Alessandra Ambrosio promotes something or another

April 12th, 2007 // 91 Comments

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  1. Suicide is Funny

    “i think the aesthetic is a manifestation of repressed gayness. can’t have man-ass without giving up a certain illusion of power, so you go for the next closest thing: girl-ass that looks like young man-ass.”

    One of these days somebody has to update all those Intro to Women’s Studies textbooks.

  2. What’s she promoting? Man Brows? Jesus Fucking Christ. Boooooooring.

  3. Jillia

    Good God superfish, why don’t you just turn this site into an ode to alessandra anorexia or whatever the fuck her name is. We get it. Just go fuck a pencil. It’d be pretty much the same thing only the pencil probably has more personality. Moving on…

  4. schack

    what an appropriate name, suicide.

    thou doth protest too much!

  5. #32, You also have a glaring spelling mistake. :) It should be “your” not “you’re”.

  6. schack

    and that doesn’t come from a textbook, but from observation. it’s always the stifled gay ones that sit around spitting vitriol at women who look remotely like women, like they’re mad that they’re supposed to sleep with ‘em.

  7. elf

    i seriously dont get it, whats so pretty about her?i have friends that are prettier and they havent had stuff done!people need to get over the skinny shit and put some real girls that wear the stuff they promote:)are they selling lipgloss to men?

  8. iamsosmrt

    #55. I know it’s because I’m her sister. I
    look just like her just not as mammothly tall and I have bigger boobs and a cuter rounder little ass. She tried to kill me once and she pretends I don’t exist because she’s ragingly jealous of me, so that’s why no one has ever heard of me.

  9. Suicide is Funny

    “It’s always the _____ ones” is always an invalid statement. Just ask a psychiatric patient.

  10. Lots of homos posting here………I can see that.

    Or nerds that sit at the computer all day whacking off.

    I’ll bet most of you haven’t even gotten laid.

  11. schack

    ‘______ is always an invalid statement’ is always an invalid statement. just ask my ass’s ass.

  12. Sanjaya looks really pretty here.

  13. iamsosmrt

    My real name is ARDENTEMAIS AMBROSIO.

    ‘Ardentemais’ means MORE HOT (ie HOTTER) in Portugese, which is what they speak in Brazil (just a fact for any retards reading this).

  14. schack

    ‘mais ardente’ actually means ‘more sour’ or ‘more acidic’

    arder is the infinitive for “to sting”

    but that’s more appropriate anyway.

  15. Conky

    Superfish, do not listen to the queers who talk disparagingly of the Goddess Alessandra for they are the homogay. They can go back to that Perez website and wallow in their faggotry there.

    She’s so hot I bet even her farts smell good. Thanks.

  16. schack

    you should talk, conky! you have a man’s hand so far up your ass it comes out your arms, 24/7

  17. jrzmommy♠

    …Yet another attempt (unsuccessful) to impress by the Superficial’s own Debbie Downer…

  18. veggi

    For they are the homogay? Who’s retarded? Conkadonk! That’s who!! Now go back to playing with that tick between your legs.

  19. iamsosmrt

    ARDENTE [a] (hot) used for physical heat; having a high temperature or giving off heat or feeling or causing a sensation of heat or warmth.

    That is the effect I have on the male penis and the female vagina. Even the rarer PEGINA, possessed by hermaphrodites like Hilary Clinton, gets ARDENTE when I’m around.

  20. whitegold

    I’m so bored and not being even remotely entertained right now! How am I supposed to make it through a day at work when this story is the best they can come up with! Somebody wake me up when something exciting happens…

    In other news, I read that Doherty is getting his dick pierced for Moss. Isn’t that sweet! And apparently it was Cheeta’s 75th b-day on Tuesday! I wonder if Tarzan showed up? I heard Kim K was there. She let Cheeta pee on her as a b-day present. Paris was super pissed cuz Kim didn’t even show up for her b-day party, and they’re supposed to be BFFs.

  21. whitegold

    And apparently Jessica Simpson and John Mayer might be getting married! I thought he was gay? Then again, I wouldn’t put it past Simpson to be willing to tie on a strap-on.

  22. iamsosmrt

    #71. Yup were definitely all fucking bored as hell her. In reference to your news about pee stains Kim Kard I am going to recycle a comment in protest of my bordom, since superfish isn’t giving us anything new nor shall I.

    I don’t blame the guy for pissing on Kardashiwhore. People always mistake Paris for a toilet stall. If I saw this Kim bitch next to Hilton, when they were friends, I’d think hmmmmmm… that brown porta pottie looks a bit cleaner then the first filthy white one so I’d go ahead and pick the brown one and then I’d peeeeeeeeeeeeeee my heart out. Then I’d eat some (4-7) chilly dogs (I have a sensitive tummy) and I’d leave a load of steaming pooo batter on the white one … just to be nice, so it didn’t feel left out.

  23. wolger


    you’ve got quite a hookup on her and nobody else cares about her. so stop posting about her boring ass.

  24. schack

    i want chilli dog…mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  25. FRIST!!!

    Ok I’m bored, but not bored enough to do my job. I’m supposed to be writing a letter to a Dr’s office about former clients, but instead I’m sitting here wondering how in the FUCK this J-Lo song got on my iPod nano. WTC!!!!! Did you do it Schack? Hm? Didja?

  26. honeycombs_big_yeahyeahyeah!

    Wahh, Kurt Vonnegut is dead!

    Sure, i come to this site and am something of a starfucker, but there’s people like this Dyslexia Amrosia who ya look at and it makes life kind of depressing and empty, and Kurt, who makes ya glad to be alive.

    Kurt even made my pants happier than this wash cloth of a woman.

  27. schack

    thanks for telling me, honeycombs. he’s a great author.

    that’s not all i did, frisky. the suprises are gonna be coming up prairie dogs on your ass. just you wait.

  28. #1 — I’ll always promote her ass…and my new book. This book is all about a guy killing everybody in Hollywood…well…not exactly…but kind of.

  29. iamsosmrt

    #66. Funny that you went ‘straight’ to describing her farts and how good they would smell. Aren

  30. mia

    No tits, no ass, alien face, lots of bones, no iq, she is the perfect girlfriend for a 12 years old virgin.
    That is one ugly woman.
    For all the gays here who want to fuck her, maybe you just want your dick to look bigger, but think about it, it will look smaller in her mouth… enjoy.

  31. verania

    I don’t much like Alessandra, there is something very unsettling about the set of her mouth when she smiles. It reminds me of the Joker. Also she seems to think she’s all that, but in my opinion she is fairly unremarkable except for her skinny frame. Jess Alba is much hotter.

  32. urockmysocks

    hey alessandra, it’s time to bleach those yellow teeth!

  33. imran karim

    she always makes the same face

  34. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    She looks much better with her mouth shut.

  35. jesuschrist

    her teeth are fugged, her eyes are crossed, she has small tits and no ass. total hottie.

    #37 yes

  36. Saera

    and you find her sexy when her teeth are ugly?

  37. bungoone

    in that top picture, doesn’t she look alot like cindy crawford?

    either way, this chick looks as dumb as jessica simpson, posing with lipgloss and blowing kissing. good luck getting a paycheck in 5 years when your looks start to fade.

  38. jazzalava

    As a model, being stupid is understandable, but what the hell’s with the hairy arms?

  39. alex

    top 3rd pic from the left… suicide attempt?and wtf is with her teeth?…bulimia’s a bitch

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