A-Rod ditches his kids for Madonna on Thanksgiving

November 25th, 2008 // 46 Comments

Usually, after leaving your wife in a highly-publicized divorce, it’s important to let your kids know you still love them. Especially around the holidays. Or you can go the A-Rod route and totally bail on them to eat turkey with your Cryptkeeper mistress. Father of the Year, folks. Page Six reports:

The Yankee slugger, who ditched his wife of six years, Cynthia, after becoming besotted with Madonna, is a “soul-less” man who is “abandoning” his kids on Thanksgiving for his lover, according to what Cynthia is telling friends.
“Access Hollywood” reports that Cynthia, who’s in the final stages of her divorce from A-Rod, wrote an e-mail to a confidant noting: “My 6-foot-3, 220-pound soul-less, soon-to-be ex-husband is abandoning his kids on Thanksgiving to be with Madonna . . . She called and he ran on her command back to New York City . . . Gross!”
To add insult to injury, after Rodriguez left Miami at Madonna’s beck and call, his lawyer called Cynthia and wanted her to sign the couple’s divorce settlement.

You know what? I have to give Cynthia Rodriguez some credit. How many of you ladies wouldn’t have downed a bottle of pills if your man left you for a woman who, by all legal definitions, is a corpse? That’s gotta hurt. I’m sure the shitloads of money is helping, but still, underneath Cynthia’s gold-digging exterior is a beating heart – I think. Maybe. I’ll get back to you on that.

UPDATE: Nope. Just a credit card for Tiffany’s, a stack of Euros and some china. False alarm!

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  1. havoc

    Richard Cranium.


  2. Anexio

    He’s a rod alright.

  3. My Jealous Unit

    In fairness to A-Rod, Madonna can likely pleasure him that none of the rest of us have even read about. Even in her advanced stage of decay, she’s got tricks, toys and props that would make our heads explode…literally,

    After being married to his wife, who appears to be into normal high-maintenance “don’t mess up my hair” sex, you can’t blame A-Rod for wanting to get all he can before Madonne turns to ashes.

    Putting it metaphorically, it’s like living on a prairie all your life and then being told you can climb Everest for free. In fact, it’s exactly like that, since they’re both millions of years old and both are frequented by Sherpas.

  4. Ted from LA

    Her friend is a shitty “confidant.”

  5. Anexio

    Hey Number 3, My Jealous Unit,

    You cant fool me Fish, that’s your writing style and it’s brilliant as usual.


  6. Ted from LA

    Speaking of Sherpas, everytime I go to the horseraces I wish I had one… what with the cigars, programs, tip sheets, beer, pen, Daily Racing Form, etc.

  7. Buyers Remorse already for 09'

    Fuck the family for thanksgiving, where are the skeletor whores?
    Cranberries, viagra and condoms for all…..

  8. ChuckleHead

    A-Rod is a waste of life and a waste of Steinbrenner’s money.

    And the Yankees suck.

  9. hendero

    No offense to gay people, but how gay does A-Rod look in these photos? No wonder he’s never won antyhing his whole career, he chokes in the playoffs, and since they signed him the Yankees have won nothing.

    And Madonna’s a skeletal fuck doll.

  10. Who cares! Guys been doing this since the beginning of time…Step up your game in the bedroom, and stop spending like theres no tomorrow…thats how you keep your marriage in tack…c-rod

  11. Narcissist

    A-Rod looks happy. Corpse Cooch for the holidays!

  12. mopeyjoe

    ARod looks a bit of a poofter in his first photo. I’m sure he knows what to do with his bat though when Madge bends double and widens her twat invitingly for him with her forefingers.

  13. Derek Jeter

    With his ex outing him like this, the pressure’s on A-Rod. I’m sure when he hooks up with Madonna he’ll take a page from his performances in high-pressure playoff situations…and grind into a DP.

  14. Sid

    “I’m sure he knows what to do with his bat though when Madge bends double and widens her twat invitingly for him with her forefingers.”

    Use the bat to try to wipe away the cobwebs?

  15. Anon

    We only have her word on this.

    Why make it public?

    maybe she’s doing the bitter ex-wife act and banned him from seeing his kids but telling everyone he doesn’t want to see them to get some sympathy of everyone.

    Women have been doing this since forever.

  16. Bette D.

    Well, the old dried up turkey wattle known as Vadge will be doing plenty of gobbling on T-Day…gobble gobble gobble spit—gobble gobble gobble swallow…anything to keep from being without a man! Bitch has to keep her status after all, being the animated corpse of Joan Crawford…

  17. D. Richards (heartless - pulse free)

    Hmmm let’s see, spending time with screaming mindless children or the undead…hmmmm…

    …he made the right choice!

  18. andy7171

    Madonna must have something magical between her legs.

  19. story recap

    - 2 cunts
    - 1 homo
    - kids
    - semen-filled turkey baster

  20. What a pussy!!

  21. David Blaine

    “Madonna must have something magical between her legs.”

    Yes, she does, it’s a clit that bears a striking resemblance to a corpse’s penis. Twaaaaaaa.

