Alessandra Ambrosio, uh, walks around

June 27th, 2007 // 101 Comments

It’s a super slow news day, which means absolutely unnecessary pictures of random people nobody cares about. Here’s Alessandra Ambrosio at the opening of the Victoria’s Secret Candy Store in New York yesterday. After looking at Britney Spears and circus monsters all day, it’s a bit of a shock to see somebody even remotely attractive. I’m not a scientist, but I’m pretty sure if you put Alessandra Ambrosio and Britney Spears in the same room Britney’s face would explode. But only because I’d punch a hole through it while screaming, “Get away from her, she’s mine!” Then I’d lock eyes with Alessandra, flex, and we’d fall in love and live happily ever after. Based on a true story.


  1. Do you mean Adriana 50? I like Adriana’s face better but Ale’s body is way better.

  2. wedgeone

    #32 – on behalf of all Americans, I apologize for the reprimand you received by #48. That was a classic example of the pot calling the kettle black. Still, writing in Chinese make reading your post on a mostly English speaking site extremely difficult. Thanks.

    Kelli – you’re allowed to crack on what people are writing once you locate the “s” key on your keyboard. Otherwise, get back to tossing your remedial reading teacher’s salad so that you can move up to junior high in September.

  3. Jimbo

    @48 buttuglykelli – I thought you were hit and killed by a bus yesterday? Or at least I dreamed it. When are you going to leave and never come back? We all HATE your guts. I don’t hit women, but I would make an exception in your case

  4. Adam

    Soooo hot… want to touch the hiney…

  5. bubba lubdubski

    what is this silly lass thinking? exiting a car without flashing ur nipples or clitoris? What the hell is hollywood coming to? Damn morals… Paris gets out of jail and all of a sudden we enter Bizarro world. And, let me guess, Brittney is now fully clothed and spending quality time with her children. I think my head is going to explode… ***must think happy thoughts*** those monster english lass’ boobies…buffie the bods bum…

  6. kharris

    her knees in photo #5!!! yikes

  7. I don’t get why people think she is sooooooooooo beautiful. Like I see that she’s hot, but I’ve seen lots of hotter girls if you know what I mean. As for everyone going like “Oh you’re so jealous” to any girl saying she doesn’t dig her looks sometimes that’s not true. Actually I don’t think she’s that pretty/hot and I’m honestly not jealous. I actually collect pictures of different models and a lot of them are prettier than her.

  8. The candy store just disappeared this morning. I mean, like, it’s not there anymore. I was looking forward to jacking off in the gummy worms while flipping through the catalog. I guess I’ll have to revert back to the dressing room at the mall.




  10. Jimbo

    Nice hot tab Bobby.

  11. Victor

    HOW IN THE FUCK DO YOU ALL THINK THIS IS SEXY? No fuckin meat on the lady, like a fuckin toothpick. I mean she is pretty, and I fuck her once or twice, or three times. But if I had to pick between her, and Britney, or even Lindsay, I would be Britney or Lindsay.

  12. #53: Jimbo – I dont think that would be considered hitting a woman. Where’s Texas Tranny when you need her? She could confirm.

  13. P911gt10c

    61, so you’d choose the crazy chick or the cokehead before the hot model…..
    How’s having low standards workin out for ya?

  14. bungoone

    26, her feet are hot? have you seen the second to last picture. they look like deformed bat wings.

    41, you are an idiot. i very much doubt she eats at McDonalds, or eats anything for that matter & she’s not even American. retard.

  15. Jimbo

    @62 – Good moring FishStick. I think you are right. I think beating buttuglykelli with a baseball bat would be ok too.

  16. @65: dont waste a good bat. maybe “she” is the new lamebananas? if we ignore it maybe it will go away?

  17. bungoone

    oh wait, this was yesterday in nyc? i always wear a scarf when it’s 95 degrees out. hell, might as well bust out the old fur coat.

    what idiots do for fashion, or in this case, lack thereof.

  18. Texas Tranny

    Fishstick and Jimbo, yes I can concur. I’ll dress-up real feminine and pretty. My best girlie outfit and kick crazy bitch’s ass. I’ll even let ya’ll watch. Then it’s blowjobs for everyone. Yummy

  19. Jimbo

    @68 TT – To bad I did not call you when I was in Dallas last week

  20. wedgeone

    Uh … Fish, you there? It’s 11:30 AM on the East Coast and Paris’ appearance on CNN was last night. WTF are you doing? Where’s the new news?

  21. Texas Tranny: where is Texas are you? I grew up in Beaumont (evil place.) Are there lots of Trannies there? Pre-op/Post-op? Can there truly, truly be blow jobs for everyone?

  22. veggi

    I’d have her make me a sammich and get me a beer. Then I’d kick her in the knee. Just because those things make me smile.

