Alexander Skarsgard Will Have Sex With The East Coast Now

Last week, I reported that Alexander Skarsgard (Code Name: Swedish Plow) was not only single, but determined to perpetually bathe in the fountains of Lake Pussycaca, and 8,000 women clicked “Like” in a fit of vapors. Well, I bring you tidings of good news, ladies who choose to live on a coast not threatening to crack off and fall into the ocean, the Skarsgard has come to New York with one thought on his mind: Pleasure. Here he is leaving a taping of Live with Regis & Kelly in New York before setting up shop outside of Gemma’s and not even trying to lure you in because he doesn’t have to. You will come to him and maybe not bring your ugly friend. Yes, Alexander Skarsgard will make the sex with her, too, but he’d prefer not to. Don’t take advantage of his honor, is what his Viking midget ambassador told me to tell you in a dream. It was all very mystical.

Photo: INFdaily