Alexa Chung Was My Met Gala Favorite And More Link-Beef

Colbert’s monologue was like a bunch of “yo momma so Trump-” jokes, until he said something about blowing Vlad Putin and all of a sudden people are offended… I’m not. I’m desensitized.

The original cast of The Godfather are hanging out for the film’s 45th anniversary- if anyone needs me I’ll be re-binging all three for the next day and a half…

TMZ jerks their knee AGAIN into some poor sap’s semi-famous dick. I knew that this Chris Soules car crash drama sounded fake, so I didn’t cover it- now it turns out the guy didn’t leave the scene at all.

Janet Jackson is officially divorcing a super rich, abusive sheik (or prince maybe?) and gives me the willies when she talks in this video.

Lena Dunham had an OK time at the Met Gala, I guess…

Reince Priebus on amending the 1st Amendment: “it’s something being looked at…” God help us all.