Alessandra Ambrosio in a bikini

July 17th, 2009 // 102 Comments

These are shots of Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio spending Thurdsay at a beach in Malibu with her 11-month-old daughter Anja Louise. Normally, I’d say Alessandra is dead to me since giving birth, but I’m trying to turn over a new, more sensitive leaf. So let’s just say she’s only partially maimed which means we can still make out. On that note, don’t be afraid to feel empowered by my example. It’s what I’m here for.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Who cares, get her baby daddy to watch these pics….

  2. Joe

    Put Jessica that pudding headed hillbilly Simpson’s cans on this girl, and then we’re talking!

  3. I would love to fill her with my ego.

  4. This Used to Be My Favorite Site

    Dude, this has got to stop! I want some real celeb gossip! NOT pics of the formerly famous and the scantily clad… Unless it’s Brad and Angie.

  5. amanda

    she has terrible posture

  6. Another One Bites the Dust

    Yet another bimbo whom (non-loser) men want to fuck but not marry, even with a baby.

  7. Kangaroo


  8. rofl

    “Unless it’s Brad and Angie”

    there is a few pics of brad pitt at a pool nude, hes hung like a mouse,
    and angelina has the tits of a 45 yr old librarian

  9. Gross! Look ar her bumpy misshapen stomach. You call that a bikini bod??? I call it macaroni mashed potatoes bod. Yeah, that’s right, I’m jealous..

  10. Shut up, John, and Chris…suck my dick!!

    There’s enough fuckin commercials on this bastard site..

  11. Mr T

    Her butt is at the dry cleaners this week….

  12. Huge Member

    It’s unfortunate that she’s had a baby. Her vagina is all stretched out now and is no longer able to bring pleasure to a man. Bummer.

  13. WTF


    What the hell are you talking about? This site has always had tons of bikinis. There’s an entire fucking sidebar dedicated to them. Are you that dumb?

    Wait, you’re a woman, aren’t you? Now I get it.

  14. I see that fish daddy cut those two spam comments, so now my second comment makes no sense. Pretend I didn’t even say that. Pretend I don’t even have a dick..

  15. Polk

    Woman gives birth? = No further use to man, except to cook, do laundry, and keep said child, at all times, from annoying man.

  16. I like pudding

    @ #2 Joe

    “Jessica that pudding headed hillbilly Simpson”

    I tried to hold in my laugh since I am at work and I think I peed myself.

    Oh…and I agree…this girl needs some tits. You would think that having a kid she would have produced. She definitely didn’t breast feed the kid.

  17. @12 – Maybe you have a “tiny member”

  18. Now you got it

    #15-Finally, someone who understands.
    Now go get me a sandwich and a beer.

  19. Huge Member

    Well, my member is certainly smaller than a round, 10 pound infant being pushed through a garden hose, so yes, a stretched out poon is unsatisfying.

  20. your mama

    All these white whores have no asses, fake tits, and plenty of venereal diseases

  21. “Huge Member”, why didn’t your parents sign the consent form for you to participate in Sex-Ed??

    Knowledge is power!

  22. Darth

    wow! I need a vacation!

  23. titsonsnack


  24. Huge Member

    Not sure what kind of “knowledge” is necessary to understand that a vagina can stretch out to the size of a bowling ball.

    Then fucking the remaining empty vagina is like fucking an empty garbage bag. And not the kind with the Hefty drawstring feature at the top. The kind that requires you to tie-up the top before throwing it away.

    You can’t “tie-up” a vagina, silly-willy.

  25. Buzz Feedback

    Nice if you’re into 12 year old boys.

  26. Amy

    #15 and 18…mommy issues? Seriously, wtf is wrong with you?

  27. jewbitch

    She looks NOTHING like her Victoria’s Secret pictures. Just goes to show what photoshop can do….

  28. Ralph

    Alessandra show go to “Rent An Ass” and do some shopping.

  29. Galtacticus

    She’s a faithful girl.She could afford easily another car but she still has the same car.

  30. Debbie

    She looks alright but she should try one of these hot new t-shirts with three wolves everyone is wearing

  31. tromba

    A Victoria’s Secret model in a bikini – who really gives a fuck?

  32. Lawn Gnome Council

    @24 Go, Wikipedia, female anatomy articles, now.

  33. titsonsnack

    How can one be that thin, yet still have their stomach stick out farther than their boobs. BRB I’ll go ask Paris.

