Alexander Skarsgard is Single, DTF

July 27th, 2011 // 65 Comments

Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth have called it quits, according to Us Weekly, and apparently he couldn’t be happier with his new life of plowing through anything with a vagina. I’m as shocked as you are:

During a July 21 Film District bash at Comic-Con in San Diego, the actor, 34, flirted with a brunette — and left the party with her.
“He’s single,” confirms a source, “and he is loving the attention!”

I know this site seems primarily aimed at dudes because we’ll look at anything with two yams or a butt, which is why it feels nice to have a chance to turn to the ladies and say, If you’ve ever thought about desperately hurling your naked body at Alexander Skarsgard, he’d probably fuck you right now without ever learning your name or caring about a single word coming out of your mouth because he’s Alexander Skarsgard and doesn’t have to.

You’re welcome.

Photo: Getty, INFdaily, Pacific Coast News, Splash News


  1. Cock Dr


  2. Alexander Skarsgard Single
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Wonder what it’s like to have EVERYONE wanting to fuck you.

  3. TomFrank

    “I’m sorry, Kate. I always knew that after I became an honorary doctor of the arts, I would dump whoever I was with and find someone better. That’s the dream of becoming an honorary doctor of the arts.”

  4. I could have sworn he loved the cock.

  5. Alexander Skarsgard Single
    Cock Dr
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    Hmmm…needs a shave.

  6. Alexander Skarsgard Single
    Cock Dr
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    He does have nice eyes.

  7. Greg

    Wow, sound like the author is in fact Kate Bosworth ranting about her X

  8. Alixia

    Thanks for the heads up. Redirecting my vagina in his direction!

  9. Deacon Jones

    I can’t believe he agreed to star in “Battleship”, the biggest high-priced piece of shit since Armageddon.

    Hollywood is dead.

    • let’s see….Brooklyn Decker is also in the movie. That would be a no brainer.

      1. Show up to work on the movie set
      2. Pull out penis and insert into Brooklyn’s ass
      3. ???
      4. Profit

    • The Critical Crassness

      DJ…It died a long time ago….this is just further proof that there are no artists left in Hollywood!

  10. archphoenix

    It’s a beautiful day!

  11. So, is that Rihanna he’s about to scoop there?

    • Laura Lee

      NO! that’s Kate dressed like Rhianna-For real! Crazy right? She must be insecure and clingy, because Orlando Bloom dumped her, hooked up with Miranda Kerr 2 months later, impregnated her, and then married her. Kate Bosworth didn’t even get a ring!
      I don’t understand why so many people (particular) women (with too much time on theirs hands) are hating on Kate. What’s going on here? It’s like every since she hooked up with Alex, jealous, less attractive, vengeful women, have been out for her blood. She’s dating one of most coveted bachelors on this side of the globe. 99% of you whinny sniveling babies, should find your own man and stop attacking the women who date this man. You will never have him, nor would he ever want you. Just look in the mirror, take a deep breath and return back to your burgers, fries, and uninteresting lives! LOL!!!!

      • silver spoon

        I think the “hate” is because she can’t act, has zero charisma and – ever since she lost stupid amounts of weight to become a fashion girl – doesn’t even have “hot” on her CV anymore. She’s basically just a Kardashian/Nicole Richie/ Paris Hilton-style oxygen thief now and people generally don’t like the idea of a attractive, talented young gentleman dating one over a woman of greater perceived substance.

  12. Alexander Skarsgard Single
    Commented on this photo:

    Oooh, she’s wearing those limited-edition Batman sound-effects earrings. I wonder if the other one says “WHAMM!” or” OOOOFF!”

  13. Richard McBeef

    I get this guy and Skwisgaar Skwigelf confused despite the latter being lightyears more awesome than the former.

  14. Alexander Skarsgard Single
    Commented on this photo:

    “You were right, Alex. With these glasses and this half-beard, no one’s recognized me enough to kick my ass for ruining Green Lantern.”

  15. Alexander Skarsgard Single
    Commented on this photo:

    I would not reject this man’s carefully wrapped penis.

  16. Carrie

    The things I would do to him. . . . .

  17. Alexander Skarsgard Single
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    Hey hey hey, what about Jason Stackhouse? He deserves to be mentioned in this pic. Delicious.

  18. Alexander Skarsgard Single
    Satan's bitch
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  19. The Critical Crassness

    I believe picture #7 is the brunette he left with….which explains why he and Kate Bosworth are no longer together…she tired of being the “beard”.

  20. Susannie

    I hear he walks around naked in True blood sex scenes. Why og WHY haven’t anyone posted pictures of that on the internet????

  21. someone doesn’t know what “brunette” means…

  22. I’m glad my last name doesn’t look like a cat walked across the keyboard.

  23. Alexander Skarsgard Single
    Commented on this photo:

    I give that hairline 4 years, max.

  24. browny


  25. Marceelf

    Jesus, Fish, don’t tease me like that. I wouldn’t even have to talk to him?

  26. Marceelf

    I would fuck him in front of my boyfriend, with both eyes open. Damn, he has got the fuck me eyes down!!

  27. Alexander Skarsgard Single
    adolf hitler
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    exqueeze me, but have you ever heard of styling gel? lol

  28. Alexander Skarsgard Single
    adolf hitler
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    “shit, am i famous or somethin?”

  29. Alexander Skarsgard Single
    Commented on this photo:

    Come to mama.

  30. Alexander Skarsgard Single
    Commented on this photo:

    So wait, I can fuck him, and the only ramifications are that he won’t pay attention to anything beyond my erogenous areas?

    …. that seems fair.

  31. oh

    He’s considered attractive? By what blind tribe?

    This weekend I’m going to mountain-climb on his forehead.

    • Laura Lee

      Let’s see a picture of you! you must be gods gift to man kind if you’re bold and arrogant enough to make a comment like that. Whose swooning over you?

    • Alexandersbiggestfan

      You must be from a different breed of people all together cause just about every woman that I know thinks that he is extremely sexy. His eyes scream fuck me!

  32. the one

    he likes to have YES-MEN around his person.

  33. Alexander Skarsgard Single
    Dr Ha-Ha
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    Comic-Con’s on the spot plumber looking for a loo to unclog.

  34. Alexander Skarsgard Single
    Dr Ha-Ha
    Commented on this photo:

    Kevin is pulling off the most convincing transvestite look I’ve ever seen.

  35. Nicole

    So tall… So sexy…

    WANT. NOW.

  36. Banjobraids

    He makes me laugh (at wearing panties)!

  37. Peachy

    OOOOOOOh My God!!! This guy is the one and only one on my “promission to fuck”-list. I should warn my boyfriend he’s on the loose now…

  38. kulit

    He’s tall. Has a weird-looking old-man face. Pre-anorexia Kate Bosworth would’ve been way out of his league. I’m a woman and I don’t see the appeal at all.

  39. D-chi

    He is pretty and I approve.

  40. Alexander Skarsgard Single
    Kitten karloso
    Commented on this photo:

    Break me off a piece of that!

  41. Alexander Skarsgard Single
    Commented on this photo:

    @TomFrank i think your confusing him for Ryan Renolds. Thats Ryan Kwanten. Fail.

  42. Peachy

    Maybe it’s a nordic thing then… I’m from Finland and I just can’t get over the hottnes of Alex

  43. Alexandersbiggestfan

    Oh I would fuck him anywhere, anytime, and in front of anyone. He is the most attractive man that I have ever laid eyes on. His eyes draw you in. and he has the nicest ass I have ever seen. He is just hot hot hot.

  44. thespiral

    yes, but did he buy her an ORANGE MOCHA FRAPPUCCINO??

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