Alessndra Ambrosio and company boggle the mind

March 1st, 2007 // 114 Comments

  1. Where's Waldo

    how the fuck can people come on here and try to say they aren’t that hot? these chicks define hot. sure there might be other girls that people think are hotter, but that doesn’t mean that these girls become not hot. they’re all fuckin smokin hot!

  2. Cats are being sold and abused. Its a pretty good bet, Alessandra Ambrosio is strangling her kitty with dental floss under that gold skirt. …seriously. Jusus! They’re all strangling their Kats!

  3. mia

    I totally agree.
    They should do like in the beers commercials. when you drink a beer, even if you’re a loser with a mullet, women in bikinis suddenly appears.
    It should be the same with underwears. When you put on your VS bra, naked men fall from the sky even if you look like rosie o’donnell in underwear.

  4. elf

    why cant everyday women advertise clothing? it makes way more sense and there have got to healthier looking gals with smaller heads that can do the job even better than these girls…my friends are hotter and they havent had anything done!

  5. NipsyHustle

    # 37

    i see your point. it’s all about playing on fragile female egos. those twigs that model for VS are just high priced clothes hangers and their costs get passed on to the customer.
    i don’t buy anything from VS. i usually get my lingerie at TJ Maxx, Target, or Marshalls and my man is just as pleased as a squirrel on a nut heap. so take THAT VS.

  6. julia-sexpot!

    #46 can i kiss it and make it feel better?

  7. Joshingya31

    Seriously, I think my penis just exploded. And #39 I will poo from their butts anyday.

  8. Where's Waldo

    @55, maybe if you started wearing VS instead of that other stuff then your man wouldn’t get such pleasure from sitting on heaping nuts. Women should be concerned about men who get pleasure from sitting on nuts.

    oh, i’m just playin and bein mean now. as long as your man still wants to throw you down and ravage you regardless of the VS or the Target panties, then it’s all good and you’re better off for the money savings.

  9. elf

    #51 how are they hot? hair, bones and legs does not make someone hot…or at least in my eyes it doesnt…i wouldnt by the product…

  10. Zoey

    The Lord is responsible those four.

    Okay 75% of them.


  11. elf

    there are beautiful girls in all shapes and sizes that can help sell the product, im sure of that…vs and other clothing co. would BOOM in revenue if they did…its annoying that they just always seem to have the same skinny models…

  12. Stink

    Hafta say, this makes up for the Harry Potter/Matthew McCoughcoughcough shots. Now only if VS opened a mud-wrestling sports bar…

  13. jesseeca

    #58 lace is lace, no matter where you buy it. why pay a 1000% mark up to have the tag say Victoria’s Secret? oh, cause guys are stupid enough to think that it’s sexier & more appealing if they saw one of these tramps wearing it.

  14. Seargant Sexy

    Wow. Those bitches just made me puke up my lunch!

  15. Lowlands

    These colorful dressed Victoria’s Secret concubines are very pleasant for the eye.I’m thinking about to send my eunuchs to bring them to me for a closer examination with the stethoscope.

  16. schack


  17. Lowlands


  18. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    #59 – I made a woman out of hair, bones, and legs. She lives in my attic and every night I come home and add some more hair or bones and pet her and feed her soup. I put a lot of love and care into her so don’t you dare tell me she’s not hot.

  19. Those silver skirts = love :)

  20. Forbidden

    Superfish man, you got a ridiculous obsession with Ms.Ambrosio. OK cute chick but nothing special. Jessica Simpson is way cuter and way hotter, and I’m not especially too fond of her. OK cute chicks and all but ummm… nothing special. There’s something funny about them… they have this thing going on their faces and on the poses they make like they think they’re hot or something, like fucking stuck up bitches. And then you look at them and they’re nothing special, LMAO!! Those not so special stuck up bitches are everywhere.
    Why don’t you try and post pictures of actual hot, gorgeous chicks? Not ‘supermodels’ please, I’m not into curveless sticks. Some are cute, most are just boring, but even the cutest ones aren’t even anything special.
    Next time, what about making a post about really hot chicks, like hot porn stars or hot glamour models? Jordan-Katie Price, Aria Giovanni, etc?

