Alexander Skarsgard Went Full Frontal On ‘True Blood’ Last Night. Clear Your Afternoon.

August 19th, 2013 // 33 Comments
Alexander Skarsgard Full Frontal Nude
Skarsgard & Kenneth?
Alexander Skarsgard Jack McBrayer
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Unless you work in a maternity ward, you probably have no idea that there’s been an 800% increase in child births in the past 15 hours. And the reason for that is Alexander Skarsgard went full frontal on the season finale of True Blood last night. And by full frontal I do mean Swedish Thunder-penis. So you’ll find a link to that below, and in return all I ask is that, for the sake of prophecy, you use these names for the quintuplets that will fire out of you whether you’re man, woman or beast:

1. Quintence Rutherford
2. Lucifer John Barrellian
3. Beef Wellington
4. Short Round
5. Logan John J. Thundercat, Lord of Asgard

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  1. AnnaD.

    Something something HOLY SHIT MY OVARIES something

  2. Deacon Jones

    My wife has watched this show since season 1, and this season was so bad I couldnt even pay attention to it. It’s comical at this point, last night’s finale just looked like they had 60 minutes to kill and randomly filmed shit.

  3. EricLR

    I hear that just SEEING his penis will get you pregnant. At least, that’s what my girlfriend claims.

  4. I only have eyes for Fassbender nudity. That reads kinda gay.

  5. Cock Dr

    While I am unimpressed I do thank the blogger for the posting.

  6. Freebie

    Is this picture supposed to turn me on? Its rather boring.

  7. Batu Khan

    This was a test of the emergency “Am I gay” system! If you had been actually gay this picture would have been followed by a massive erection.

  8. JungleRed

    “Thunder penis” is overly generous,but thanks for the pictures.

  9. While he might look god like his wang is very human.

  10. leila

    i know it’s contrary to everything that this site stands for, but i think that a little mystery is sometimes a good thing. all this scene did for me is remind me that men always ignore working out their legs in favor of their chests and forearms. actresses aren’t allowed to leave a single part of their bodies untouched or un-worked-out. you guys gotta step it up.

    • yes, I noticed his gross legs right away, like flabby lamp posts. I see a lot of the gay men on this site think he is hot and the guy who runs this site really thinks alex here is super hot. But I can’t understand why any hetero female would find him attractive. He is a very average looking guy, flabby body and all. I gather from the posts he is supposed to have a very large penis? Bring out the paper bags!

  11. if i were a vampire for thousands of years and suddenly could be in the passionate embrace of the sun i wouldnt go to the arctic circle to cuddle up with it.

  12. my 2 cents

    I saw that episode, you don’t really get a good eye full of the whole package, he bends over and you get a glimpse of something, but not everything. Damn it.

  13. “Not impressed yet? Just wait for me to turn this page.”

  14. anonym

    Ok ladies. Don’t be disappointed.

    He must be a grower, not a show-er

  15. Karitakon

    The show has been god awful since season 4 and they know it. They been throwing even more sex, nudity, and beautiful people to keep peoples interests.

  16. Chocolate Twinkies are Real

    I think Alex looks just fine for being hunched over and flaccid. But did you guys see Tom Hardy’s peen in Bronson? I was a bit shocked at how um…shy it was. I think when we find men sexy and masculine, we create bigger expectations for what’s down below.

    According to Wikipedia: The mean of an erect human penis is approximately 12.9–15.0 cm (5.1–5.9 in) in length. Flaccid penis length is a poor estimate of erect length.

  17. Chocolate Twinkies are Real

    Oh…and Fish, I love you! I am going to use names #1 and #5 to name my twins.

  18. duuuuuude………I’m getting the vapors over here. YUMMY.
    And Fish, I LOVE YOU for this!

  19. mmmmmmm THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!

  20. Kelly

    Why does his head (the one on his shoulders) look so tiny….????

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