Alessandra Ambrosio isn’t ugly

April 9th, 2007 // 94 Comments

alessandra-ambrosio-entourage-09-thumb.jpg alessandra-ambrosio-entourage-10-thumb.jpg alessandra-ambrosio-entourage-11-thumb.jpg alessandra-ambrosio-entourage-12-thumb.jpg


  1. Robert Guy

    Double-A is t3h hawtness. I would hit it and then some.

  2. ivve

    I think she’s really pretty, but I wish she would do something about her roots. The nearly-black-to-blonde fade thing looks trashy to me, no matter who’s doing it.

  3. here

    What a pain in the ass this one is. Probably talks too much.

  4. heyheyhey

    well i usually think she’s pretty hot, but this picture makes her look cockeyed [which is the opposite of hot]

    wtf is the superficial dude talking about lately…grow your funny back

  5. Alessandra is definatly the most beautiful woman on earth, but seriously, wouldn’t this be a better a story if she were to actually do something?!
    Mmm ok. I got it,
    “Alessandra tells Entertainment Weekly that she eats live monkies for breakfast every morning.”
    There, now that’s a story.

  6. OK! Maybe I should have included this is my first comment, but uhh
    Anyone who is making overly-picky or altogether mean comments about this woman should be ashamed! The girls are just jealous, and the guys spend way too much time looking at the photoshopped pictures in Playboy.
    I’ve never even noticed anything about her knee. What in the world?
    Come on! This is about as good as a lady can look, and this is coming from a straight female!

  7. Ricky Razzle

    Fuck… she kisses AND waves…

  8. kamihi

    i beg to differ shes pretty ugly and bears a resmblance to a rat – but rats are much cuter.

  9. MrSemprini

    Just to be real, I’d do her neighbor. If they are female. And nice looking. And clean. And if they are home. And under fifty. If they are a former playboy girl, some things may be adjusted. But, only if they never slept with Hef. Can’t compare with the Hef, baby. Or, the Hoff. I’d like to introduce Hef and the Hoff. I’d get up and say, “And, now, I’d like to introduce the Hef and the Hoff”. People would applaud and the Hoff would carry the Hef out and juggle him or something equally amazing. Something with fire. Or, maybe a cockatoo. Whoops, that’s Jenna’s line.

  10. jus'stupid

    Just another hottie I can’t have. I like it better when skankie Hilton, cokehan, and the other tramps are being busted on. It’s no fun to see a hottie, and know she is just a picture, adn hasn’t done anything dumb yet…

  11. Very nice.

    My penis approves.

  12. Michael1

    Pretty girl. There are some prettier some less pretty *s-n-o-o-ze*

    Superfish, we know she’s you’re fuckfantasy already — isn’t there some interesting news out there?

  13. I am SO tired of people implying that either a person is jealous and/or must resemble a troll if they don’t agree with the consensus of someone’s attractiveness (I’m looking at you #39).

    Whereas I’d do Johnny Depp and Scarlet J. up and down the street, Alessandra is not so special to me. So, different people find different things attractive.

    And, guess what, you can shove Alessandra Ambrosio up your ass … she looks like she belongs there.

  14. DrPhowstus

    Boney Feet
    Toothick Legs
    Knobby Knees
    Ugly Smile
    Slight Cross-Eyed
    Extreme Pushup Bra
    Excessively Hightlighted Hair
    No Ass

    Oh yea, a real fucking dimepiece this one. Those are all of the qualifications right there.

  15. DrPhowstus

    Toothick? I of course meant toothpick. The only thing too thick on this brain surgeon is her head. Let’s just say there’s not a lot of blood flowing to the old melon there.

  16. Ossot

    There’s an a abundance of: fags, fat jealous bitches, or over the top picky guys who jerk off to kates playground too much here.

    She’s one fine piece of ass, period. A google search of her name and my dick actually jumped off and sat on my desk for a better view. GTFO of here with that “well.. her face is okay.. but,”

  17. BarbadoSlim

    Who’s the tranny?

  18. Michael1

    #66 if you and your soulmates who get pissy when someone disagrees with your groveling admiration of some chick tried a tack other than to claim the dissenters are all fat/ugly/gay/jealous you might actually be funny. As it is you just come off like you haven’t gotten through the developmental stage where you realize that the world doesn’t revolve around you after all (who woulda thunk it?!) and that not everyone shares your opinion.

    My standard for beauty doesn’t happen to be “lingerie model” but hey if that works for you guys who currently wiping the drool off your chins every time you see a photo of this girl, more power to ya.

  19. to 64… are you jealous or somehting lol she is not cross eyed, she has a beautiful smile,extreme push up bras are damn sexy, her legs are sexy… yup you are jealous lol, she is beautiful!!!! shes a model, ofcourse she is one sexy loooking lady!

  20. bafongu

    This bitch is personally responsible for global warming damn it. I need to get her into my house and under a blanket to save the Earth…

  21. BarbadoSlim

    @69 You like trannies.