  34. fred

    @33- because she’s leaning back, maybe? granted her boobs aren’t that big, but you can’t just from that picture.

  35. Huge Member

    @32 (Lawn Gnome Council):

    What’s there to read about anatomy?

    Men have a penis to stick in and out of a vagina. Some are big, some are small.

    Women have a vagina that can usually accommodate either a large or small penis quite comfortably, but then it becomes as large as the Holland Tunnel after a Butterball turkey is pushed out of it.

    Class dismissed.

  36. LEB

    Someone needs to get that girl a sammich. Or maybe another baby.

  37. LEB

    Those of you complaining about “stretched out vagina” ought to be aware that some women enjoy sex a lot MORE after giving birth, simply because they’re less tight and so it’s not painful. Let’s recap:

    Painful = woman no want
    All pleasure no pain = woman want a lot

    MILFs are MILFs for a reason, yanno.

  38. Huge Member

    @37 (LEB):

    My original post stated that her vagina is all stretched out now and is no longer able to bring pleasure to a man, which is a shame.

    I was not talking about her pleasure. If I was, I would have recommended that her husband strap a VW Bug to his cock and drive it into the cave that used to be her vagina so that she would know something was in there.

  39. Crapcakes

    Maybe she had a C section. Then you’d be a moron.

  40. Huge Member

    Perhaps I would be a moron, but she would still have a very tight vagina, and that would be better for all penis-kind. Mine is a small price to pay for humanity.

    You’re welcome.

  41. lillybear

    wow! HARSH CRAP!
    Men who talk here…do you have any clue what you are saying?
    This is absolutely disgusting, unless you have an extremely small dick!
    The vagina stretches out and goes back, in 90% of cases.
    I would imagine that most of you look at porn, etc and have no f@#*ing clue about hoohas.
    She is pretty…Go figure! Models are super skinny and do not look like their pics! HELLO!
    As far as VGs go…There are operations to make you tighter if you get THAT stretched out. Most gals do not, however. Hence, I reiterate you must have tiny schlongs..SAD!
    PS: you are jealous…and I don’t give a damn who you are and where you are from..
    You are probably a sad excuse of a human being, who is obese with a small dick,playing video games and blogging about women you could NEVER get .

  42. linda

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  43. EuropeanGirl

    moms are boring.
    pics of random girls/guys in a swimsuit are boring.
    bring back some gossip, shitfaced mad people screaming and tossing puppies, stuff like that.
    I miss Amy W.

  44. Now you got it

    # 26 Amy Thanks for your comment
    Now let’s hurry up with the sandwich and beer doll…

  45. Lawn Gnome Council

    @35 look sweetie, the vagina changes shape when a woman is aroused. The uterus tips back, the vaginal canal elongates and lubricates itself to accomadate any size of penis, the surrounding tissue including the vulva (clitoris, labia etc) and muscle engorge with blood. Think of it like an internal erection. Without these physiological changes no woman can feel pleasure and no man can enter cofortably. There is an evolutionary reason why both people have to be aroused to make sex work. In other words you can’t just whip out a “huge member” and expect sex. The vaginal canal doesn’t just hang open like an internal tube, its like a collapsible double-wall of tight, very stretchy muscle. It can be less tight after child birth, but not noticeably for most people, unless there was internal damage. If you don’t like this news you’ll have to take it up with mamalian biology, not me.

    I swear sex ed should be MANDATORY

  46. Richport's Ghost

    Cute little kid. Too bad her mom is such a slut.

  47. Huge Member

    “The vagina stretches out and goes back, in 90% of cases.”

    “It can be less tight after child birth, but not noticeably for most people, unless there was internal damage.”

    Typical spin to make women fell better because their cooch can’t grip anything anymore.

    Look, it’s no big deal. You squeezed a goblin out of your nether region. Congrats. Just don’t expect a man to want to rush back in there to try and find a wall to rub his schlong against, no matter what his size.

    It’s not a total loss. You can still use it for storage :)

  48. spinal

    Tiny Member has obviously never heard of Kegels, VR surgery or ANY of the physiological properties of the human vagina.

    Don’t be too hard on him, he’s never actually seen a vagina.

  49. Martina

    Is she auditioning for a Darfur Refugee Camp photo shoot?

    She needs to eat a few chimichangas – NOW!

  50. Lawn Gnome Council

    @47 nice comeback troll. Unfortunately, what I said is biological fact and lame responses don’t really detract from that. sorry : ) EMBRACE

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