Alessandra Ambrosio promotes something or another

April 12th, 2007 // 91 Comments

alessandra-ambrosio-vs-miami-09-thumb.jpg alessandra-ambrosio-vs-miami-10-thumb.jpg alessandra-ambrosio-vs-miami-11-thumb.jpg alessandra-ambrosio-vs-miami-12-thumb.jpg alessandra-ambrosio-vs-miami-13-thumb.jpg alessandra-ambrosio-vs-miami-14-thumb.jpg alessandra-ambrosio-vs-miami-15-thumb.jpg alessandra-ambrosio-vs-miami-16-thumb.jpg alessandra-ambrosio-vs-miami-17-thumb.jpg alessandra-ambrosio-vs-miami-19-thumb.jpg alessandra-ambrosio-vs-miami-20-thumb.jpg alessandra-ambrosio-vs-miami-21-thumb.jpg


  1. I think she’s promoting her ass.

    I’ll take two!

  2. iamsosmrt


  3. iamsosmrt

    FUCK FUCK FUCK sooooo close.

  4. The poor girl, to be so homely. It must suck to be her. How does she get up and face each morning?

  5. kitty_kat

    Seriously, Fish! We get it already. She’s hot. Goodness gracious…

  6. BarbadoSlim


    Another V.S. trannie?

  7. meddlingminx

    What, no trademark “blow a kiss to the camera pose”?
    Oh- nevermind. There it is.

    This girl drips stupid. Every photo op is the same collection of hammy poses she’s been practicing in the mirror since the fourth grade. Yawn.

  8. J-Unit

    Am I missing something? This ‘girl’ is a proper fug monster! Cracking body, but about as pretty as that Aniston chick (ie. not very).

  9. #8 are you blind? no wait, u must be a girl…or gay. yea you’re probably gay.

    MAN! if that were my chick, i wouldn’t start my day just waking up next to her, i’d wake up, bang her and go RIGHT back to sleep cause that’s just how hot she is.

  10. bellasera

    i can’t decide if her face looks more like a two-year-old or a chipmunk on acid.

  11. She looks happy… TOO happy… lol

  12. chaunceygardner

    She’s got a big mouth. That’s handy.

  13. iamsosmrt

    FUCK this bitch. Thanks to Superfish I feel like a guy who has fucked this girl way too many times and is now board shitless by the sight of her. And she was not a good lay either, she kept posing like she was modeling beachwear and she refused to take off her miracle push-up bra. Finally I told her to get in the position #95 (it’s not as hot as you think; that’s her modeling the backside of a bikini pose) but it got her in the right position. Done and Done.

    Seriously though as a girl the sight of her does not make me wish I was back in my experimenting days, maybe that’s because I never wanted to experiment with cross dressers. As a girl I can tell you that those shoes give her 4″ of extra height (most women’s sexy dress shoes do these days it’s the fashion) So that would put her at 6’2″- 6’3″. She’s just like a dolphin in pictures they are so cute and you think you’d love to swim with them but, if you were out in the ocean and one of those giant fuckers came right up to you you’d be scared shitless.

  14. NoSHIT?

    No Shit?!

  15. NoSHIT?

    Damn, she looks good. I love the dress.

  16. snot_rocket

    she’s pretty but i wonder if she knows her own name. Man, she looks dumb. well, what can you really expect from a Brazilian.

  17. #13

    Maybe you’d like to see more pictures of Charlotte Church, or those two lardasses with Kate Moss.

  18. I’m afreaid that I am her child’s father.

  19. snot_rocket

    she looks like you’d want to go hit on her, but all she’d do is make glazed over kissing expressions. Then you’d lure her into the bedroom by saying there’s a huge box of all the bubblegum lip gloss she desires.

  20. honeycombs_big_yeahyeahyeah!

    She can stop making that face anytime soon! That me-so-cutsey face. It’s like she was making that face when her dad called her Princess 18 years ago, so she stuck with it. Tune in 60 years from now. It’ll be funnier then!

  21. yolatengo


    hah funny. yeah this girl is hot but somehow i just dont think she pulls off sexy. oh well to each his/her own

  22. Awww, it’s Alessandra! She is so goregous!

  23. whitegold

    I’m not gonna say the girl isn’t hot or that I wouldn’t hit it, cuz she is and I would, but really now…random posts of her is getting kind of old, and the more I see of her, the less hot and bangable she looks. Sometimes less is more, distance makes the heart grow fonder, and other crappy expressions like that. Is it just me, or are other people starting to miss Spears. Come on BS, do something stupid to entertain us!

    And those two close up shots of her face sitting at the table, okay, those pics just look ugly and scary.

  24. thefonz888

    She looks like an elf. Stop posting pics of this uggo.

  25. iamsosmrt

    Nope they would crush me I would die. I’d rather see pictures of a young Kelly Preston.
    You see if I am going to temporarily switch teams again I insist on someone who does not remind me of a man, otherwise what’s the point, so 5’7″ or under and I would like some big boobies to enjoy.

