery Russell Brand
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s never looked better.

  37. Ali Lohan New Face Plastic Surgery Russell Brand
    Commented on this photo:

    shave and a samich…sayin…

  38. CranAppleSnapple

    Yeah, as we grow older, the huge bump on the bridge our hook-nose flattens out, and then awhile later the tip halves in size. That’s just natural maturing.

  39. GG1000

    She really ought to sue that doctor; she’s been turned into an overly hirsute British dude.

  40. Nate

    That one single picture of Ali that everyone is going ape shit over is so obviously a fake! Photoshopped.

  41. LoLoLO

    this is hilarious

  42. t

    Oh wait, I thougth she was a girl.

  43. jaime

    hahahhahha great picture

  44. Ali Lohan New Face Plastic Surgery Russell Brand
    Commented on this photo:

    desnect into alcoholism, Dina is working her younger daughter too handing teenage Ali Lohan over to modeling sharks amidst speculation that the 17 year old has had cosmetic

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