Alexander Skarsgard Is Wounded. He Needs You!

I almost didn’t want to post these because they’re too difficult to look at, but here’s a bruised and beaten Alexander Skarsgard who I’m assuming ran into somebody’s husband that apparently didn’t appreciate seeing triplets fly out of his wife’s vagina and/or the strange, yet exciting passion he experienced after gazing upon Alexander Skarsgard’s face for the first time and being taken to a land where pleasure is king and nothing is forbidden. They say some men just want to watch the world burn, and that’s clearly whoever did this because just look at him. He barely looks like he’s going to fuck a fly. Women are probably seeing these and not even missing their periods. THIS WORLD IS LOST I TELL YOU! LOST!

Get it. He’s wounded? Broken wings? Shut up, it was this or “Bad Medicine.”

Photos: FameFlynet