    If I wanted to do a supermodel I’d just make my 6’2″ athlete husband starve away all his muscle, I’d get him to shave and shave some more and then I’d get Paris Hilton’s super bra and one of her wigs and my makeup. Yeay! Tranny makeover. Wait that’s how they make supermodels right? Amozonian bitches don’t actually exist do they?

  26. Antonio

    No matter how hot she is, someone, somewhere, is tired of her shit.

  27. BarbadoSlim

    Let’s get one thing straight here, FOR ME, the best lay has always been that curvy unassuming girl you meet at some pub, she’s not drunk or coked up. The made-up, clicky, fashion sheep are ALWAYS lousy and/or too drunk. Chubby girls are also very hmmmm, experimental. (think Nicole Richie BEFORE meth)

  28. Lowlands

    I always thought Alessandra Ambrosio is a bottle of Italian or Spanish wine.But now i know it’s a make-up promoter.

  29. llllllllll

    Shes borderline cross eyed, ahh but what the f*@%, I’m sure that just by looking at these pics most men still get just as hard as michael Jackson gets on a trip to Disney World.

  30. Liverpool FC

    I would fuck her so gently.

  31. iamsosmrt

    #30. You’d have to. She would break in half otherwise but, like I’ve said before if you get the long end of her broken leg then you get to make a wish.

  32. iamsosmrt

    #18. Are you sure you aren’t HER father? Because from you’re spelling I see a definite genetic resemblance.

  33. sweetsassymoleassy

    fuck this shit… there is never any “news” with a hot guy promoting something or OTHER (not “something or another” – this replacement guy is a moron) on this site… aside from that, it’s bad enough that i endure ads for the “worlds sexiest underwear” on tv, in my mailbox, in my email and on every other webpage clicked on but now it’s trying to pass it self off as my morning gossip? We see VS models on here so often that I can’t help but wonder if someone has stock in the company

  34. gsprescueguy

    She could promote high voltage ass dildos made of broken glass and SuperFish would buy one.

    She’s cute, we get it.

  35. schack

    she has the body of a svelte 12 year old boy with small implants

  36. schack

    i think the aesthetic is a manifestation of repressed gayness. can’t have man-ass without giving up a certain illusion of power, so you go for the next closest thing: girl-ass that looks like young man-ass.

  37. combustion8

    Adriana Lima>Alessandra Ambrosio

  38. Michael1

    Go easy on the Superfish. Repetitive posts like this are his only alternative to not just posting from TMZ or Perez… and at least he’s choosing a pretty girl to be repetitive about. Although why not alternate her with Adriana Lima and Leo’s new supermodel girlfriend?

  39. zena marie

    Is she’s really God’s gift to men, then lots of girls in the sorority down the street should be getting agents.

    Seriously, she could fit right in at this University… and this school isn’t particularly unusual.

  40. iamsosmrt

    #34. HAHAHAHAHA LOL! Is it called the Paris Hilton 2000, because that’s what I imagine sex with her would be like. Come to think of it I think I saw Paris selling them on an infomercial once. “It’s just like having sex with ME and That’s HOT! and then she fell on one of them and it burrowed into her head and she died. Yeay! Oh …Fuck that was just a daydream.

    #36. SO true.

  41. pepstar

    #37 I agree completely. Alessandra’s face is just over exaggerated naturally, and then when she does her silly expressions she emphasizes that even more. I’m not saying she isn’t gorgeous, but she doesn’t make good use of her looks and ends up resembling a little retarded child playing with mommy’s makeup and clothes.

  42. lambman

    She’s really pretty but something about her just kinda bores me. She’s not as exotic as somebody like Giselle, or as cute as Hiedi, or as crazy as Tyra.

    Plus she’s like a generic version of Daria Werbowy

  43. MrSemprini

    I want to give her an enema, too! Make that two. Got to get them girls CLEAN!

  44. She’s hot…!

  45. HoboChic

    I agree. Enough already. It’s close, but I think I’m less bored with the Jenna Jameson posts.

  46. DrPhowstus

    I’m with #6 and #8. I just don’t see the big fucking deal with this girl. She ooooooookaaaaaaaaay, but by no means a major hottie. And yes, she looks like a dude in some of those last few pics.

  47. schack

    i want more jenna jameson.

  48. tits_on_snack

    She’s pretty but she bores me to tears.
    It’s easy to be pretty. What does she even do? Is she a model? An actress? I don’t even know a damn thing about this bitch except that I see her on thesuperficial ten times a month for no apparent reason.

  49. allykitten85

    #33 I totally agree. There are never any “news stories” about hot guys. And I’m guessing a lot of the people who visit this website are girls (just judging by the way most guys I know don’t give a rats ass about celebrity gossip) so why would be want to be constantly bombarded by pictures of this chick? I guess I’m just jealous. But seriously, enough already.

  50. TheRanchTooth

    I’m fascinated about what her unshaven pussy might look like. Lush would probably be an understatement. Might be wise to leave a trail of bread crumbs (but not sourdough).

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