  22. Dave

    15 is right. It’s more than likely that she banned him from Thanksgiving or at least said to not come around, and then cried to her friend because he left to go see Madge. Women do crazy things like that. Yell at you to leave then bitch when you’re gone…

  23. Ryan the Canadian

    A-Rod is just doing it for the notch on the bat handle. He could care less about his ex-wife. By now he only sees her as a pain in the ass. He will bang Madonna and when she gets charming, beat it……Madge has some miles on that vadge – A-Rod better bring durex……

  24. weeeeeeeee!

    “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”
    - Winston Churchill

  25. billy


  26. BIO

    YES MADONNA is really a hot mama.she is 50 but she puts a lot of young girls on shame.she dancing more than 2 hours every show.she is defenily amazing.and yes see her sex book and check what she has between her legs.yummy.dont look at this kind of pictures of her .like when she goes to a gym.all womens looks bad with that outfit.look at her at parties.she is gourgeous

  27. bow wow


  28. Harry


    Vanilla Ice once said Madonna stunk in the sack. I think you’re reading too much into her reputation.

  29. JimmyBachaFungool

    Better than what Jeter is doing. He’s blown off his family to be with his boyfriend Lance Bass at the Dancing With the The Stars finale.

  30. cleo


  31. BY


  32. Louisville Slugger

    What a dirtbag this guy is. Totally overrated and a premier choke-artist in the playoffs; plus he’s into necrophilia to boot!

  33. Richard McBeef

    25, 26, 31 – Agree with yourself all you want you necro motherfucker. Maybe you should start putting spaces after the period and the different names might actually convey the idea that different people are posting.

    I used to give it a good hard teenage yank to Madonna through the late 80s and early to mid 90s. I think her usefulness as a masturbatory aid peaked around 92-94 and it has been downhill since then. It’s a natural progression. Now that skeletor man-armed bitch has passed away yet she still thinks that I can jack off to her. It’s sad really.

  34. Cash

    So, how can we believe *anything* his ex has to say anyway? I mean, she was burned for the GD Crypt Keeper for f*cks sake, of course she is going to be a little bitter.

    My friend’s ex was too busy being a drunken whore to spend thanksgiving with his daughter last year, but when she called to ask him why he wasn’t coming over, he told her “oh sweetheart I want to, but your mean mommy won’t let me come over to see you.” A-Rod is a douche of the highest order, but I’m pretty sure we aren’t getting the whole story here.

  35. gotmilk?

    Cynthia, your 15 minutes are up. A-Rod is only ditching his kids if he had them for Thanksgiving, and knowing this bitter soon to be ex hag, he didn’t. she’s just trying to make him look bad. too bad this bitch got knocked up after her husband was allegedly cheating with a stripper. dumbass.

  36. Kahlee

    erm, why did this story descend into being a bitchy dig at at Cynthia Rodriguez? What did she do?

  37. E. Norma Stitz

    Karma…When an unmanned spacecraft reenters earths atmosphere and eventually crashes into the motel room where A-rod and Travis Barker are secretly having homosexual relations. Everyone in the building, except the aforementioned couple, survives.

    A-Rod is a douchebag extraordinaire!

  38. Anon

    Kahlee, when she decided to have a bitchy dig at A-rod publicly

  39. Who Here HASN'T Effed Madonna??

    #28 – I think you’re giving way too much credit to Vanilla Ice. I think he’s currently working at Hot Topic in the Dallas Suburbs. I’m not sure I’ll take his word over Ritchie and Rodman. Especially Rodman – I bet his chocolate hog lit that sh!t up like the 4th of July!

  40. Amanda

    Seriously. They should bring back the old “tar and feather” punishment for deadbeats like this asshole.
    Oh yeah, Yankees suck.

  41. Narcissist

    @28 I thought Ice said she was good for an old woman…in ’90 was it?

  42. kelly

    A-Rod! If you are going to leave your wife, please at least leave her for someone who does not look like an anorexic alien , part cyborg, part dinosaur, part terminator creature—find an attractive alternative to your already attractive wife…Madonna is gross, not only looks wise but shes had things ( men) in her vagina that I wouldnt touch with Osama bin Ladens dick….shes gross and foul and guy ritchie should be happy hes rid of her skank ass…Amen

  43. MaryBelle

    “maybe she’s doing the bitter ex-wife act and banned him from seeing his kids but telling everyone he doesn’t want to see them to get some sympathy of everyone.

    Women have been doing this since forever.”

    And men have been making up lies like this one forever. Too transparent and too easy.

    If it weren’t for Steinbrenner that punk-ass faggot would be just another deadbeat dad in the barrio. Someone shoot him already and put us out of his misery!

  44. kudalaut

    A-rod looks like a wuss. He IS one. You see that small roundish face of his, little nose. His face doesnt say “Macho” or “Manly” at all. It just says, “I’m a little boy in a big boy’s body, I’ll crack under pressure just at the mere thought of it, i’m a follower, not a leader, I’m always and will be someone’s pansy. Thank god, i didnt have some little traumatic experience that would have made me prefer boys to girls. But u know what, I still might just go there yet. Madge is a step in the right direction after all, yes?

  45. M.S.

    I have kids with my ex and he didn’t spend thanksgiving with them he spent with his girlfriend and whoever else, so big shit.Love you Madonna!!!

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