Alessandra Ambrosio isn’t ugly

April 9th, 2007 // 94 Comments

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  1. Ted...From LA

    FRISSST!!!!! IN YOUR FACE!!!!!

  2. N@ughty

    FIRST! and even though im a girl i’d TOTALLY do her…not really

  3. p-britty

    I’d hit it…. She has a purdy mouth… oh yea and FRIST!!!!Q!!11!

  4. N@ughty

    #1…ok, SECOND!

  5. p-britty


  6. p-britty

    Son of a BITCH!@!!

  7. Ted...From LA


  8. Gerald Tarrant

    She has had to have work done, she is just too spectacular. I wonder if my girlfriend will get mad if I ask her why she doesn’t look like her.

  9. BaldingSuperhero

    What’s with all this “frist” nonsense…?

  10. combustion8

    Imagine being able to choose between her or Adriana Lima… I’d eat her tampon.

  11. May i add that i totally banged her on valentine’s day? so i’m officially FIRST! hahaha

  12. whitegold

    Not that I wouldn’t completely hit it, but to be picky, she still has that messed up knee thing going on. What’s up with that anyways?!

    #2 – if you’re remotely hot, then I say don’t be shy, don’t take back your comments, if you wanna do her, you’ve got my support 100%!!! haha

    And lastly, wow, a 3 way race to be frist. It’s sad enough when 2 people try it, but to have 3 people all claiming to be first, that was just sad. Let’s stop the races to be first people. It’s really not that exciting.

  13. Jimbo

    Who give a rip about her messed up knee. You are not going to see them when she is on them. And she is a hell of a lot better looking than that Tranny Jenna or that scary ass STD Paris.

  14. N@ughty

    @12 well THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! now i KNOW i’d do her…hell i’d do YOU if you gave me a chance. lmao

  15. arden

    #2 and #12, she’s gorgeous, and I would NOT want to have my poor naked body next to hers!!!

  16. N@ughty

    #11 are you the REAL superfish? or are you a POSER that just WANTS to do her and its just some sort of school-boy fantasy that’s obviously never been…well, FULFILLED?

  17. N@ughty

    #15 you have your thoughts, we have ours

  18. @15 you must be what we at Anticlown Media like to call a VERY gay male…then again, there’s others like you. let’s see, Elton John, Michael Jackson and let’s not forget Foxy Brown. But you couldn’t POSSIBLY be that ugly, so I’m guessing you probably have the looks of King Kong, only you attract bats and flies instead of public attention.

  19. Don’t you think there is an easier way to read comments? .

  20. Ill do her, no problems at all, shes kinda cute.

  21. What a slow news day when this gets posted… hasn’t Britney done anything ridiculous in the last 24 hours…?

  22. I’m FRIST!!! I’m the only FRIST!!! You can be first, but you can’t be FRIST!!!
    God, how many times have I said that now. Or unless you’re just calling my name, then uh…here I am!

  23. N@ughty

    @21 she took a shit if you’re interested

  24. N@ughty

    @21 she took a dump if you’re interested

  25. @23 & 24, of course we’re not interested in that crap. INTERESTING things consist of hotties, beer, sex, drugs, rock n’ roll and Tara Reid BEFORE liposuction. You, unfortunately, have a nasty mind.

  26. FRIST!!!

    So what’s the scandal here? The dress? WTC, I’d wear it. I like wearing weird clothes.

  27. p-britty

    #22 – I could be callin you – do you look anything like Alessandra – that would be hot! hmmm – wow my husband is getting lucky tonight – QUICK I need a brown bag, some glue and a picture of this chick!

  28. FRIST!!!

    Are you a fat woman? Me too. Hehe, that’s what the ad says to the right of this. Or…do I want to fire my boss? Ummmmm….yep. Do I want to meet Arab Singles? I don’t know, do I have to go out of town for that?

  29. wedgeone

    I’d eat the peanuts outta her shit just to know where they came from!!! Where the Anal Gangbang of this hottie, and why haven’t I seen it yet?

