Well, That Explains The Polar Vortex

January 8th, 2014 // 32 Comments
Alexander Skarsgard Naked Toilet South Pole

The South Pole‘s pregnant. It’s having a baby. I don’t know why science didn’t think of it first.

Photo: Instagram


  1. richie

    Will you please take Miley off your web site She is nothing but
    trash as is the kardashian

    • JC

      Oh, come now. We’ve all made fun of Miley’s short haircut, but this is clearly not her. He doesn’t have his tongue hanging out, he appears to know how to read (or at least how to hold a book properly), and he’s obviously not the product of incest.

  2. Somebody is going to be wiping their ass with snow.

    Which actually isn’t as bad as it sounds. Your ass comes out clean and freezing your anus is surprisingly refreshing.

  3. Just outside of picture: Arctic Tyrannosaurus Rex

  4. Mohawk Disco

    If karma works this man has to be reborn as a trash can in his next life. That’s the only way balance will be restored.

  5. To everyone in the East Coast and in the Midwest: next time you start bitching about the cold, remember that damn photo.

  6. Mo one has received a +1 yet – now is my time to shine….


  7. coljack

    Global warming? More like global hotting! Get him out of there before we have an ice-free Arctic in the middle of winter!

  8. Even with the inevitable cold weather shrinkage, he’s probably still twice as huge as me. Cruel fate!!

  9. SewMeDown

    I’d like him to make a jizz vortex out of my vag. just sayin’.

  10. Kimmykimkim

    Fish, honey, I feel like it’s time for a new man-crush. May I suggest anyone but this guy? Someone with a chin, perhaps?

  11. He’s the cause of global warming.

  12. just say'n

    Because of the naturally occuring ozone hole at both the poles the sunlight there has alot of UV in it. Which along with being cold, is one of the reasons people there are always covered up. If this guy isn’t careful he’s going to come down with a bad case of skin cancer.

  13. eh

    How did I miss this?!
    He is so damn sexy.

  14. mo

    This is a still from his new 90 R&B paradoy video “Shit in Box”

    It’s my shit in a box now baybee…

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