  21. D'oh Eyes

    Did you spell “Sergeant” wrong on purpose?

  22. rinn

    Oh dear God.
    In the 5th picture, the girl on the far right in the blue…has claw toes. Seriously.
    On another note, they all look like a bunch of legs. Paint them green and shave their heads and they’ll look like Kermit.

  23. 23apples

    Theyre all really pretty (and unbelievably skinny holy shit) except for the one in the orange.. she looks like the ugly duckling who grew up and got “pretty” except.. shes still ugly and awkward.
    I thought the girl in the blue (without the skirt) was the prettiest one until I looked at the closeup of her face (pic #10 – 3rd row, 3rd picture). She’s on the verge of having Kirsten Dunst goblin teeth.. ewww. Wait, I forgot, thats my favorite!

    Also, it’s funny becuase I don’t think guys know this, but almost any woman’s legs can look that amazing (or believe it or not, better) if she wears heels.

  24. 23apples

    #72 – !!! oh my gosh, I just commented that she almost had goblin teeth.. maybe she is just a little creature Victoria’s Secret found under a bridge. Because now that I think of it, her nose combined with her teeth is also very unusual looking as well

  25. ambrosia

    15 and 40
    lily cole (moschino) goes to oxford university you know that place. It must be because your to smart they only let idiots in.
    Alot of them negotiate their contracts. They make money of the way they look , athletes make it off their talent, buissness of their brain. Regular people just follow, and in your cases bitch.

    You cant make yourself in any of those categories it is called winning the genetic lottery. Beauty is not in t he eye of the beholdr. Two studies were done, and they concluded, that we have an innate attraction similar around the globe. Skinny is fit, hips and full breast mean fertility, and symmetry tells us that person will not pass on bad genes. Someone with blonde hair tends to be light so in essence they cant hide sickness. For men symmetry and muscles, muscles say he can hunt and provide for the family or fitness in general.Overall it is impossible to predict the exact phenotype of offspring but our body helps some traits can be activated in different enviornments and are expressed with numerous factors.

    SO i conclude how does the fact that they in essence won the genetic lootery depict their promiscuity or intelligence.

    lastly and un related the one on the left she is a victoria secret model why doesnt she get a stockbroker or something nick cannon ewwwww.

  26. flanattack

    OK, who unlocked the cage and let #75 out??

  27. jrzmommy

    75–are you done? I got to “cole” and then an overwhelming numbing sensation came over while I read the rest of your comment…..something about lootery and intelligence…..

  28. Seargant Sexy

    #71 – yup!

  29. Lambency

    I wish I was perfect too!

    /sobs in the corner.

  30. Lambency

    75–Yeah, every time I check out guys I make sure that they can hunt the wildlife in my backyard.

    Calm down, they’re all absolutely gorgeous. They make women like me feel like shit and that’s all that matters!

  31. Seriously these women are absolutely gorgeous, so if you’re actually saying something bad about them, then its obvious you’re just some ugly bitter fat chick.

    So get back to eating your twinkie, fatty.

  32. greeneyedcat

    75, you make no sense

    The Russian chic is weird looking, but then again I don’t like teeth and inflated lips.

    But, my initial reaction was…. having a cool name is 50% of being hot. Ha.

  33. lol at all the ugly girls running in here to announce that they’re not jealous. The heck you aren’t, liars. “At least my boobs are big” — haha, and theirs aren’t? And nobody cares about the size of your boobs when you weigh a metric ton.

    Oh and “If I had looked like that I wouldn’t have developed my innate intelligence”… yeah, obviously you’re so smart, to be bragging about yourself all the time like that. Let’s all cower before you and your imposing genius mind. And it’s definitely impossible to be beautiful AND smart. Could you whores stop being so freaking typical?

  34. hotredhead

    brazilian girls rocks!

    ps> im a brazilian girl :)

  35. whodatiz

    Listen all you fat fools,

    A true beauty is 1 in 1,000 – beautiful from birth and not just “cute and small.” I work in an elementary school and out of all the kids there is only one truly beautiful girl. None of these girls are true beauties but that’s pretty much the point. Hot is hot, beauty is beauty. So fat chicks, stop whining about how you’re not jealous because even if they’re not hot to your personal taste, this is the taste of our era. It’ll change so just be patient. And if you’re BEAUTIFUL (which I doubt) you’ll always be seen as such, regardless of era.