  30. hilaroushillary

    #25: you funny little Fish guy imposter. Sadly, you’re doing it quite well and sadly, you’re funnier than the actual writers.

  31. p-britty

    nope – not a fatwoman – but if that turns you on I can obtain access to those fat women suits as seen on “Tyra”. I really don’t wanna fire my boss – he signs the checks! Arab singles sound hot! Does the “different area code” rule work in those circumstances???

  32. FRIST!!!

    I’m bored, let’s say all of us at work still take off early, go to the nearest bar with a pool table, order a long island, shoot some pool all by ourselves, go home and lie to our kids or significant others about why we smell like alcohol. Anyone?

  33. HollyJ

    She’s pretty but not mind-boggling. ‘Great body, but her face? ..She’s so PLAIN- long face, plain brown hair, boring brown eyes, fake tan, and a huge pointy Jay Leno chin. Boringgggggg

    Maybe I missed the part where someone said her ghole is lined with gold..?

  34. p911gt10c

    I’d beg to rim her daily.

  35. FRIST!!!

    Okaaaaaay…guess I’m the only one here who’s still at work :(
    Fine I WON’T leave early, I’ll just have TWICE as many martinis and xanax’s when I get home. Probably shouldn’t drink and drive anyway. Plus I spent all my quarters playing pool yesterday……am I talking to myself? Yeah, well I do that sometimes…

  36. Lowlands

    Goodlooking dress.Looks a bit ancient Greech style.

  37. Hey HollyJ how do you look like anyways?

  38. Lowlands

    #36)I mean ‘Greece’ ofcourse.

  39. Pikachelsea

    “She’s pretty but not mind-boggling.”

    Yeah, I guess that’s why she’s a Victoria’s Secret model and you’re not. Because she’s just so ho-hum.

    Oh, and this just in: fake blonde hair and blue eyes are not a prerequisite for being beautiful. Get your head out of the peroxide vat before you go spouting off that crap again.

    Thought you were a decent, down-to-earth person… guess I was dead wrong. Your entire post just reeks of jealousy. Alessandra Ambrosio is the polar opposite of ugly, and anyone denying that is simply a typical jealous girl who doesn’t look like her.

    • lin

      She may picture well but to the trained eye she has a mannish quality to her face. And not to be on a superiority sound-off…. runway and big company contracts are where top models can be found… and Victoria’s Secret has become where the other/newer stay. Notice Giselle is no longer with them, but has been everywhere else.

  40. kencarlo

    fucking christ. i overcompensated my scrolling and went to paris hilton’s flabby ass. i did the same going back up trying to see the ambrosio story and ended up staring at jordan’s ridonkulous tits. why, god, why are the ugly people surrounding the hot one?

  41. HoboChic

    I think, at least in the face, she bears a striking resemblance to Tinkerbell, frankly. And since that little bitch was so mean to Wendy…

  42. hotredhead

    u guys shouldnt be that surprised about alessandra. she is brazilian! and brazilian girls rocks!

  43. She’s easy on the eyes.

  44. Truthseeker013

    “The horror…the HORROR…”- J Conrad, “Hearts of Darkness”

    But she does have pretty eyes…

  45. BarbyGurrl

    Do you think any guys have the balls to actually ask her out? Do you suppose that she whines to her girlfriends about some loser that said he would call but never did? I bet she is home alone every Friday night wondering what is wrong with her and dreading the next family holiday that she has to show up for alone—I feel badly for her. Poor girl.

  46. SuperG

    She is absolutely GORGEOUS!

  47. farty mcshitface

    this woman is not so great. her legs are straight out of nicole richie-ville. waifish broads like her are so overrated.
    she has those awful, scrawny bird legs. but if the media tells most people that she is beautiful, there are enough mindless douchebags out there who will accept it. i see better looking women on campus all the time.

  48. Conky

    I wish all women looked like her.


  49. allyrising

    From the waist up, absolutely stunning. From the waist down could use some work.

  50. 1MILFhunter

    I’d eat that bones and all.

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