Alexander Skarsgard Has a Testicle Head Now

The last time I saw Alexander Skarsgard was back at the Emmys when he and Nicole Kidman turned Keith Urban into a cuckold in front of millions of people. He had a mustache then, but, according to these pictures and my spidey-like sense of deductive reasoning, that mustache has been shaved. Perhaps he went a little razor crazy after ditching the ‘stache, deciding to give himself that “don’t leave me with your kids” look that’s so in right now. (Has it ever been out, though?)

The Swede has been known to remind people that he doesn’t give a fuck on red carpets… You may recall last year when he showed up to a premiere in full drag. It was equal parts attractive and terrifying but overall pretty cool.

So tell me, and give me your honest opinion… Would you have sex or give an over-the-pants hand job to this version of Alexander Skarsgard who looks like the dad from That ’70s Show?

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