Alessndra Ambrosio and company boggle the mind

March 1st, 2007 // 114 Comments

  1. InsanePhil


  2. STURM


  3. STURM


  4. TashaVin`

    In the race for “First” It’s usually spelled wrong. What the hell?!

    oh – 4th, 5th, er something

  5. Baroness

    How about Karolina Kurkova is pretty, and the rest look like starved mice?

  6. InsanePhil

    I was distracted by some random quartet showing up at some random store. My apologies.

  7. Ted...From LA

    While you’re all typing frist, I’m on my second erection. Me like yellow.

  8. Binky

    Judging from their runway TV show, product line, etc. – Victoria’s secret is she likes dressing quite scanky.
    (…which is fine of course)

  9. faBBBBBBBuloussss

    superfish; your commentary has been phenom lately. keep up the good work!

  10. silk69

    the BlOnD is pretty HoT the rest are pukey YUCK!! bahahaaaaaa

  11. These pictures just downed my self esteem by like 43563463563 points.

    It’s so unfair. At least I have bigger boobs than they do. That’s probably due to the fact that I weigh 897 lbs, but whatever.

  12. well, with underwear they have to show you what it looks like for you to buy it. and i’d at least want to entertain the possibility that i’ll look like a supermodel if i wear it, because the people in the commercials do. if they put rosie o’donnell in the underwear, it would make me think, “dear god, if i wear this underwear, i might turn into her”

  13. 86

    Looks like a Chick-Fil-A billboard.

  14. Limbo

    The two brazilians (Isabel and Alessandra) are gorgeous. The “yellow” girl are sweet two.

  15. fergernauster

    I would not mind looking like any one of them… even the brunette with the forehead as wide as the Pacific Ocean.

    But, then, had I resembled any one of them, I surely would not have developed my innate intelligence to such a high degree as I have.

    Since these lovelies will turn to prune in the same manner as I, I do not regret my lot.

  16. woodhorse

    Wally – LOL your comments, photo post on Libra (which makes me a hypocrit as I didn’t laugh – well, a little at the dogs – at the photo I got) Thanks for OMGMIGA reassurance. You reign supreme.

  17. woodhorse

    #4 has the best looking ass.

  18. RichPort

    So many assless twigs… they need to get Vida Guerra to sell some VS.

  19. jrzmommy

    You know you’re gorgeous if you can make Karolina Kournikova or whatever her name is look like the ugly chick on a girls’ night out.

  20. NicotineEyePatch

    I like the dark-haired one in the yellow. But I also like bamboo windchimes.

  21. schack

    they all look the same.

    when us tranny hair going to go out of style?

  22. Lizzle

    In viewing pictures like this I have to remind myself not to be hatin’, but thank the Lord baby Jesus that I have also been blessed with porcelain skin, gorgeous locks and an ass that defies gravity. LOL

  23. schack

    baby jesus

  24. schack


  25. MrSemprini


    heh heh want more MORE!

    arrrrr rrrrrrr


  26. schack

    they’re not that hot

  27. caboose

    fat like beckham.


    Unless long legs are your specific type, I find the much shorter, friendlier and boobalicious Jennifer Love Hewitt-type from the other day more preferable to these too tall woman. They don’t call them manikins for nothing.

  29. elf

    not that im jealous, but honestly, it doesnt take much to be famous now a days…if they werent thin or had some tea time with the doc they wouldnt be looked at twice! wish i could make easy money…

  30. D'oh Eyes

    You’d think that they were selling something to men. Why don’t they parade hot guys around instead–I think THAT would draw a lot more female customers.

  31. jrzmommy


  32. aljazi

    Alessandra Ambrosio is the best,,

  33. chelleann66

    #4 – TashaVin:

    The worst “FIRST” is frequently mispelled (FRIST) in the race to be first because the fucking losers who feel compelled to point it out are so busy jizzing all overthemselves with glee at the prospect that they get to be first at anything that they can’t slow down enough to fucking type the word correctly.

  34. NipsyHustle


    i don’t think they are hurting for customers. men love supermodels. supermodels model VS. women run out and buy VS because they want men to be attracted to them and they want to feel like they are just as good as the supermodel. it’s a working formula that doesn’t need to be tampered with.

  35. mgbrown66

    Don’t forget….

    There are guys out there that dumped these chicks cuz they were tired of humping them.

  36. jrzmommy

    VS bras are overpriced pieces of shit

  37. D'oh Eyes

    @34 True they aren’t hurting for customers, but are there really women out there who think that they’re going to look like a supermodel because of two pieces of underwear? The way I see it, it would only point out the differences of how you look in it and how the supermodel looks in it. I dunno. I rarely get anything from there because I’d rather spend $45 on clothes, not one bra.

  38. julia-sexpot!

    #35 well the one in orange can always come curl up with me :)

  39. julia-sexpot!

    sorta funny to think that they are poo and wipe their butts like the rest of us.

  40. BarbadoSlim

    Who the fuck are are these skanks?

    Are ANY of ‘em in porn?

  41. schack

    i don’t think they’re that hot. sorry. there are hot ppl i think are hot, and i’ll admit it. but go ahead and mommy me, if you want.

  42. schack

    and i agree with you about the quality of their underwear… all you’re paying for is these womens’ salaries, and some chinese slaves

  43. schack

    they all have the same face, and it’s a face that i’m damn near numb to

  44. jesseeca

    who buys those slutty clothes that they’re modeling? just wondering?

    to me this is proof positive that most of these chicks have developed eating disorders to stay thin. i don’t see a single muscle definition between the 4 of them.

    And you’re right on VS not hurting for customers. I see 13 year old flocking to the mall to buy some of the garbage they sell with their parent’s credit cards. mini-hos in the making.

  45. jesseeca

    #38, you better hope she doesn’t bite you in the process with those giant horse teeth!

  46. PrettyBaby

    schack, my clit is numb from masturbating to these pictures. You say they have faces? Hmmm…hadn’t really noticed…

  47. julia-sexpot!

    #45 a little nibbling is always okay with me :)

  48. ChairmanoftheBored

    v. To give an opinion that one is not fully qualified to give.
    Try to keep up

  49. jrzmommy

    Schack–I’m not gonna mommy you…..c’mon now.

  50. bond

    quick! someone feed them a cheeseburger!

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