Alexander Skarsgard Went Full Frontal On ‘True Blood’ Last Night. Clear Your Afternoon.

Unless you work in a maternity ward, you probably have no idea that there’s been an 800% increase in child births in the past 15 hours. And the reason for that is Alexander Skarsgard went full frontal on the season finale of True Blood last night. And by full frontal I do mean Swedish Thunder-penis. So you’ll find a link to that below, and in return all I ask is that, for the sake of prophecy, you use these names for the quintuplets that will fire out of you whether you’re man, woman or beast:

1. Quintence Rutherford
2. Lucifer John Barrellian
3. Beef Wellington
4. Short Round
5. Logan John J. Thundercat, Lord of Asgard

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