Alexander Skarsgard Banged Olivia Munn Now

“Look at that smile I put on Mario Batali’s face, you sly dog…”

Life & Style reports Alexander Skarsgard touched Olivia Munn’s arm at the HBO Official Emmy After Party Sunday night which is way more than I needed to hear to know he Mjolnir’d her vagina. They could’ve simply wrote “Olivia Munn breathed air” and that still would’ve been overkill. All I need to know is, does she have at least one open orifice? Doesn’t matter, he still fucked her.

Photo Boy, not me, likes to believe this song plays every time Alexander Skarsgard unzips his pants, except everyone knows they’re merely a mirage of your mind. For actually seeing, truly seeing, what’s underneath them would render your mind inert. And double-pregnant.

Photos: Getty, Pacific Coast News