Alessandra Ambrosio still wearing a bikini

January 23rd, 2009 // 79 Comments

Alessandra Ambrosio did some relaxing in St. Barts yesterday while on location for Victoria’s Secret. I’m actually in these photos. You can’t see me because I’m disguised as an invisible sea turtle which is, undoubtedly, the greatest stealth costume one can wear. Until you get jet-skied in the kidney and bawl like a schoolgirl in front of a supermodel. Then it blows.


  1. mer

    Still no ass.

    But man, that smile.

  2. Jeezy

    Not bad, but her elbows are too pointy.

  3. JPRichardson

    Actually there is a hint of an ass in acouple of these pics. Very beautiful.

  4. oooh baby

    WOW what a stunner…. im in love again.. love the looks of the people in the background on the last photo.. husband and his fatty wife both thinking ‘damn i’d hit that’

  5. charlie

    she is waaaaaaaay too skinny.
    bitch has no ass, no tits, no hips.
    her face isnt that cute either.
    she has a nice stomach, but that is abouti it.
    she looks like an anorexic boy with a wig.

  6. charlie

    she is waaaaaaaay too skinny.
    bitch has no ass, no tits, no hips.
    her face isnt that cute either.
    she has a nice stomach, but that is abouti it.
    she looks like an anorexic boy with a wig.

  7. Ed.

    “You can’t see me because I’m disguised as her ass.”


  8. Deacon Jones

    Where’s her tits?

    Isn’t that the one consolation of knocking up your girlfriend?? Bummer

  9. ninja

    she is gorgeous.

  10. KG

    Sorry, but the tatoo is a big turnoff.

    What kind of supermodel thinks it’s a good idea to get a tattoo?

  11. Rock

    She looks a little fat

  12. Rock

    She looks a little fat

  13. Sam

    She thinks her baby girl is way too fat.

  14. iseefatpeople

    OMG.. pic #11. she is so fat!!!! that’s what childbirth will do to a gurl.

  15. realistic guy

    I agree with #5 she is way too skinny! Women should have some curves! Bridget Marquardt has a waaaaaaaay better body than her….. even with the little bit of hail dammage on her legs!

  16. This girl is so amazing, gowddd


  17. I love these posters who say she is too skinny or whatever when we all know there isn’t a guy alive who wouldn’t hit that in a heartbeat!

  18. havoc

    Half a heartbeat.

    Ass or not, she’s F-I-N-E.


  19. Donald Rumsfeld

    These pics just reminded me to mail in my yearly donation to the African Hunger fund. Thanks Fish!

  20. Parker

    I’d like to feel my weiner relaxing inside her butt after a long round of anal sex.

  21. Get your Ink Done

    “What kind of supermodel thinks it’s a good idea to get a tattoo?”


    Let’s see… Ana Beatriz Barros, Alessandra Ambrosio, Gisele Bundchen, Petra Nemcova, Isabeli Fontana, Carolyn Murphy, Omahyra Garcia, Nicole Triunfo, Marina Dias, Tanit Phoenix., Erin Wasson, Liliana Dominguez, Susan Eldridge, Mariana Weickert, Marcelle Bittar …


  22. Rachell

    Brazilian supermodels just look so boring and generic. She’s a pretty lady, but nothing really stands out…dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, tan …zzzzzz

  23. fl

    thank you thesuperficial, thank you.

  24. minty

    i think she is very pretty. yes, extremely skinny but she is still young. i think that once she gets a little older and gains some weight she will be much sexier. and ps. i am a girl.

  25. Yea - blah blah

    You ppl that say she is fat are idiots, look around you, any woman these days thinks its thier very own buffet before AND after having a kid. I am just thankful that woman like her exist that have that genetic gene to shed weight after childbirth. It proves that there is still hope for a skinier future.

  26. Cartman

    Alessandra makes me feel good. I think she’s perfect just the way she is.

  27. Joe

    She’s “amazing” only in terms of the absence of bad stuff – fat arms and legs, cottage cheese ass, stretch marks, pooch/fupa. In other words, all the identifying features of an adult American woman. But she’s got nothing special in a positive sense, like great boobs or unusually long legs (actually they’re a little short for her height) or a firm round butt. To be “amazing” – from a guy’s perspective – a girl has to pack some killer curves without being fat. Although some of you fashion designers seem to think otherwise, judging by the comments you wrote while sipping on your caramel apple martinis.

  28. Insatiable Peter

    I would do anything for her, even wear a condom. Well, I’d probably just put it in and say it was on.

  29. Spagett!

    holy shit this broad is perfect

    and there is no such thing as too skinny

  30. cecil

    People give skinny girls too much crap. Everyone says this, but if you saw Alessandra in person you would feel so unworthy. In 10 years she’ll look so much better than all the “curvy” women a.k.a. sasquatches.

  31. Ein

    If God would only give her some nice buttocks…

  32. Mylo

    Look at the last picture with the old lady staring at her… SO FUNNY

  33. AMY

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  34. sea turtle disguise

    dont i look awfully turtle-y in my turtle costume? turtle-tuuurtle.

  35. Maximus

    The girl is beautiful, looks amazing here, and has one of the prettiest smiles I’ve ever seen.

  36. Randal

    What a beautiful boy this is. Reach for the stars and you may accomplish anything you set your mind to.

    However, if I am going to me absolutely honest, as I always am, pic #8 isn’t getting in the catalogue. Too much airbrushing would need to be done to the tummy.


  37. Drooly

    Some say fat – some say skinny. Maybe I’m just not as discriminating as some folks but she falls well within my “do-able” range!

  38. Hey that’s a nice jetty!

  39. erin

    I love every inch of her except her terribly pinned back ears… and over-sized fake veneers. Lovely lady reguardless!

  40. Sandi

    How about those two looking at her in the last pic – the woman is like “WTF” – it’s priceless!!

  41. Vicks

    all i hear, she’s too skinny she’s too fat, i mean she is ok, the only thing is that her belly is bigger than her butt thats what makes her look a lil weird, but then i think she’s very pretty and feminine, and also makes a lot of money too haha just by posing

  42. Danny

    You keep on showing pix of this skinny broad (oxymoron?) and eventually I’ll start to think she’s attractive.

  43. grrr

    i absolutely loooove how the old couple in the last photo are appauled by her lmao

  44. I just love it when “THEY” go smaller, folks!!
    ………………….next step……………………………………….STRING?

  45. #47 Smaller ? Try posting your ‘intellect on the wrong thread..
    G8t points all America.
    But personwooly – I ‘m beginning to feel the ‘land of the free’ -
    ‘Home of the Brave ‘..
    that type thing – has been bought by the Banks.
    And the Banks want to take over the world.
    And the banks are controlled by Rothschilds and Rockefellers
    (They create money from nothing and make you pay interest on it.)
    (The Fed’s a private racket that makes the USA a joke)

    (Then they make all the politicians do a dance)

    (And it seems Banks are controlled by Zionists)

  46. Well. Notes.
    Thanks for picking up the accent. But what your Reelwee twying to say here exactwee ?
    Inside job ?

  47. whopper jr.

    One thing’s for sure…

    I would certainly enjoy pushing and pulling my erect penis in and out of her lubricated vagina until it ejaculated some semen from my testicles.

  48. Well I guess everybody knows the next line by now.

    “So # 50 ‘ whopper jr’. – you seem like a real intellectual -
    Oh by the way -Inside job ?”
    And –
    this just in …………..
    ‘Binky’ says a special ‘shout out’ to those of you ‘keeping score at home.’

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