Alessandra Ambrosio is a Playboy Bunny

November 5th, 2007 // 74 Comments

Sure, Halloween was last week but I don’t think I need to justify posting pics of Alessandra Ambrosio dressed up as a Playboy Bunny on this site. Some things just belong together. Like peanut butter and jelly. Or, I dunno, my nads and laser beams. I didn’t want to give too good of an example, but sometimes I can’t help myself. Call me a wizard of words if you must. I just think of myself as a simple man. Who fires laser beams from his crotch. Nothing special.


  1. jewcrew

    i’ve always thought she was super hot but does she kind of have a man face in these pics??

  2. Yummy


  3. Yummy


  4. diamond j


  5. gotmilk?

    most original costume ever. that must have taken her a lot of brain cells to think up that little number.

    don’t you need curves to fill out the bunny outfit?

  6. my comment

    No tits, too much makeup and still holding a cellphone AND a bag.

    Tired, these broads are just tired….

  7. Herbert

    Hot, very hot, but who’s the 5-foot nothing chump she’s towering above?

  8. startwithme

    Am I the only one who doesn’t think that this woman is pretty at all?

  9. havoc

    OMG, the things I would do to her…….


  10. veggi

    Havoc, the things that fat woman behind her would do to her…… she is soooooooooooooo checking out her ass.

    where’s britney?

  11. VG

    What’s with the elastics around her very expensive shoes? Can she not stay in them or something?

  12. Wow. Laser beams shoot out of his crotch? Maybe he should get that checked….

  13. squirrel

    Gorgeous. No ranting or raving neccesary. Absolutely gorgeous.

  14. squirrel

    Gorgeous. No ranting or raving neccesary. Absolutely gorgeous.

  15. squirrel

    My bad on the double post.

  16. Mike

    #1, nah, not a man face… but she does look a but like David Beckham in picture #5

  17. Mike

    #1, nah, not a man face… but she does look a bit like David Beckham in picture #5

  18. Mike

    I meant picture #4

  19. Mike

    Oh, and she’s super hot. But Playboy Bunny? Really? That’s like the least unique costume ever.

  20. freaky deaky

    ur not the only one, i dont think she’s pretty at all. there’s just something that makes her nothing.

  21. mkell

    *Who* is this person?

  22. vanity killed sanity

    the girl on her right , pic 3, is WAY more attractive than her. she’s overrated.

  23. leatherdaddy

    *insert sexy growl* finally! now some kate beckinsale before bed please.

  24. loved her cameo on Entourage…

  25. Hecubus

    They should use pictures of this girl and Hayden Planeterium to cure insomnia.

  26. p911gt10c

    Dammit Fish, that’s misleading! You got my fuckin hopes up with “Alessandra” and “Playboy” in the same line.
    This girl has got to get naked.

  27. breezy

    She has a horse face. Gross.

  28. Hemlock Queen

    There must have been a crisis at the fish when no new Kim Kardishians ASS pics were to be posted.

    Come ON fish! Give us something tender and juicy to play with! Boooooring!

  29. squirlgal1

    I thought gargantuan boobs were required when wearing a playboy outfit.

  30. dark meat is fatty

    Very convincing tranny. But way too thin.

    Speaking of fat black women, gotta love the story about Oprah’s school in South Africa turning into a house of torture. Yeah, when the whites are kicked out and the blacks take charge, everything’s gonna be nirvana in South Africa…wait…

    So anyway here’s the best Oprah quote:
    ” Winfrey said when she first heard about the abuse charges last month, she cried for half an hour. “I was so stunned I couldn’t even wrap my brain around it,” she said. “Within the hour I pulled myself together and started making calls and preparing for what to do next and how to best look after the girls.”"

    Suuuuuure…That’s definitely what she did. She definitely did not just say “Fuck!” and then speed dial her publicist. Sure….

  31. Dick Richards

    I’d keep Alessandra chained, and ball-gagged in the closet in my bedroom. I would also change her name to “Nicole”. Because I like that name. I’d feed “Nicole” regularly like a good master. You know. “Cause I’m no sadist. Well, if you don’t account for the sloppy no-condom sodomy. Nicole would be my little piss bucket. Mopping my urine with her hair. Agh, that would be the life.

  32. Jeff L

    That dude has a very lucky left hand.

  33. She’s got long, prostate-tickler fingers

  34. Shallo Val is a bitch, I know......w/e

    How original……

  35. zzz

    Her boyfriend is gorgeous!!!lucky girl!!

  36. WTF?

    Who the fuck is this?

  37. simple

    It’s simple – girls who are too skinny get hard, skeletor faces that look manly. It’s mostly in the jawline, but you can also see it around the mouth and eyes. She has no softness left in her face.

  38. Clem

    I wouldn’t mind hanging out the back of that!

  39. WTF?

    I didn’t know Rod Steward was partying in LA last weekend.

  40. nipolian

    #39 – I’d like to give her some “softness” in the face.

  41. Harry

    Am I the only one who thinks there’s nothing remotely erotic about the Playboy bunny outfit? I mean Alessandro is one of the sexiest broads in the world, and even she looks like a mental patient in that thing.

  42. Valerie hates talentless hacks

    39 simple.

    You’re right. As we get older, women need to retain some fat in their faces or else they look haggard.

    We’re gonna see a whole generation of fucking ugly middle aged women in the next 20 years.

  43. Shallow Val

    I saw Transformers last night.
    That was a great movie, if you take out that horrible skank Megan Fox out of it. Talk about a superfluous character.

  44. Tony

    The most beautiful women in the world are Italian

  45. veggi

    This is Sonjia’s sister, right? from american idol? anyone? HELLO??

  46. Sonija

    Hey veggi…smell my finger! Smell it!

  47. nipolian

    The little queer on American Idol was a raghead, I believe this girl is some sort of Italian mutt.

  48. lamb

    ..Grazie caro

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