  23. Jimbo

    @70 What a fucking joke that was!!! Paris – “I read the bible the whole time I was in jail and I went to mass”. Larry – What is your favorite bible verse?” Paris – “uhhhhhh I don’t know”

  24. Hey ladies, I have some delicious eye candy on my blog (check him out–just click on my name).

  25. Something fun for the guys. Help me add to my “labia nomenclature” list. I’m sure you’re more creative than I am (NOT)!

  26. 63, I don’t know what you mean. I think Ana BEatriz Barros and Adriana Lima and Jeisa Chiminazzo are all prettier than Alessandra. Jeisa even has a better body. Who are you referrign to as “the crazy chick”.

  27. Sorry about that. Yu ween’t referrign to me. Blond moment.

  28. gotmilk?

    nina, enough with the name dropping.

    and why, as a chick, are you obsessed with models & their bodies?

  29. Victor

    #63, this bitch has not meat, might as well go fuck a mop. Need a woman with some meat.

  30. Victor

    #63, this bitch has not meat, might as well go fuck a mop. Need a woman with some meat. This bitch shouldn’t be a model, she is disgustingly skinny, kind of like Nicole Richie.

  31. I just like fashion a lot. Plus it motivates me to stay in shape. Either way I’m sick of seeing Alessandra all over VS, there are prettier models.

  32. Texas Tranny

    Dallas has a lot of trannies, like me, we even have our own clubs and bars. Fun time for all. @71, if not blowjobs, I’m sure I can find a way to please you.

  33. DumbAsAHilton

    She’s really good at walking around.

  34. Victor, if by meat, you mean muscle tone, I have plenty of pilates/yoga steele for you!

  35. HoboChic

    Dear #26:

    Regardless of your adolescent diatribe accusing all women who find fault with the lovely what’s-her-face of simply being jealous, what’s-her-face’s legs are empirically skinny. I would perhaps give a toe to be her, but if I were her, I’d hate my skinny, bony-kneed legs.

    Very truly yours,


  36. hey fuckface blowjobz::
    zorry, I dizappointed U,
    I waz zwimming before the
    rain comez…I zee all U
    haterz R waiting for blowjobz..
    well, thatz zoundz normal for
    U azzdickz..I guezz your waiting
    for dickz up your azzez too,,huh?

    Jimbo wantz to bazh my brainz
    out with a bazeball batt…..
    zounding a little O.J. to me…
    better get outta that office
    and into the ocean before U
    kill everyone around U, fucker.

  37. rosie's mustach

    Seriously from the crotch down this girl has a nasty bod. Her legs and feet are fucking hideous, nobby nees and ugly veiny big old hooves (size 11 no doubt). She’s taller than many men (6′ to 6’2″ in heels). She’s got flat limp hair, a flat limp chest, spear fishing arms like Angie and a boring face. I don’t know what uggo filled town some of you lived in but lots of chicks are hotter than this piece. She is where she is today because she’s a fucking amozonian. These VS bitches are tall and that’s all, go to any bar and you’ll see a chick that looks just about the same or in many cases way hotter but she’ll be 5’6′ not 6 feet tall.

    In your room on your bed when she’s naked with her man chest and rib cage staring back at you, big old feet that are as big as yours, gangly arms and scraggly legs, no makeup and the mental capacity of pretzel she’s no prize. Trust me.

  38. Texas Tranny

    Crazy Bitch 86. You make it sound as a cock up your ass is a bad thing. I think not, feels so wonderfull to be taken like that and filled up with some hot and sticky “sissy juice”. Yummy

  39. #88=really..doez it
    really feel that
    fuckin gooooooood?

    howz the aidz feelin
    real goooooood, too!!

  40. Texas Tranny

    Damn…..Yo Momma told me she ain’t got no AID. I guess now I’ll have to fuck goats from now on.

  41. Jen

    She’s no Megan Fox, that’s for damn sure.

  42. She’s cute, but Adriana Lima is on the top!

  43. GOD

    Dan I have never seen a board full of so many gay dudes.

    Once again I see the envy that is know as american-envy. Remember people tend to resent greatness when they are not associated with it. I guess I would hate the USA too if I lived in an insignificant country like most of you. It must suck to know that we control your country more than you do.

  44. victoriaownzU

    I think she is beautiful but her feet looks ugly. ADRIANA LIMA IS WAYYYYYYYY HOTTER.

  45. TexazTranny:
    Your mama haz the aidz, bitch
    and zo doez your zizter, you..
    even the farm animalz in your
    room..I’ll be willing to even
    bet that the cucumberz in your
    frig haz aidz..fuck,your nazty..

  46. Ferocious_Imbeicle

    If she’s had veneers on her teeth then all I can say is that she’s got a damned good dentist.

  47. wen

    who is her? ajaja

  48. One of my favorite individuals on the Victoria’s Secret lineup. I can already hear “she’s too skinny” but what is beauty to one isn’t too another. There are so-called video models/magazine models in urban outlets that are supposedly “thick,” but they’re actually one gram of carbohydrate away from being overweight…but to each his own. I would say she can follow one of my training regimens for women to develop her quads a bit more and create more of a firmer rear end.

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