Alessandra Ambrosio, uh, walks around

June 27th, 2007 // 101 Comments

It’s a super slow news day, which means absolutely unnecessary pictures of random people nobody cares about. Here’s Alessandra Ambrosio at the opening of the Victoria’s Secret Candy Store in New York yesterday. After looking at Britney Spears and circus monsters all day, it’s a bit of a shock to see somebody even remotely attractive. I’m not a scientist, but I’m pretty sure if you put Alessandra Ambrosio and Britney Spears in the same room Britney’s face would explode. But only because I’d punch a hole through it while screaming, “Get away from her, she’s mine!” Then I’d lock eyes with Alessandra, flex, and we’d fall in love and live happily ever after. Based on a true story.


  1. I love cheesecake.

  2. Madonna

    The candids are amazing.

  3. Hollard




  4. LL

    Wow, it’s kinda hard to make a chick this hot look silly, but I think those giant insect eye sunglasses have done it.

    Oh, and because I am a retard, I want to make sure everyone knows:

    Third, bitches!!!!!

  5. She really is a genuinely lovely creature, isn’t she? So much nicer then the in your face celebs frequently found here.

  6. LL

    Goddammit, fourth…

    I am desolate…

  7. katey

    Oh lawd I’d so go lez for her

  8. I don’t know. I like the glasses.

  9. HoboChic

    As far as I’m concerned, her best quality is that after you go down on her, you could use her legs to get the hair out of your teeth.
    cuz they’re too skinny…like toothpicks…get it? hahaha

  10. buzz_clik

    I think she rocks those glasses.

    Does this woman ever look shabby, though? Even when she’s looking bad she’s tent-in-pants fodder.

  11. MissPMS

    Another Amazonian, rail thin Victoria’s Secret model chick. Yes she’s so beautiful and whatnot. NEXT.

  12. boze


  13. domingoflores

    she is pretty….its one quality few american girls can pull off…usually its hot sexy i want to bone her…not PRETTY

  14. domingoflores

    she is pretty….its one quality few american girls can pull off…usually its hot sexy i want to bone her…not PRETTY

  15. KTG

    This girl may be hot but she sounds like a dude! She’s got a cock and balls between those skinny tan legs for sure. And if I could, I’d punch her in the dick because oh I dunno, I’m bored.

  16. CtK

    When are those stupid BIG ASS glasses
    gonna go out of style!! they are so
    freaking fugly!!

  17. Is she friends with Paris, I thought I saw her in a pic with her????

  18. kt

    does anyone know what happened to Colin Farrell? he was so hot not too long ago…

  19. Jamie

    I’m pretty sure she got veneers or her teeth fixed. Look up somewhat recent pictures of her that aren’t from a magazine, and her teeth don’t look as good as they do here.

  20. ...

    She’s wearing a T-shirt… a t-shirt with a belt…I love her.

  21. !!!

    #13/14 Is that supposed to be an insult? Because if so you’ve managed to make it sound like you think US girls are so hot that they can’t pull off being just pretty
    PS. Alessandra is from BRAZIL

  22. This is like being headfirst in an eyewash station after getting blasted with the Britney pics…so very refreshing. Good call, Superfish.

  23. Vegas

    Add ten years and ten-pound implants, and you have another Michelle Marsh story (four articles ahead from this one). Hot today, gone tamale.
    Ironically, take ten years and ten pounds off this chick, and you have another Dateline NBC episode. (“C’mon in, I’m just getting changed. I made some lemonade, if you want.”)

  24. Kevin Kunreuther

    Britney face ‘splode , heh, heh, heh, yeah, funny, funny now lick my shoes, lick my shoes now, oh yeah, thank you now do my butt crack fascinating, you’ve done this before, whoops sorry about that, I ate at Taco Bell earlier, wow made my eyes burn, hey where’d YOUR face go? Wow far out, hoo, heh, ha, hmmph, funny burned off face. Me Thor, thunder god, burn, baby , yeah-uh.

  25. frenchie

    Can’t deny her hotness. Any girl that makes lame comments about her skinny legs or big sunglasses would give their pinkey toes to be her. She is H-O-T! Her legs are hot. Her feet are hot. Her hands are hot. her frame is hot. Her eyes, eye brown, nose, lips, teeth and hair is hot. She has a hot ass funky style. Next…

  26. Yo

    Her outfit is very cute; the dress, the scarf, the hair.. all classy and flirty.

  27. i would turn lesbian for her.
    marry me!

  28. Vi

    you know, generally I can’t be bothered with people who obviously think they’re inherently superior, due mainly to a genetic accident…but those are truly some cute sunglasses.

  29. Yo

    #24… KUDOS on the To Catch a Predator reference. That show is pure gold when you’re stoned and in the mood to watch kiddie-porn pervs get busted.

  30. Wanky

    shes pretty hot but really skinny! almost like a bobblehead…a really hot bobblehead that i would like to put my 5 inch penis in…yeah you heard me ladies….5 INCHES OF MAN LOVE!!!

  31. “???????”?????????????,???????????????????????,?????????????????????????????????????????”???????”??????????????,?????????????????????????????????

  32. farty_mcshitface

    i’m surprised her bony bird legs could carry her around without snapping like the anorexic stick-woman she is. horrible and disgusting just like all the so-called supermodels. i see better looking women on my college campus EVERYDAY!

  33. star69

    This is news?
    I’m going to bed.

  34. kris

    she has the weirdest looking knees I have ever seen. waaaay too skinny.

  35. miss oblivious

    I find her really boring and am feeling no envy. Unless I’m in denial? Nah, BORING.

  36. Kamiki

    I don’t think this is a beautiful woman – she looks weasly.

  37. my comment

    So very sick to death of the 80′s.

    Oversize t-shirt and big ass belt? Hippy new wave redux? Gah!

    How tired.

  38. I’m kind of o and off about her. I love her torso region but I dont like her legs and her boobs are bad. As fr her face, she really ruined it by smoking so much and she just isn’t that pretty to me. She’s hot but not beautiful.

  39. MeatSack

    …nice, verry nice.

  40. lol

    I think she’s ugly, like all American women.

    Another fat bitch. You can tell she’s American because she’s eating at McDonald’s.

    Stupid Americans! They’re all mongrels with low IQs

  41. p911gt10c

    16, you’re absolutely right, those big ass sunglasses don’t look good on anyone, but yet idiotic young women everywhere are wearing them because some lame celeb wore them once.
    And Fish, good call, you can never go wrong with more Alessandra. NEVER. She’s just thexthy.

  42. whoopie

    oh my god her boobs are SO not bad, check out more of her pics will ya.

    hot :D

  43. RichPort


    @32 – I hear ya… I have a hard time taking a leak in public toliets too. I have to wrap it around my arms like a fucking garden hose so as avoid touching the water.

  44. Flavio

    She´s brazilian, but from southern brazil area, where all people have european roots

  45. havoc

    Oh my God, the things I would do to her….

    I would chew a whole right through her.

    After I built an altar in the bedroom….


  46. To post #43. I’m really into fashion and models and I have checked out her boobs. I’ve seen them in very see through outfits and I don’t like her boobs or her butt. I love her torso though. I’ve probably seen way more pictures of her than you have. Either way THESE are nice boobs:
    *Very NSFW
    Check out more pics on my blog.

  47. #32=when your in America, fuckin
    zpeak American..fuck…

    The girl at the top iz ugly, but at
    leazt zhe lookz way better then
    “thebaglady” spearz……

  48. kix

    Too skinny, foolish glasses, big head. Not my type.

  49. kix

    …but she is better looking than those other V.S. models– especially that vampire looking brunette

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