  36. #75
    I am jealous of these girls…except of the one with the claw toes.

  37. animeredith

    Honestly, I like VS models. They always seem to have a bit more meat on them than other fashion models. They actually have asses, and breasts. They also look much more fit and healthy than than runway models!

    And now that I think about it, VS models are almost always gorgeous to the nth degree. A lot of runway models you can tell only made it there because they starved themselves down to 90 lbs and are 5’11″. You look at some of their faces and just shudder.

  38. kathleen170

    They’re definitely hot stuff, no doubt about it. (Apart from the feet… they’re kinda old looking and gross, except for the black girls). The only thing that brings down their level of attraction is that they’re all alike. There’s plenty of hot girls out there, so it’d be nice if they had some kind of character rather than just sexy and sweet. That’s one of the reasons why I generally find actors and actresses more attractive than models. Actors and actresses are usually more distinct and have some kind of persona and personality about them.

  39. animeredith


    Yeah, well models aren’t generally known for their sparkling personalities…probably why they’re asked to wear clothes and keep their mouths shut! But they sure are pretty to look at.

    Actors you can feel closer to because you see them as different characters, and can therefore relate to them.

  40. kathleen170

    Exactly. It’s nicer to have someone who is pretty, has a sense of humour, class, and who can hold an intelligent conversation. Hot girls like that all seem the same to me and I can’t imagine them knowing much outside the fashion world, so it’s nice when you can find somebody with the whole package. If I was a guy I’d take someone a little shorter, a little less tanned and with a little extra meat on them bones and who has much more of a personality over one of these girls. I’m like that with guys though, I suppose.

  41. Bessymouse

    #21 hehe, tranny hair.

    We woman always get a raw deal.
    Once in a blue moon we get one photo of some not too bad looking guy.
    When there’s a post about hot chicks (which happens all the freaking time) there’s like a ga-jillion zillion photos of them.

    Why do you think girls keep posting on here to insult the women in question and inform everyone of how hot THEY are?

    Because we have nothing left people! We are trying to salvage what little self esteem we have!

  42. chelleann66

    Um, #85, do you realize what a humongous frickin’ pervert you sound like talking about working at an ELEMENTARY school and taking inventory of how every girl there looks and that only one is truly beautiful. It’s just creepy…

  43. kitty_kat

    I may be the only one, but does anyone else find Karolina unattractive?

  44. ElatedPornStar

    So fucking hot, I can’t…..stop……..mas……tur…ba…..ting..

  45. k naz

    i doubt those girls are half as stereotypical as the people commenting on this site. you can’t be smart and beautiful at the same time? long legs are suddenly a bad thing? well fuck some people just don’t like those type of sexy legs. some adult men enjoy fucking high school age girls. what’s hot about that? hell if i know. my legs are the same size, and as long as the girls in those pictures-and let me tell you how many women of all sizes tell me they want my legs. and i never had to be on a diet to achieve them. and i’m not a stuck up bitch who thinks i’m better because of my body. that’s like basing a person on what kind of car they drive. and i know some true pieces of shit who drive a hot ass whip.

  46. LilPresh

    I’m with you, #93. These girls look oridinary at best. I guess they’re just famous models because they’re tall and willing to make that annoying kissy face a lot.

    And #95-you’re almost too dumb and incoherent to be allowed to exist.

  47. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    I think they are all hot. I wish I could have long ass legs like that. The silver heels & skirts rock and I love the drawstring shirts, very cute!!!

  48. SoupaSarah

    Kimberley from Girls Aloud is way hotter than all of these bean poles.

  49. _Melissa_

    Alessandra makes me wonder how Keira Knightley would look: with mega-hair and a fake tan. The other three are above average, most definitely.

  50. Ava

    The Superfish guy’s commentary reminds of those caricature males you get in films like ‘Old School’ or ‘American Pie’ who are rendered completely speechless/ incoherent by a beautiful woman.
    It’s like…’Durr, hyukk, drool’.
    I know he’s partly joking but, c’mon, have some self-respect dude. I despair.

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