  22. 71.. that makes no sence at all

  23. BarbadoSlim

    @72 Oh, let me correct that then:

    You LOOOOVE men who pass themselves off as women.

  24. lol… you must be a tranny, huh, trying to make yourself feel better about yourself lol. Alessandra does not look like a tranny.

  25. #73 hmmm i see you made a post in the scarlett johanson post hahaha you think the victoria secrets models look like tarnnies because your proably a fat ugly bitch who must gets picked on often. It’s not their fault they are beautiful but It is your fault that you are ugly so why don’t ya do somehting about it,try and make yourself feel better about who you are.

  26. elf

    i dont get it…what happened to natural beauty?

  27. Michael1

    wowzers is this a national holiday or did you convince your mom to let you stay home from school because your “tummy hurt” or some such? Daddy’s gonna be awfully mad when he finds out you’ve been on his computer again!!

  28. DrPhowstus

    @69 — Get your hand out of your pants. I’m a dude, I wouldn’t be jealous over a pencil with A cups, a stylist, and expensive shoes. Lemme guess, you have thousands of fucking pine trees hanging in your living room and the word APATHY written on the wall next to your bed, right next to the stack of soiled VS mags. VS hasn’t had a sexy model in 10 years, you closet pedophile.

    @73 — Doesn’t it get frustrating to have spoon feed it to them?

  29. @77 lol you are a retard, i am self employed you fucking idiot, I have my own hours lol so what are you doing on your mommy’s computer???

  30. Michael1

    Thanks for confirming what I had guessed “wowzers’. Now go put the hand lotion back in your mom’s bathroom.

    What a hoot.

  31. #80 you are a loser! honestly you must be 12 years old???

  32. @80 You must really be a low life poor loser, who lives off of welfare because your too lazy too work. I own my own bisness lol, as for you, im sure you will be alow life loser for the rest of your life! Do you still get your mommy and daddy to wash you in the tub??? aww poor baby

  33. HollyJ

    Sounds like Pikachelse is boring brown too. How sad =(

  34. TurdFerguson

    Too bad I missed this game.
    How can someone self-employed be such a terrible speller? Self-employed as ..what?
    And, she’s hot.

  35. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    Wowzers, you have long overshot your question mark usage quota. STOP IT.

  36. hotguy

    Her left knee cap apparently has a personality, it’s upset at something.

  37. HeatherLee

    Wowzers, you’re a moron. I’d accuse you of acting like a 12 year old, but that would insult 12 year olds all over the world who know how to dish out witty comebacks.

    Alessandra Ambrosio does look sort of mannish, but that may be just because she has such a prominent jawline. She’s very pretty.
    And anyways, trannies are hot.

  38. BarbadoSlim

    “trannies are hot.”

    Just ask Wowzers.

  39. xeurohottiex

    With that much makeup on my dog would look like a supermodel too

  40. iamsosmrt

    So superfish doesn’t like Kirsten Dunst (of course I agrree with that) and her vampire teeth but he likes this bitche’s fangs.

    She’s pretty but these tall amozanian bitches look a hell of a lot like cross dressers in person. It’s scary as shit when a girl puts on heels and she is 6’2″ and her feet are gorgeous what are those size 12. She should never take off her victoria secret padded bra’s or the airbrush lines that make her look like she has boobs. If she was shorter(anything above 5’6′ and they start to look manly) and had boobs and more of an ass and filed her teeth down she’d be Jessica Alba quality at best.

    I don’t like to bite the hand that feeds me but obviously Superfish used to be obsesssed with some chick in highschool who resembles this chick and so he love’s this girl, that or she looks like his siter or the pictures of his Mom when she was young ( ya know if he’s a freak).
    Either way her being hot is not news worthy enough, once she flashes a crotch or starts sleeping around; fine. Until then keep the Victoria Secret pics where they belong, covered in spooge in your Dad’s shed or in the photo frames on your desk at work.
    “why does it say ‘red dress $69.00 size XS-XL’ next to your wife’s face”? MOVE ON.

  41. iamsosmrt

    FUCK I didn’t see the legs , especially in picture #10. If I break one of them of and I get the long end of the leg do I get to make a wish? They airbrush the shit out of those legs in victoria secret.
    Jessica alba is very slim but there are no bones poking out of that one. Best part is she looks really nice, not fridgid, really down to earth not crazy conceited and super low maintenance, ya I bet she loves camping and doing stuff besides posing and making sexy faces for the camers (whether there is a camera in front of her or not).
    When a guy takes this bitch home and the makeup comes off, the only thing that will remind you that she is a girl is the long hair and the bony anorexic vagina she ‘might’ have, don’t call it male or female until you get proof, not when they are as tall as my Dad.

  42. jason roberts

    i dont give two shits about what you care she is the hotest women on this planet and you know it

  43. getfuct


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